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Key Nine: Road:

She’s all too familiar with pleasure and violence. When she saw Allen among that wreck of bodies after the Great Crash, she that she had to have him. To her relief, he was still breathing. She did a quick look around the vacant battlefield. Okay, the clean-up crew would be here to collect the bodies and survivors in a few minutes. If she moved now, she could be long gone with Allen before they arrived. Good thing she had a little assistance with her that day.

Road and that help carried Allen off before the angel clean-up crew arrived.

She sat above her pet. He looked so tasty tied down to her bed. He stared at her with empty eyes. Aizen had worked his way through his new home. She smirked and caressed her pet on the cheek.

“Mine!” she purred. She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He tasted so bitter, but sweet. He couldn’t push her off anyway. Her legs came on either side of him.

“Beautiful boy,” she said in a low voice. He doesn’t protest. Aizen was like a virus rewriting the program that was his body. Speaking of which, the heat began increase between his legs. She giggled.

“What shall we do tonight?” she asked. The ball gag in his mouth kept him silent. So this was what he had been reduced down to, huh? A wingless host to a sex-crazed parasite who’s forced to pleasure his mistress? She pressed a deep kiss into the side of his neck. He gasped behind the gag. Already, she set his mind in perverted place.

She had this pulled out from the beginning.

She saw him before many times. His purity made her all the more hungrier. She played out fantasies in her head about how she would break him. She didn’t want to do it right away, though. Where was the fun in that? No, she preferred to tease it out as long as she could. She would have him become the perfect toy before long.

Her progress showed in the work that she put forth in her project. He lost his wings, she put Aizen in his body, and now he was breaking under different sexual sessions. She still knew that she hadn’t won yet. He still had some fight in him. The mistress could tell just by looking in his eyes.

The process took time after all.

Wearing him down was the easiest job she had to do. But, she did have some help along the way. Tykki and Jasdevi had their hands in breaking Allen. She would have to do something special for them later.

Right now, she put her focus on her pet.

She ran her nails along his chest. His pale skin made her hunger. Where could she bite here? Neck again? Chest? Stomach? Or maybe…

She dipped down between his legs. He tried to peek down, but she pushed him back into place. Maybe she should’ve blindfolded him. She would have to keep that in mind for a later date. Her teeth sank down into the hard flesh. His muzzled scream was enough to get her off.

“Yes! Scream more!” she yelled. Another bite to the skin gave her the permission to take this further. She climbed on top of him. The fear in his eyes sent little shivers down her spine.

She kept his wings as a reminder. She knows that he is still longing to escape. He’s plotting when he still has his mind. He’s even went as far as to gather a little team together. Not just out in the city either. She knew about the ones in the Tower too. She didn’t care about those little hoes. Road already knew how to crush this rebellion. She had the answer to the problem lying underneath her. His dry and rotted wings hung above her bed as a reminder of this.

She leaned down and sucked on his neck. He moaned behind his gag. He doesn’t seem to know if he likes this for himself or Aizen’s influence. Either way, it disturbed him. She, on the other hand, takes in every second of it. Pound after pound serves to remind him that she owns him. She doesn’t believe in going gentle either. She’s always had a taste for the rough sex. Biting, scratching, choking, and hitting. She loved that shit.

Tonight’s cock ring made it that much more entertaining. Meanwhile, Aizen ran down his spine. Seeing him move around never bored her. Sometimes, she would chase him around with her fingers. It became a game in a way. Where was Aizen in her pet’s body today? Her eyes trailed along her slave’s body for that lust-hungry creature.

Come on. Where are you now? Come out and show yourself.

She spotted it at her pet’s shoulder. There! Her index finger rested on Aizen’s back. The creature moved its head side to side. It took her all not to keep chasing it down. Riding her pet was what mattered right now. She focused more of her energy on her pounding. He would certainly be bruised for days.

Afterwards, she rested her head on his chest. She could hear Aizen running around in his body. Her lips curved into a little smile. Playing with him like this was satisfying, but she knew that it wouldn’t be enough. She will soon want to take their games to higher levels. Next time, she decided to bring in more toy to their play time.

Meanwhile, he lay underneath her more lost than ever. Aizen kept eating away at who he was. If this kept up, he wouldn’t be able to escape the Tower or the city. He won’t have to try and cut Aizen out of him somehow and try to get what was left of his mind back.

For now, he forced himself to relive the memories of the time before the Great Crash.

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