Big Brother

Chapter 5

On the first of May, Mary and Dean were sitting at the kitchen table with a big piece of paper in front of the boy and flashcards with the letters of the alphabet printed on them.

"If you put these letters together," Mary explained. "That spells your name."

"D-E-A-N," Dean nodded then took a blue crayon and wrote then down on the paper. "I wanna learn the baby's name so I can draw a picture and write 'to Sam' on it."

"Alright," Mary smiled. "Look for S-A-M in the pile. Then you can write them down."

"I like learning," Dean said as he sat up on his knees to go through the cards.

Mary let out a very labored breath and started to rub her belly. It wasn't the first time today, and Dean was starting to think there was something wrong with is mom.

"Momma," Dean asked. "Are you okay? You look sick."

"I'm fine baby," Mary nodded. "Keep going, okay? You're doing a really good job learning to spell. You'll be the smartest kid your class if you keep this up."

Dean went back to lining up letters to spell simple words until Mary moaned and started to squirm in her chair.

"Momma," Dean said softly. "If Baby Sam hurting you again?"

"No, sweetie," Mary said breathing slowly. "I'm fine."

"You don't look fine," Dean argued. "You look like when I hurt my elbow when I fell off the swing and it really hurt really a lot but I didn't want to be a baby and cry so I didn't cry, but it was bleeding really bad."

"Can you do me a favor buddy?" Mary whispered. "Do you know how to use the phone?"

Dean shook his head. "No."

"Alright, go get your step stool and push it over to the phone," Mary instructed. Dean jumped off the chair and bounced across the room on the balls of his feet."I need you to press the star button and the three. Can you do that?"

"Yep," Dean nodded pressing the buttons of the phone.

"Hold it to your ear, a lady named Angela should answer," Mary continued. "Tell her your name and that you have to talk to John."

Dean nodded as the phone rang in his ear. After a couple rings a lady with a sweet voice answered. "G and W Garage, this in Angela."

"Hello," Dean said loudly. "This is Dean Winchester. I have to talk to John, please."

"John the owner?" Angela asked.

"She wants to know if it's John the owner," Dean said to his mom across the room.

"Yes," Mary sighed, then mumbled. "Idiot."

"My momma says yes, John the owner," Dean repeated, yelling into the receiver.

"Alright that's gonna a minute," Angela said.

"Okay," Dean answered.

There was rustling through the line and some hushed voices. "It sounds like a kid playing with the phone."

"A kid named Dean," a voice that sounded a lot like his dad's sighed. "My kid's name is Dean. My wife is nine months pregnant Angie, you think it might be fricking important."

"Sorry, seemed like a prank call!"

"Give me the damn phone," the man growled. "This is John."

"John is on the phone," Dean relayed to his mom.

"Tell him to come home," Mary said shaking her head. "Tell him Mom says to come home."

"My Momma says that you have go home," Dean repeated.

"Okay, Dean," John replied. "I want you to get a cup and get some water out of the fridge like I showed you and give it to your mom. I'll be home in ten minutes."

"Alright," Dean said. "I can do that." The line went dead and Dean looked over to his mom. "I think he hanged up."

"He's on his way?" Mary asked.

"Ten minutes," Dean nodded as he pushed his footstool over to cabinet to get a plastic cup. He placed the cup on this foot stool and pressed it over to the fridge, climbed up and filled the cup with water, then brought it to his mom.

"Thank you," Mary smiled. "That's was very nice. Can you do me another favor?"

Dean nodded.

"Upstairs in Mom and Dad's room, on the footstool, there is a big black bag," Mary explained. "It's kind of heavy, but I need you bring it down stairs. Just drag it. Use your superhero strength okay?"

"Okay!" Dean turned on his heel and ran up the stairs. He grabbed the strap in the big duffle bag and pulled with all his might. It fell down to the floor with a thud. Dean step inside the shoulder strap and pulled it behind him. The stairs, however, were going to be an interesting obstacle.

"I don't know how to do the stairs!" Dean yelled.

"Push the bag down and follow it!" Mary called back.

"You told me never to throw things down the stairs!" Dean answered.

"It's okay just this one time," Mary couldn't help but chuckle.

"Okay!" Dean said.

He stepped out of the band, walked around the bag and pushed it down the stairs. It tumbled loudly as the front door opened.

"What are you doing?" John sighed.

"I told him to," Mary replied quickly. "Trying to save time."

"I used the phone Daddy!" Dean yelled running down the stairs.

"I know buddy," John laughed. "Who do you think you called?"

"I don't know," Dean shrugged.

"Never grow up, kiddo," John laughed before turning to his wife. "How far apart are they?"

"Started this morning," Mary confessed. "I thought it would be fine til you got home from work but we gotta go. There like ten, fifteen minutes apart."

"Deano," John said looking over to the boy. "I need you to put your shoes on, then go outside and get in the car, can you do that?"

"Seat buckle myself in?" Dean asked.

"Please?" John asked.

Dean nodded. He sat on the floor next to the closet and pulled on his new Spiderman velcro shoes and skipped outside. He had recently learned how to open the car door and was pretty proud of himself about that. He pulled himself up into the car and climbed into his booster seat. Baby Sam's new car seat next to him. He waited patiently for his parents to come out, kicking his feet back and forth.

After what seemed like forever, his dad helped his mom in the passenger's seat, then leaned in to the back to check Dean's seat belt and toss the big black duffle bag in.

"You ready to be a big brother Dean?" John asked.

"Right now!" Dean gasped.

"Real soon, buddy," John said, before kissing Dean in the top of the head and closing the door and heading around to the front.

"When we get to the hospital," Mary said softly. "You're in charge of that black bag, okay?"

"Yep," Dean nodded. "Is Baby Sam in the bag?"

"No," Mary chuckled. "Sam still in Mom. We're going to the doctor to get the baby out."

"You gotta get him amoved?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Mary smiled turning a little. "Nana and Grandpa Mike are going to meet us there. And hopefully not too long from now you'll be a big brother."

"I'm excited," Dean said. "I can't wait to see a baby in person not a picture. Will the baby amember me from talking to it through your belly? I hope it does."

"Maybe sweetheart," Mary replied. "We'll find out real soon."

"I can't wait!" Dean giggled. "This is going to be the best. I'm gonna be the bestest big brother. I'll maybe share my chicken nuggets."

"Wow, Dean," John laughed as they pulled into the hospital. "That's a pretty big commitment."

"I said maybe," Dean said. "It has to be a really good baby to get my chicken nuggets."

"Alright," John smiled pulling into a space by the emergency room. "You hold up for just a second. I'll be right back."

"You're not going to fireman carry me in this time?" Mary called as John got out of the car. "I was looking forward to it."

"Sorry, Mare," John shrugged.

Mary let out a deep sigh and swore under her breath.

"Are you mad?" Dean asked softly.

"No, it's just hurts," Mary said breathing slowly. "It'll be okay."

"I'm sorry the baby hurts you," Dean replied. "I'll have a good talk with Baby Sam when I meet them. I will tell Sam it's not okay to hurt Momma."

"Thank you, Dean," Mary smiled. "That's very sweet."

John pulled up beside the car with a wheelchair and red headed nurse. He helped Mary out of the car, then turned to get Dean out.

"This is exciting Daddy," Dean squealed.

"Yes it is," John smiled. "Nana and Grandpa are gonna be here real soon. They're gonna watch you for a little bit. Does that sound like fun?"

"I want to see Baby Sam!" Dean whined.

"You will big guy," John explained as he carried Dean while the nurse pushed Mary in a wheelchair. "You just can't be in the room when he's born. I think Nana's gonna take you to McDonald's for dinner and you can play, and when you get back, hopefully, you'll be a big brother."

"I want to be there," Dean pouted.

"It's not for kids, Dean," Mary answered, groaning. "It's just for moms and dads. You'll get to see him not too long after the baby's born. I promise. Going to McDonald's with Nana will be a lot for fun."

"Cross your heart?" Dean asked.

"Yes," Mary smiled. "Cross my heart."

John sat with Dean in the waiting room after Mary had been check in and ushered up to a birthing suite until his mother arrived.

Dean giggled and bounced around the room entertaining family members waiting for news about their loved one. He did the little teapot dance and sang the alphabet song while the strangers laughed and clapped, until that familiar older woman entered the room.

"Nana!" Dean ran over with is arms in the air.

She lifted the boy in the air as she walked over the her son. "Sorry, we took so long," she smiled kissing John on the check. "We weren't expecting a call until tomorrow."

"It's okay, we're not in push mode yet," John nodded. "If you got him, I'll go check up on her."

"I'm hungry," Dean interjected. "Daddy said you're gonna to McDonald's. I want chicken nuggets."

"Alright," Nana laughed. "You go. We'll feed him, run him, then bring him back."

"Yeah," John nodded.

"Go be with your girl," Grandpa Mike said gripping John's shoulder. "We'll take care of the rugrat."

"I'm not a rat," Dean protested. "I'm a boy."

"Right," Grandpa Mike chuckled. "We'll be back in a couple hours.

"Congratulations, Angel," Nana smiled. "We'll see you soon."

"Thanks, Ma," John smiled. "You gotta car seat for him?"

"I got it under control, John," Nana smiled. "I've done this before you know."

"Yeah, right," John nodded. "I'll see you in a bit."

Dean had never seen that look on his dad's face before. It was soft and kind, almost like he was about to cry.

"You behave, Dean," John said bopping Dean on the nose. "I'll see you in a little bit."

"Okay," Dean smiled. "I'll see you when I'm a big brother."

Nana placed Dean back on the ground and took his hand as John turned and headed through the double doors where Dean knew his mom was.

Nana and Grandpa Mike drove Dean down the road to McDonald's. Dean didn't get to have fast food very often. His mom was very good at making sure Dean had home cooked meals. So this was a big treat for the boy.

"This is best Nana," Dean said as they waited in line.

"You know what you want to eat?" Grandpa Mike asked.

"Chicken nuggets," Dean nodded. "I love chicken nuggets."

"You want milk or some juice?" Nana asked.

"I can I have a milkshake?" Dean asked softly.

"Would Mom let you have a milkshake with dinner?" Nana asked.

"No, never," Dean said shaking his head.

"Alright then," Nana said. "We'll get you a little chocolate shake."

"Chocolate," Dean laughed. "I wished I got to be a big brother everyday."

"This is a special day," Nana said running her fingers through his hair. "If you got chocolate shakes everyday it would be a special treat."

"I guess so," Dean conceded.

"How about you and Grandpa go get a seat," Nana said. "I'll be over with the food in a little bit."

"I wanna sit by the play thing!" Dean yelled.

"Alright," Grandpa Mike smiled. "Just quieter, alright."

Dean nodded excitedly as he took his grandpa's hand as was lead to the table right next to the entrance to the play area.

"This is the best ever Grandpa," Dean smiled as he climbed into the booth right next to the door of the play area.

"You really think so?"

"Mmhmm," Dean nodded. "I never get to go here. Jamie talks about the play place all the time, but I never getted to go. And I get to have ice cream during dinner, and I get chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets are my favorite and I get to go on a slide and I get a brother or a sister. This is the best day of my life."

"I'm glad to hear that," Grandpa Mike answered. "You're real excited about the baby, huh?"

"The most excited," Dean explained. "I never meeted a baby before. And this baby will be mine to teach stuff. That's what Daddy says. It'll be my job to teach Baby Sam all about being a little kid. I think I'll be good at it."

"You are the best little kid that I know," Grandpa agreed.

Nana came to the table with the tray of food and placed Dean's meal in front him. Smiling, he dug in happily, doing his best to remember not to talk while he was eating.

The play place was the like something out of a dream. Dean had never seen anything like it. There was a ball pit, and the highest slide he'd ever seen; there were tunnels and rope ladders and all sorts of fun exciting things to play on. He could spend the rest of his life in there and never get tired.

"When do we gotta go back to the doctor?" Dean asked as he ran up to his grandparents after he'd been in the play area for about an hour.

"You play until you don't want to play any more," Nana said. "Then we'll go back. You just have as much fun as you can."

"Okay," Dean nodded. "It could be a while. There's a lot of fun things in there. They got a ball pit!"

"You just have fun sweetie pie," Nana smiled.

So Dean ran back inside, climbing and sliding and jumping in the ball pit until he thought he'd fall asleep right there plastic balls. Dean met a little boy in there about his age and threw balls at each other and chased eat other around the jungle gym until his mom said it was time to go home. He had the time of his life in there just running around and jumping on things. He couldn't wait to tell his mom all about it. He knew she'd think it was pretty cool too.

"I think I'm tired," Dean yawned as he dragged himself back over to his Nana and Grandpa Mike. "I'm ready to go to sleep."

"Alright then," Nana nodded. "Let's go see what's going on at the hospital."

Dean fell asleep in his car seat before they'd pulled out of the McDonald's parking lot.

"Hey, Dean," a voice whispered in his ear softly, pulling him from a wonderful dream.

"I'm sleeping," Dean mumbled.

"Dean, buddy, can you wake up for a minute," the voice said. "I want you to meet somebody."

"Nooooooo," Dean whined sleepily. "I'm sleeping."

"You don't want to meet your brother?"

Dean lifted his head off his father's shoulder and blinked slowly. "I have a brother?"

"Mmmhmm," John smiled. "You got a little brother named Sam, and he wants to meet you."

"He remembers me?" Dean asked softly.

"Why don't you ask him?" John said walking across the room.

Dean saw his mom, looking red eyed and tired holding a tiny bundle in her arms.

"Is that him?"' Dean asked, yawning.

"Yeah," John replied.

"Put him right here," Mary instructed patting the bed next to her. There was a tiny amount of room, perfect for Dean to fit in.

"He's really little," Dean observed.

"Yeah he is," Mary smiled. "What you think?"

"Can I touch him?" Dean asked.

"You gotta be really careful," Mary said.

Dean reached out his hand and poked Sam's cheek. "He's very soft, little tiny fingernails."

"Do you like him?" John asked.

"I think so," Dean nodded.

"Wanna hold him?" Mary asked.

Dean nodded enthusiastically. "I can?"

"Everybody else had a turn while you were asleep," Mary said. "It's only fair that the big brother gets to hold him."

"How old is he?" Dean asked as Mary passed Sam over to Dean.

"Hold his head very carefully," Mary instructed. "He's very fragile. He's only two hours old."

"That's really little," Dean said softly. He held on to Sam like his mom said and stared down at him. There was something in Dean that made him feel like he had to hold on and never let go. Dad had told him that he was going to have to protect Sam when he was born, but he didn't really understand what he meant until right then, holding Sam for the first time.

"Hello Sam," Dean whispered. "It's your big brother. You remember me? I talked to you when you were in the belly. I readed you stories. We're gonna play lots of games when you get bigger. It'll be fun."

"What do you think Dean?" John asked. "Can we keep him?"

"He smiled at me," Dean gasped, looking between his parents. "He likes me!"

Mary took the infant back before Dean got excited. She knew exactly how Dean got when he too excited. He could flail and bounce and that was never a good thing when it came to a tiny baby.

"He remembers me!" Dean said. "He remembers me reading to him when he was in your belly!"

"I guess so," Mary chuckled.

"I like him," Dean smiled. "When can he go home?"

"Not for a couple days," Mary explained. "But you, little buddy, are going to go home with Nana, and sleep in you bed and come back in the morning."

"I'm too excited to sleep."

"It's three a.m." Mary said, running her fingers through his hair. "You're gonna go home and go to sleep for a little bit. If I had it my way Daddy wouldn't have even woken you up."

"I am happy he did," Dean yawned. "I couldn't wait to met my brother til the morning. Then he'd be a lot older."

"He'd be six hours old," Mary smiled. "Baby's change fast, but not that fast."

"That's a long time, Momma," Dean nodded. "He might have teeth and eyes by then."

"He has eyes," Mary laughed. "He's just sleeping. But Momma is really tired, she needs to go to sleep. So you need to go with Nana, and she's gonna bring you home and you're gonna sleep in your bed. Then you can come back in the morning and we can all hang out with baby some more."

"I guess that's okay," Dean nodded. "I am kinda tired." He put his arms up so his dad could pick him up. "I really like the baby. He's smells funny, but I think I can get used to it. He seems like a good brother."

"I'm glad you think so," Mary smiled. "I'll see you in the morning. Then you can tell me all about how much fun you had with Nana and Grandpa at the play place."

"I had ice cream for dinner!" Dean giggled.

"Tell me in the morning," Mary said. "Daddy and Nana are going to take you home. Be a good boy."

Dean was never really sure how he felt about this baby situation. He thought it would be weird having another kid around all the time, but holding Sam for the short time he got to today was the most special thing he'd ever felt in his life. He knew that being a big brother was going to be hard, but he knew that he had to be the best brother ever for Sam.

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