War Stories


Key Sixteen: Ami:

She lay on her bed with her hand to her stomach. She couldn’t understand why this was happening to her. Five months in and things still hadn’t gotten any better. The pains were getting worse lately. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her or the baby. She wouldn’t take the medication, however. The baby seemed to be rejecting all kinds of drugs that entered into its mother’s body. It didn’t help that she kept having visions that frightened her. She constantly heard a baby crying in her dreams. She always saw the same demonic face that came with it. A pair of hands glowed in the dark, reaching out for her. Lavi had become distant and nervous lately.

“What’s the matter, babe?” she asked. He couldn’t tell her the truth. He would look ashamed and not make eye contact with her. Just like he was doing right now. She turned over onto her side.

“Whatever,” she muttered. “Leave me alone.” She didn’t turn around as she heard the footsteps walk out of the room. Ami cursed herself under her breath.

“Coward,” she muttered. She curled up into a ball and went to sleep.

She awoke to the room feeling cold. Ami lifted her head and looked around. Who turned the air on? Something told her that she wasn’t alone in the room.

“Who’s there?” Ami whispered. Her eyes shifted back and forth in the room. “Lavi? Lavi, is that you? Babe?” Another sharp pain shot through her stomach. It was then she noticed a pair of glowing gold eyes watching her from the corner of the room. The eyes stepped forward to reveal a pale face of a woman. Her dark purple kimono blended in with the darkness. Her obi and pale skin stood out in the moonlight. A small white kitsune mask sat atop her head like a big bow. She closed her bright pink umbrella.

“It’s only me,” she said.

“But who are you?” Ami asked.

“Ah, where are my manners?” the woman asked. “I am called Shion.” The young mother-to-be sat there, blinking.

“Okay… So what are you doing in my room?” she asked.

“Ah, yes. Your baby called me here to you.”


“I probably should explain myself more clearly. You see, I only answer the calls of particular unborn children.” Shion walked over to the bed and sat down. Ami put her hand to her stomach.

“Yes,” Shion said. “Some unborn children call out to me and I come to source.”

“But why?”

“Different reasons.” The mysterious woman leaned down to Ami’s stomach. “Hm, this one has something interesting to say.”

“What do you mean? You are creeping me out.”

“I do apologize.” Shion sat back on the bed. “Your child has so much to say.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Who is his father?”


“Yes. Your baby is a boy. Now, who is his father?”

“My boyfriend.”

“Who’s your boyfriend?”

Ami frowned at her. “Why are you asking all of this? Who the hell are you? Why are you in my room?” She narrowed her cold eyes at her unwanted guest. Shion raised her eyebrow.

“Could you please be quiet?” she asked. “Your voice drowns out his words.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ami asked.

“Shhh!” Shion took a closer listen to the mother-to-be’s belly. Her golden eyes changed red as she looked up at the teenage girl.

“He’s saying you don’t know anything about his father,” she said. “He’s keeping a huge secret from you.” Ami wrinkled her nose.

“Bullshit!” she hissed. Another wave of pain ripped through her pain. Ami took a sharp breath.

“Ow,” she murmured.

“He doesn’t like the lies about his existence,” Shion said. “He’s not the only one either.” She stood up back and closed her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Ami asked in a low voice.

“Shhh,” Shion whispered. She opened her eyes. “He’s going to be hunted.”


The mysterious woman grabbed her by the wrist. “You have to listen to me. The child growing inside of you is not a normal child. You have to know the truth about your boy’s father. You will give birth to an abomination.”

“What do you mean?” Ami asked. Shion leaned in close to her face.

“You might not survive this,” she whispered. “If you, I hope that you are still sane in the end.” Ami’s eyes widened as a sharp wind blew past her. Shion let go of her and faded away. The young mother-to-be fell backwards on her bed. Something about the woman’s words rang deep inside of her.

“Ami, are you up yet?” Lavi asked hours later as he poked his head into her room. He froze when he saw the tired look on the baby mama’s face.

“Ami?” he asked. “Ami, what’s the matter?”

“Please tell me the truth,” she murmured. The angel went pale as his eyes widened.

“What?” he asked. Ami drew her knees to her chest.

“What exactly are you?” she asked. The angel dropped to his knees as he could see what would come next. How did it come to this?

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