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Key Twenty-One: Crash:

So, what was the Great Crash? How did that happen?

-Three Years Ago-

How long had this war been going on? The angels didn’t know what else to do at this point. Some even doubted that this war would ever end. Allen became one of the few who questioned the war’s motives.

There had been no activity lately. The angels felt that it was too quiet around them. Allen couldn’t help but get the feeling that something bad was about to happen. He couldn’t stop looking at the skies.

“Hey!” someone yelled as they slapped him on the back. The angel nearly fell out of place. He turned to see Lavi grinning at him.

“Relax, we have it easy today,” he said. Allen made himself smile.

“Sure,” he said. The red-haired angel gave him an odd look.

“What’s the matter?” he asked. Allen shrugged and shook his head.

“Why are we doing this?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Lavi asked.

“I can’t quite put my finger on it,” Allen said. “It’s kind of hard to explain, but I can’t help but wonder what we are really doing this for.”

“Oh?” the red-haired angel asked. The white-haired angel rubbed the back of his head.

“It’s probably nothing,” he said. “Maybe I’m just thinking too much. It’s been too quiet lately.”

“Yes,” Lavi said, nodding. “I don’t like it one bit.”

-10:21 a.m.-

It started when the sky got darker.

An angel private looked up, squinting.

“Guys,” he said. “Something’s wrong.” The other angels didn’t hear him because they found themselves rather distracted. One of the tech angels looked at the green lines on the screen moving up and erratically.

“Sir,” he said. “Is it supposed to do that?” One of the generals looked over his shoulder. He took off his glasses and adjusted them before squinting his eyes.

“No…” he said. Lavi looked up.

“What is that smell?” he asked. The other angels looked up and took a smell.

“I don’t know,” the general said. “It reminds me of leaking gas.” He winced at the sound of a high-pitched whistle sailing in the sky.

“Are you okay?” Allen asked. The sound hit his ears, causing him pain as well.

“Gah!” he shouted. He looked to see the other angel wincing in pain from the sound. When he glanced up at the sky, the clouds started getting heavier. But, he couldn’t see anything else in the sky.

“Are we under attack?” he asked.

“I don’t know!” the general yelled back. Allen could barely hear him over the whistling. The angel could feel his eyes watering as the sound lingered on. Through his pain, he could feel a prickly sensation running down his spine. Before he could grasp what was unfolding, the first wave came.

Ten days. Ten days the Great Crash lasted. The angels couldn’t tell. The first wave brought fire. The blinding lights in every direction made it difficult to fight back. This wasn’t how the enemy normally fought. But, it didn’t seem like they changed tactics so suddenly. Allen, Lavi, and most of the angels weren’t sure if this was the same enemy they had been fighting for years.

“Call for back-up!” the general yelled.

“It’s no use!” the tech angel cried. “We can’t reach them!”

“What?!” the older angel asked. The wall of flames prevented him from walking over to the monitors. A bolt of lightning rained down from the sky.

“What now?” the general asked as he looked up. More bolt of lightning struck the ground. Some hit quite a number of angels, killing them instantly. The rest tried to dodge them while looking for the source of the fire. Lavi used the ground and the fire to his advance with his hammer. It didn’t help that he couldn’t see where he was aiming.

“You might kill us all!” a female angel yelled.

“It’s better than standing around being sitting ducks!” Lavi shouted back.

“Good point!” she yelled. She picked up her bow and started shooting. Those fighting fought without direction. What choice did they have? This fire storm had them at an advantage. The lighting increased in number and strength.

“Fuck!” another angel shouted. “Where does this all keep coming from?”

“I don’t know!” the general shouted. “But we can’t give up until we find a way out!” He managed to dodge a lightning bolt just in time. Allen happened to turn around to catch a strange sight.

“What are those?” he asked. Ton of dragonflies started floating around them. They darted by so quickly that the angels fighting couldn’t see them. Some of them started to feel pain in different places of their bodies where the dragonflies landed. Their cries were drowned out by the fire. Allen looked around as the fireflies kept increasing.

“Everyone!” he shouted. “Watch out for the dragonflies!” Lavi turned his head.

“What dragonflies?” he asked. One zipped by his left cheek. Blood ran down the skin. His question confused Allen even further. What was going on here? This really didn’t feel like the enemy from before.

“Any luck with reinforcements?” the general asked.

“No!” the tech angel shouted. “We can’t get through.” A nick appeared on his nape. The general’s face was all covered in cuts. There looked to be no end to the fire. They angels left fighting couldn’t even find the source. Allen could barely remain standing. The air around him grew harder to breathe.

“We can’t even see the enemy!” Lavi complained. The angels struggled to keep their strength up. Lavi himself stood panting. A female angel leaned against his body.

“Get off,” he said. “I don’t have the strength to fight and hold you up.”

“I would stand on my own, but I can’t hold up anymore,” she said back. “Sorry if my legs are too weak.” Her skin looked like raw meat with so many cuts. Lavi had mostly healed, but new cuts formed on his skin.

“How many arrows do you have left?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, panting. “I think about fifteen. I could put up some of the fallen ones off of the ground and use those.” The female angel glanced over at the red-haired angel.

“A little help,” she said. “Please? Do you mind?” Lavi used his back and shoulders to push her up right.

“Cheers,” she said. The angel walked over to the fallen arrows like she had too much to drink.

“Be careful!” Lavi shouted at her back. The female angel stuck up her thumb at him. Meanwhile, Allen looked around for the source. Five days in and no sign of the enemy. The fire, lighting, and dragonflies didn’t stop. Around day three, Allen thought he saw a face in the wall of fire. He only caught a quick glimpse before being dragged back into the fighting. The angel didn’t see that face again.

“Allen!” Lavi shouted. The white-haired angel turned around. His friend shouted something else at him, but the fire drowned out his voice.

“What?” Allen asked. A wave of fire burst up from the ground, forcing him to step backwards. His eyes widened at the sudden change in pattern. Something else looked different about the flames. Allen reached out his hand.

Huh? There’s no heat in this flame?

“Lavi!” Allen shouted. Another hissing noise rang through the air. The angel grabbed his head, screaming with pain.

“My head! Who’s causing this?!” he cried. Then came another high-pitched whistling noise. But the time Allen looked up, it was too late. His eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

“What the hell is that?!” he asked through his pain. A giant ball of light came sailing down towards the battlefield. There was no time to react. The light came hurling down faster than Allen could keep up. By the time the other angels looked up…


For three days, everything was quiet. Not a single angel remained standing. Most of them were bodies. Some of them were broken beyond repair, their bodies covered in cuts. The monitors had stopped working a long time ago. The angels’ flag was almost ripped away and stained with blood. The weapon lay broken in disarray. Some angels were still alive, but barely. Allen stared blankly at all of the dead bodies around him. He could barely move. His pain felt so sore. The angel wondered how long he and the other survivors going to be out here. Did the Dark Order forget about them? Allen’s trailed up to the sky. So strange that it still looked dark. The angel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Something grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him away. Days later, shadowy figures came onto the ruined battlefield. Lavi crawled away to the road. What he didn’t know was the figures were the angels from the Dark Order coming down to collect the bodies and survivors.

But, is this really the full story? There appear to have some details messing from the official reports. Three years later and now they are asking questions. The answers about the Great Crash might be the key to stopping this war.

Too bad there were angels in the Dark Order wanting to shut it all down.

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