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Key Zero: Tartarus:

What was the Great Crash?

Ten years ago, the apocalypse happened. The Woman in Red was freed and is still roaming the living world. She seems to be looking for something, or someone. Ikebukuro had turned into a poisoned ghost town. Its poison slowly spread through the rest of Tokyo and East Japan. Those still let alive either fled to the sea or got off of the island as soon as the boats were available. Rumors went around about tadpoles among the survivors. It was hard to tell because they looked like normal humans.

But, this story is not about them.

This story is about the angels and the Great Crash.

Tartarus was dragged to Heaven through war. The angels had seen this coming ever since the Woman in Red was first freed. Ikebukuro fell into her poisonous trap like a battered submissive to their dominatrix mistress. The scent of her poison circled to Heaven itself. It didn’t take long for the Dark Order to arm their angels to fight the demons looking to take over. Despite being ready, not everything goes as planned. The Woman in Red’s army was stronger than the last time the Great Beast trapped her in the Land of the Dead. She had time to strengthen her powers while she was locked away.

It took four hundred days for this war to happen. In the beginning, the angels had the upper hand. The Dark Order had used their time quite wisely with advancing their technology. They only sent out their best to the battle front. It looked like the war would be over in five days.

So, what happened?

The angels in present day are starting to remember, but only in pieces. Only a small amount of angels remain in Heaven. Some of them are still looking for the angels lost in the Great Crash. They have no way to look in the Fallen City. Every day, the angel of death searches in the living world while making her rounds. She’s looking for Allen. The angel of death is one of the few people that won’t give up hope. Her brother can’t tell her otherwise. The only thing he can do is go along with her notions and gently convince her to give up on her search for Allen.

In truth, her brother knows where Allen is. He’s known for a year and half. He can’t bring himself to tell his sister the truth. The angel of death might do something rash and end up trapped in the Fallen City too. If that happened, there would be no more death. The world was crumbling further because of the Woman in Red. They needed as much normalcy as they could get. No, her brother needed to keep the angel of death do her job. Meanwhile, he and the elders were quietly trying to break through the barrier blanketing the Fallen City. For the past five years, there has been no success.

It’s not just Allen either.

There’s another motive at play. The brother has some idea, but he’s not allowed to talk about it. However, not all angels ended up in the Fallen City. What about those in the living world? Heaven’s been tracking them for quite some time now. Why haven’t they brought them in? The angel of death’s brother is starting to ask more questions for himself.

Meanwhile, the angels in the Fallen City and the living world are starting to remember how things got so messed up. They feel Heaven has abandoned them. But, Allen refuses to give up. Even as Aizen takes over his brain and body, he’s still trying to back to Heaven. Sometimes, he can still the voices of his dead comrades. The dream of freedom is the only thing that keeps him going.

It’s not just him anymore.

Others are starting to get back more of their memories. Not just of the war and the Great Crash, but of their lives as humans. How did they become angels? How did this mess go out of hand? Their questions might be the key to ending their suffering. But in order for that to happen, their memories have to completely come back. The question then becomes do they even want to remember.

Countless number of angels ended up lost in the war. The Dark Order is still trying to sort through who all is dead or missing. They keep trying to organize everything, but the load keeps on piling up. The brother of the angel of death is starting to see a pattern. Or maybe, he already saw it and didn’t want to acknowledge it until now. He can’t erase the memories of war from his head. All of that blood. All of those bodies.

There was another meeting today. He can predict what the higher-ups are going to say. The problem is that Heaven is still spent and the war hasn’t really stopped. That’s right. Just because the Great Crash happened two years ago doesn’t mean that the war stopped. In fact, the living world is still feeling the effects of the Great Crash. Even the angels in Heaven doubt they will ever recover from it. But, there are now more pressing problems.

“There is a darkness stirring in London,” one of the angels said. The brother of the angel of death happened to hear this in passing. He had been used to the rumors of the living world falling apart because of the Woman in Red. But this felt different. The higher-ups had the data to back up the rumors. Judging by what the read on the paper, they could make the war even worse. It was around this time that the higher-ups realized there were still the nightcomers around in England. Still, they aren’t the only problem.

It all keeps going back to the war and the Great Crash. The war had been prepared for ever since the fourth gate was opened in Ikebukuro. But, no expected the Great Crash. It all leads back to the same question as before.

What was the Great Crash?

To get the full answer, we need to cycle back to the beginning. But where to start in the beginning? Following the chord to the source doesn’t help if the cord is already tangled up. It will probably take a while to sort through the pieces and put it together for a clear picture. But, the journey to the truth takes hard work. It doesn’t come along so easily either. One can either give up and stay with it.

The angels have no choice but to stay on the path to free themselves from their misery. Slowly all of the memories are coming back. They remember how this all started. Through that, they hear something else calling them. The angels don’t know it, but those are the cries of Tartarus.

Their journey home for the truth begins today.

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