Beginning Again

Confrontational Meetings

Chapter 9/Confrontational Meetings
"When you think your life is falling apart, it's usually falling together in disguise."
~Charlotte Eriksson

"So you're saying that Amber, your best friend, is a demon?" Bobby sat at his old desk in the living room with a disbelieving look on his face. 'How the hell's that even possible?' He thought to himself.

"Yes! That's what I'm trying to tell you!" Alissa paced back and forth in front of said desk while she held some paper towels to her healing gash on her cheek to hopefully stop the bleeding.

"If she's a demon, then wouldn't you think a little holy water and salt would've affected her?" Bobby argued back as he got up out of his chair to head to the kitchen to grab something.

"That's the thing. Those don't affect her but a Devil's Trap will. I saw it with my own eyes! She was stuck in the thing like a regular demon would be," Alissa slowly followed behind the scruffy hunter as he came back with bandages and rubbing alcohol. She offered her thanks, sat back on the couch and started cleaning the wound. It looked worse that what it really was, no stitches, which is pretty good since she got clocked by a wood board. "I'm telling you Bobby' A small hiss of pain escaped her mouth as she applied the rubbing alcohol to the wound. "She freaking admitted that she was a demon! She said and I quote 'Of course, the only thing that I'm not immune to is a freaking Devil's trap' now tell me that doesn't raise red flags?"

Bobby sat back in his chair as he went back to look over he lore book that was sitting in front of him. "I don't know Alissa. Something ain't makin' sense."

She let out a low sigh as she went back over the injury again. "I don't know either dude. I'm just...I'm done," she got up off the couch to throw away the paper towels, putting away the rubbing alcohol, and walked back into the room. "I don't want to deal with anymore demons at this point."

She plopped down once again on the couch and sprawled out to finally take a break. It's been an eventful couple days.Especially yesterday, the sob fest in the barn, then the werewolf hunt and finally finding out that your best friend in a demon! The very species that started this whole hunting journey to begin with!

''Maybe she's the thing that got it rolling in the first place..?" The small voice the back her head spoke quietly. All that seemed to do was bring up more anger and hatred aimed at this whole situation. "What if she was the one who killed my dad then my mom? Why did she do it in the first place?"

"She didn't need a reason! Demons do it for shit and kicks!" Another voice in her head argued.

"But she wouldn't do that!" The first voiced reasoned.

"How do you know that?" The second voiced spit back.

She didn't want to start this up again anytime soon. It wore her out after a while of yelling and screaming. Shoving away those thoughts she shuffled closer against the cushions, ready for a nap, she would've gotten away with it, if it wasn't for the quick knocking at the door. She laid there for a moment until another round of knocking sounded. Casting a silent curse, she rolled off the couch, taking a moment to look at Bobby but she noticed that he disappeared. "Probably went off to go look for more lore," She quietly told herself. She then got up and walked towards the door slowly. On the count of three, she whipped open the door and before she even spoke a word, a rush of bright red and blonde hair invaded her vision as arms wrapped around her in a tight hug, but it only a took a second to realize who it was. Grabbing the woman's upper arms she pushed back with a hard shove which caused the woman to stumble away a few steps. A hurt expression flashed across her face. "What are you doing here, Amber?" Alissa asked with annoyance laced in her voice as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, eyes narrowed and a firm stance.

"Castiel and I looked everywhere for you! Finally, I found you here. You just suddenly vanished. The hell dude?" Alissa could tell that she seemed relieved in some way.

"Why would a demon be worried about me? They don't give a shit, they never did and they certainly never will!" She spat that the woman standing outside on the porch. She was ready to slam the door in her face because she honestly didn't feel like dealing with all of this shit again.

"Well this one does!" Amber returned fire. She looked just about annoyed as Alissa did. "Can we not do this again?" She asked while placing a hand on her hip. "I don't want to have any more damage than there already is," Finishing the rest of the thought in her head.

A sigh escapes as she drops her arms. "Yeah...I guess," She steps over to the side towards the door to let Amber in.

Amber sends a small smile her way but fades in an instant when she realizes what happened. "You little-" Amber starts but stops when she sees Alissa walking away with a smirk on her face. "Alissa, get me out of here!"

Alissa kept walking towards the living room, went to the kitchen, grabbed a Pepsi out of the 'fridge, went back to the living room and plopped on the couch once again; her face still holding that smirk proudly. "Yo, Bobby! You caught somethin' in one of your traps!" She yelled out to the older hunter where ever he may be in the house.

"Alissa. Anne. Now," Amber hissed with a look of fear shown loud and clear across her face. There was also a hint of 'I'm-going-to-wring-your-neck' mixed in there too.

"Will you quit yer yellin'?" Bobby reprimands. His words echoing against the wood walls and stomping boots on the basement stairs. Once he got to the top and turned to face where the girls were at, he looked up and noticed Amber standing right where a Devil's Trap was painted under the rug. "What are you doing here, Amber?" Said blonde now crossed her arms in front of her chest and set her head to the side. She blinked and instead of bright green eyes staring back, it was pitch black orbs filling that space. Blinking once again, they returned to their original state. Bobby's eyes widened slightly as a hash swear erupted the small space. "Balls."

The emerald hues shined against the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the large woods. Muddy grays and browns scattered the ground, clear blues of the sky with bright whites of the clouds lazily moving along their uncertain paths. The birds are chirping their songs while a soft, cool breeze brushing the grasses and weeds. Everything was calm, peaceful even, until a flutter of wings against fabric cut through it all.

"Castiel," A female, modulated voice took only a second to recognize the new visitor. "I've been wondering what has been taking you so long…" A friendly smile appeared on her face while she sat on a mossy log that was halfway buried in the green grass. She wore a thin long sleeved, slightly see through, purple shirt with a black tank top underneath her somewhat thin but muscular build. A pair of dark wash jeans and black two-inch heels covered her lower half, her legs crossed out in front. Her overall complexion was fair, light pink lips to match her light blue eyes and overall rounded features.

"Azafreal," Castiel returned the pleasantry with the smallest of smiles. "It has been quite a while hasn't it?" He asked her incontentment, sounding more of a rhetorical question than what it was meant to be.

She smiled timidly, curiously admiring his expression for a moment before attempting to somehow assure him that this meetingwas necessary. "I know that you will want to hurry back to make sure everything's all falling according to our plan," She paused, lacing her hands together as a hesitant sigh escaped. "But we need to have a talk about your situation," she then motioned with her hand awkwardly to the open area next to her. "Please, have a seat beside me."

Castiel's face changed to meet Azafreal's. He figured this would come eventually, he just didn't think it would be so soon. He stood in his spot, hesitant for a second, until he finally took her on that offer. He walked to the said spot and sat down beside her, placing his elbows to his knees, copying her hand movements as well. He gazed out into the wilderness spread out across the land while preparing for what she had to say.

Azafreal thought to herself for a moment trying to figure out how to start this conversation. "First off," she started finally, 'How is she...doing? Now, I mean." She asked, staring down at the ground with concern in her voice. "Is she alright?" She lifted her head up to look at him. "I felt some distress and I wish I could've gone to her but...I couldn't," Azafreal paused once again. "Ididn't want to put her in anymore danger than what she's already in."

Castiel leaned back, placing his hands on either side of him on the log, looking up to the sky above, watching the clouds roll by briefly before answering her. "She is fine," He let out soft sigh. "For the time being that is," Azafreal's face changed to minor worry, in which Castiel tried to reassure her that things would continue along their ideal plan. "Everything is going to be all right, Aza," He leaned forward again, scooting closer. He put a hand on her shoulder, sending a genuine smile in her direction. She then sent her own small smile in return. The use of the nickname always seemed to calm her down, especially from the people she was close to, when she was worried about something.

"I hope so...And you know that we can't have a repeat of what happened last time, correct?" Her question came across more like a statement than anything else. She knew what he meant, she knew precisely. It only begs the question, did she wish to face this threat again or will this be the time when it all goes down the tube?

His face changed just at the mention of what happened. The memories started to resurface, causing his eyes to darken and a grave expression emerged in the process. He tried to push those memories back but they started to become stronger, surgingforward. His eyes were starting to prick with hot tears and a couple almost spilled out if it wasn't for Azafreal rubbing comforting circles on his upper back. Quickly wiping them away, he forced himself to take back control of his emotions. He didn't want to go down that road again. It was becoming too painful. It was hard enough the first time through let alone a few more. "We know that it's coming, we both know what it is. When, is still up in the air, and we need to be ready for that strike," He concluded in his mind before lifting his head up to look his friend in the eye. "You had...something else to talk about as well," Castiel stated carefully.

She studied the look on his face, clapped her hands to her thighs and stood up abruptly. She walked a few steps then turned back around to see Castiel's expression of confusion; head titled and eyes squinted. She chuckled to herself at the sight before her. "Would you care to take a stroll with me? The scenery out here is lovely," Azafreal offered, turning back around and leisurely walked away, leaving Castiel with no option but to follow her through the large trees along the well-worn path.

"You know Alissa, if you wanted me to prove to Bobby that I was a demon, I could've fucking levitated shit or spun my head in circles. You know, the "usual" demon stuff," Amber suggested while sitting on the floor, cross legged, in the middle of the trap with a bored look on her face.

"Eh..." Alissa shrugged her shoulders while leaning against the side of the stairs, arms crossed in front of her chest once again. 'What's done is done. Can't change the past now," Alissa glanced around, noticing that Bobby was silent, sitting back at hisdesk chair drinking whiskey out of a glass, watching the conversation go back and forth.

"Now, for as much as I love being in this little chickadee cage, can we please get to the more pressing matter at hand? I have some explaining to do and I didn't track you down like a damn Blue tick Coonhound to fucking blabber on about something we already know."

"We never included me until yesterday!" Alissa shook her head a little in anger.

"Now I can say it's better late than never, right?" Amber joked but it was useless as it wasn't going to get her anywhere except a glare in her direction. "Alright, alright. I admit that was horrible, but I should get point for trying, shouldn't I?" Again, she only receives the silent treatment with a 'look' to match. "Okay fine. You wanted answers, right? I'm here to provide them. What d'you wanna know?"

"How did you become a demon?" She asked quickly to the woman still sitting on the floor. It was now or never to know the truth.

"I, uh, ended up selling my soul," She answered. "Just about like every other demon out there."

"Why? Why'd you do it?" Another question asked as soon as the answer was given.

"To save someone I really care about. Isn't that why most people sell their souls in the first place?" Amber retorted back, less than enthused about the barrage of questions.

"And who would that be?"

"For my grandfather," her facial expression turned gloomy at the unexpected memory that resurfaced. Quickly as it came, she shoved it down and continued on.

"How are you not affected by salt and holy water but a Devil's Trap works?"

She hesitated a second, unsure if she should reveal that information or not. Making a split second decision, she made up her mind. "Binding link carved on the body."

"Aw, hell," Bobby mumbled to himself as he poured more whiskey into his glass and went back to researching.

The back and forth from question to question lasted 10 minutes but it quickly took a sharp when the next one was out in the open. "What poor woman did you trick to possess her?"

Amber's face changed again and she started to become livid. Her eyes darkened and a sneer formed on her lips. "That is noneof your concern!"

"Seems I touched a nerve," Alissa paused. "I'm sure she didn't want to be a vessel for a demon but I guess she didn't have a choice. You took that from her. She was just doing fine all before you came along and ruined it for her. Now she's probably scared shitless of everything she saw. Good going."

Before Alissa could continue, Amber interjected with rage. "You didn't even know her, so don't act like it!"

A fake smile crept onto Alissa's face. "And you did? Wow, that's seemingly hard to believe. You must've suffered through

some messed up shit down there to think you two would become friends. I would've guessed she was considered more like a chew toy or even a doll. But hey," She shrugged her shoulders, "what do I know? I'm only a human."

She could feel tears welling up in her eyes and did all she could possibly do to not let them fall. "Don't talk about her as if she's a thing or it!" Amber yelled at the woman who was lazily pacing with her hands clasped behind her back.

Bobby got up out of his desk chair and walked over to Alissa. He lightly grabbed one of her arms to drag her with him. She turned around to see his face showing worry which made her follow immediately. Bobby led her into the kitchen, once they got around the corner they stopped and he turned to look at her once again. "What's up Bobby?" She asked curiously.

"I think you need to lay off a bit, don't you think?" He asked her with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Why?" She returned a little defensive.

"Because she was human at one point too," He reasoned.

"That was how long ago though!" She spat back with an arm raised pointing back into the living room. "We got to get black eyes out of her so she doesn't have to suffer anymore! It's not right that someone has to go through that, especially in the hands of a demon!"

They tried to keep their voices to a whisper but it didn't help much because Amber heard every spoken word through whereshe was. She got up from the ground and dusted herself off as the words bounced back and forth.

"I understand that. But what's to say that after she's exorcised that the meat suit isn't already dead? Then it would've been for nothing."

"Then she would be back down in Hell where she belongs! Just like the rest of them!" Amber shifted awkwardly on her feetthroughout the whole conversation. It was then a solid five minutes before Bobby and Alissa re-entered the room again. Alissa wasn't as pissed off as earlier, it now resembled grumpiness. Bobby seemed a little relieved that whatever was spoken was taken into consideration. He grabbed a chair from the other side of the desk and set it between that and the couch. She walked over to the stairwell, stopping right in front of the bright spray painted Devil's Trap.

Amber searched her face to see if there was anything she could pick up on. Besides a grump, there was still some trust issues that needed to be worked out which she knew for a fact would take up to years to gain back. It wouldn't be easy and she would work her ass off to get it back or be damned. Not that it would be the first time being damned and all, but still. "So," Amber dragged out. "You gonna let me outta here or?"

Alissa contemplates her options a second until she gives a heavy sigh in defeat. "Fine. But on the condition of not hiding shit. I'm warning you here; you slip up, I'm burning that link and exorcising your ass. Hear me?" She goes over, pulling a knife that was put into her back pocket, scratching it with her knife. "Happy now?"

Amber's eyes slightly widened." Y-yes ma'am," she gives a mock salute and steps over the now broken trap. "Much appreciated," Amber then goes to sit on the chair provided to finally relax. After a couple minutes of silence she finally speaksup. "You know it's kinda funny," a little smile appears on her lips as she looks up to Alissa as she walks over to the couch, taking the cushion closest to the demon. A now confused look on her face. "Just how much Castiel seems to care about you," Bobby walked into the room again from the kitchen, handing Amber and Alissa a bottle of beer each and sits back to his desk once again. He tries to stay out of the conversation because he feels that this wasn't his 'battle' to fight in but he'll be there toget in between if it ever goes south.

Castiel and Aza walked quietly down the dirt path in front of them. It was such a wonderful day. They walked in comfortable silence but each of them had heavy thoughts running through their minds. "Have you ever thought about what the future looks like?" Azafreal questioned, looking out ahead then to Castiel.

He knew that this question was obvious. He was about to say something of the sort but decided against it and went along to humor her. "All the time," he replied. There was so much to think about. Just one small notion here, a word there that can change something so drastically until that moment comes, you don't know how large of an impact it really caused. Could you really go back and fix those little things and hope for the best in the long run? It very well could be.

Her mind was also filled with thoughts of what was yet to come. She needed to figure out a way to make this all work, but, the question was how. How can you make sure that everything was going to be fine and not end up like it did some many times before hand? "What can we do? If just one part is shifted, another moves out of place. It's one giant, ill-fitting puzzle," Azafreal thought. She looked straight ahead to see a clearing coming up. Turning her head back towards Castiel, she stopped just in front of him. "Maybe there's a way for you to not carry this burden all on your own," Aza suggested.

Amber takes a swig of beer before she continues her thought. "It's almost like he's in love with you or something," She thenshakes her head. "Hey, you got your first crush. Go you!" Alissa sent her a little glare in return, making the already tense atmosphere jump.

Castiel stopped as well. He raised an eyebrow to her and by the look on her face, she had an idea already formed in her head and something told him that he wasn't going to like it. He was almost too afraid to ask. "What do you mean?"

She sent a nervous smile in his direction based on the cheerless expression on his face that ironically seemed to mirror her own. "Castiel… If this had been someone else in your position, I don't think you'd want them to have to go through this alone. So please, just ask for some assistance from people who surround her," she said. "What we're doing now doesn't seem to be working."

Stuffing his hands in his trench coat pockets, he took a deep breath inward, lifting his head to the sky above then slowly releasing it through his nose. Gazing back down and straight ahead, he too saw the clearing which gave him the decision to keep going. He was quiet for a couple minutes, letting his mind wander about. In that clearing was something that was specialto him and she knew it. It was one of his favorite places in the whole world and nothing could take that away from him because it was locked away in the deepest part of his brain. There were also other memories in that space that he never wanted to witness the first time, let alone a few dozen more. They were unthinkable, too much to bear. It's a wonder how he's still standing and being able to converse with others; how is his brain still able to function correctly?

Once again they headed to the clearing as the sun filtered through the trees, a cool breeze blowing by. "I never quite understood," Castiel spoke, breaking the silence between them. "Why did he need the grace? Why specifically from her? He could have chosen anyone who hadangel's grace," he didn't realize what he said until a second later when he flipped his eyesup to look at Azafreal. She seemed a little taken aback by the comment for it wasn't one to be spoken aloud.

Slowing down her pace just a small step behind him. "It was a way back, or so we thought," she said quietly, enough for him not to hear. She wanted to help, but there was only so much one person-or angel-could do before it gets too out of hand. Castiel has a large heart which she respects him for it as it aids them in situations like these that she simply cannot comprehend. She knows that it's always in the right place and that can also be one of his greatest weaknesses. He can care too much, not being able to let go when it's time to. She also believes that this is one of the main reasons, if not the only reason, he is in this situation in the first place.

Finally making it there, they stop at the very center, admiring the view and the sunshine gazing down. Castiel turns around to look back at Azafreal who was looking back to the way they came with her hands folded behind her back. He then took the moment to speak up. "If this is something that has to be done, then so be it," He let out an exhausted sigh. "I don't want to keep doing this, but I have to. For all of us," he thought to himself.

Azafreal turned around to look at him and on his face was a genuine smile. She was confused at first as how fast his expression had changed but she guessed it was something about a certain someone. He fell head over heels for that someone and while Aza was pleased that this supported their current mission, she was immensely concerned that it effected the integrityof the work being produced. She walked up to where he was standing and patted his shoulder lightly, but awkwardly, in an attempt to show him some reassurance. "Thank you," he responded lightly.

"We just have to follow our plan. If any problems arise or we need to analyze another variable in this, please come contact me again. Farewell for now, Castiel."

Amber couldn't take it anymore, she was fidgeting too much. "Well, hey, I better go tell Castiel that you're here so he doesn't freak out that he can't find his one true love," Amber got up from the chair a little too quickly for her liking. She then looked to Bobby with a blank look. "Thank you Bobby for the beer. I wish I could stay longer, but ya know, gotta let the boss know," Without wasting another moment she sent one last look to her friend, turned around and headed towards the kitchen. She walked out the backdoor and the only thing she heard before it went black was the shattering of the beer bottle on the steps behind her.

A/N:Damn..I really stepped up my writing game! I felt that the ending was a little rushed. That could have been me because I really wanted to hurry and get this done. I also feel that once we step into the Cas/Aza chat, we stepped into something deeper. We freaking plunged into it. Btw, you pronounce Azafreal's full name as "Uh-zay-free-ull" and her nickname as "Ay-zuh"

What the hell happened to Amber? Why is Alissa still so mean to Amber? Aren't they bestest of friends?


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