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Key Fifteen: Leda:

She still remembers what their mission is. She will not let them have the upper hand. Hence why she keeps reaching out to the Escape Crew. So far, she managed to reach two of the scattered out members. She knows that she can’t let up until she’s reached all of them. After all, she herself has a big opportunity to gain from their escape plan. The chained-up angel didn’t forget her master’s abuse. She still had her wings, but that’s what made it worse. He smirked at the feathers tangled up in the thin metal chains.

“Ah, look at you,” he would hiss. “Such a mighty beast caught up in chains. Pathetic site.” She wanted to vomit when he blew smoke into her cage. She hated everything about that bastard. His voice, his smug expression, his smoking, his face, and his cocky attitude. She may have been weak, but she still had some of her powers. Why hadn’t tried to escape yet? The chains didn’t look that strong. She could just break them if she wanted. She could do the same for the cage. Why hasn’t she gone ahead and tried?

She’s biding her time. Soon, she will break free and kill her vile lord. She will take joy into stabbing him and crushing his body. The thought of blood all over the basement was what kept her from clawing out her eyes. She lifted her head when she heard footsteps coming towards the door. She remembered how she ended up in the doctor’s enslavement.

-Abuse Tango-

She used to live in the City. The first thing she could remember was the sky. It wasn’t blue like when she was human. She could see all of the reds in the world. Why was she shivering? She found that she couldn’t move her body. She couldn’t even speak. Still, she could see, hear, feel, and smell everything. The silence around her made everything much worse. Even the wind didn’t make a sound. Her nose curled at the scent of rotting meat. The nerves in her body felt like they were tingling. She couldn’t escape the feeling of ants crawling all over her body.

It didn’t take long for her to realize she wasn’t alone anymore.

When did he get here? She couldn’t see his face. His hand grabbed her by the shoulder and dragged her with him.

Where is he taking me?

Everything slowly turned black.

Hours later, she could smell blood. She felt her right arm hanging above her head for some reason. She tried to move it, but found it stuck there.


She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head. Her right arm was chained above her head. For the first time since she ended up in the city, the shock ran through her body. She turned her head and saw her left arm chained above her head. She had chains in her wings as well.

What is this?

“Oh good, you’re awake,” a voice said. She looked forward. A pair of golden eyes stared at her in the darkness. Her nose curled at the cigarette smoke. He chuckled to himself.

“Oh, you don’t like this?” he asked. He blew smoke into the cage. He smirked at her coughing.

“Heh,” he said. He leaned in close to the cage. “Do you know why you’re here?” She stared at him with big eyes. At the time, she couldn’t make sense of what was happening. She hadn’t hardened into the angry angel she was today.

“You want to tell you, don’t you?” he asked. “Heh.”

The abuse games began from there. He rarely physically beats her up. But he taunts her all of the same. The chains and cage hold her back from attacking him. She still had her wings, but that made things worse. In his eyes, she looked like a caged beast who should’ve been ashamed of being caught like this. He liked her strong enough to have her spirit, but weak enough not to fully fight back. His favorite game to play with her? The poke game. He would take a long, thin metal rod and hold it over the heater in the corner. Then he would poke her in the thighs, abdomen, breasts, neck, and calves. Her skin was quick to heal over, leaving scar tissue in its wake. She wondered why she hadn’t tried to bite his fingers off when he put them too close to her mouth.

Being in that dark basement gave her plenty of time to build up her rage. Fantasies of her breaking out and killing him kept her from going crazy. Because she still had her wings, she could hear thoughts. It didn’t help that most of them focused on wishing for death and misery. What else could she expect from the city and tower? She could feel the pain from the angels from Paradise. They were focused to be sex slaves to the bored monsters in the Tower. She could’ve had the same fate if he hadn’t found her first. Wings torn off, forced to pleasure a new monster every night, suffering from humiliation. He didn’t put her through any of those horrors, she gave him. She didn’t want to think of herself sleeping with him at all.

It’s turned into a stalemate. She refuses to scream anymore. His insults don’t faze her anymore. She still winces at the poke game. He invents way to torment her. How long have they been doing this stick? What did it matter? Time didn’t exist in the city and tower. Now, she just laughs at him as she gets revenge in her own ways. She would laugh in his face when her little plans paid off.

Why hasn’t she tried to break out and kill him yet? She’s waiting for the right moment to break out seek her long awaited revenge. The time has to be just right. Every hit of abuse that she took from him was tallied up in her head. Boy did he have a massive debt with her. She was going to be so happy to come and collect when the time was right. Still, there was one more thing that she always came back to.

He never gave her the reason why she was there.

-Present Day-

They couldn’t forget their mission. She had to keep trying to reach out to them. Lately, she had gotten bolder with her telepathic communications. She has even tried it with him staring her down during their mental games. She was alone right now. She closed her eyes and got to work reaching out to the scattered out members of the Escape Crew. Last night, she reached out into the city and the night before it was within the Tower. Who was she going to reach out to tonight?

Hello? Can anybody here me?

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