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Key Four: Cricket:

Most angels don’t remember when they were human. Cricket does, however.


I remember was born in Ireland. My early life is a foggy haze. I grew up in a bad neighbourhood, that much I remember. There was a mother and brother. I don’t think there was a father. We didn’t have any money. But, mum worked as hard as she could. I don’t remember my family’s faces or what they sounded like. Mum loved to sing. I don’t know anything else about her. I don’t know what happened to her either. I don’t remember much about my brother either.

What do I remember?

It’s quite hard to say. But, there is one memory that makes me shudder. I remember the night was violated.

I was fifteen the time. Maybe I was younger. This took place in a hot night in July. I think I was walking back from church at the time. Mum warned me not to walk home alone at night. At the time, the Irish mob overran the city. (Yes, they were a real thing. I think they still do, but only from the shadows.) They were some of the nastiest bastards out there. The town was almost poor because of them. They took food and milk and charged it too high. Young women were pimped out on the streets in the city. Most of the men ended up in the hospital because they crossed the mob in the wrong way. Children walking around at night disappeared. My neighbourhood grew worse because of the mob. It didn’t help that wannabe gangsters were on the rise around that time. Those guys caused the worst trouble. Theft, destruction of property, violence. Mum talked about moving away at one point. Sadly, we didn’t have the money at the time.

But, back to the point. How did I end up violated?

I don’t want to tell it, but it has to come out.

It had gotten dark by the time I left church. I knew wasn’t supposed to be walking home after dark. But, I needed to get home. I decided to take a quick shortcut in hopes of avoiding the mob or the gangs. Initially, I planned on walking along the lit street. It would be longer, but at least it wouldn’t be dark.

“Heading home that way?” a nun asked as I started leaving the dried church garden.

“Yes,” I said.

“That looks like a long way to go,” she said. “I would feel better if you took a quicker way home.”

“But…” I said.

“I will get you a lantern to walk with,” the nun said. She walked into the church. When she came back, she handed me a bright orange lantern. The nun lit up the inside.

“There,” she said. “Take the street down Commonwell. It will get you there faster.”

“Thank you,” I said. I turned and walked out of the garden. During the day, this path wasn’t so bad. It doesn’t even look that long. I’ve been down this path many times. I even have it drawn out in my head. Walk out of the church garden, go right, go through the alley behind the Red Iris pub, squeeze through a hole in a wooden fence, and back out onto the street. There is a graveyard part to this, but I wasn’t brave enough to go there at night. Either way, I would be back at my neighborhood before midnight.

This shortcut looked so much different in the dark. The lights on the streets called me to come towards them, but I remembered the nun’s strict instructions. I took in a deep breath and turned right towards the darkness. As I normally did, I counted how many steps it would take me to get home. I tried not to look around as I walked through the alley. That night, the stars weren’t even out. They probably were there, but I was more focused on trying to go home. I did good until I got halfway through the alley.

That’s when the plan fell apart.

I had gotten just behind the Red Iris pub when I heard moaning from outside. I probably should have walked away, but curiosity got the better of me. I peeked in through the cracked back window. A man dressed in a nice suit sat on the sofa with his head thrown back, moaning. Another man was on all-fours in front of him. Six more guys stood around, stone-faced with shades on.

“Oh fuck!” the seated man groaned. He reached down and grabbed the other man by his short hair.

“More, more!” he cried. What was I looking at? I recognized the moaning man as McShane. This man was what nightmare were made out of. He was ruthless and many people disappeared because of him. He called his men his dogs. If they were loyal, he rewarded them. Think about betraying him, you were dead. McShane and his crew’s control stretched from the city to the outskirts of my neighborhood. When they walked by, everyone closed their doors and windows. Mum warned me about even looking at him.

“If you see McShane, run the other way,” she told me. I should’ve done that last night. But, I found myself fascinated by this side of McShane. I had heard rumors that he was gay. Some even added that he liked young boys along with gorgeous young men. Nobody questioned this rumors for fear of not coming home alive. But, I still couldn’t stop watching. It felt so strange to be watching Dublin’s most feared mob boss getting sucked off in a closed down pub. He dug his nails into the leather couch he sat on.

“Fuck!” he shouted. “You are so good! More! More!” I couldn’t turn away. In fact, I didn’t know how to react. I just stood there with jaw to the ground. Something inside of me told me to back away and go home. I was about to do that when I stepped on a think was an empty bottle and fell on the ground on my behind.

“What was that?” I heard through my pain. I didn’t get time to react because of my pain.

“Ow,” I mumbled under my breath. I didn’t know where my lantern went. I was about to look for it when I heard heavy breathing over my head. Against my better judgment, I slowly looked up. Three of those men from inside the pub stood over me grinning.

Oh crap…

One of them grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me inside. I screamed as my knees scraped across the cobblestone. Another mobster kicked me in the stomach.

“Shut up, brat!” he hissed. I gave it my all not to scream anymore. When I lifted my head, I saw McShane sitting on that couch with his cock still out and a curious look on his face.

“And what do we have here?” he asked.

“We found this little girl outside of the pub spying on us,” one of the thug answered. I flinched when he said “girl”. Even for my age, I still looked like a girl. My voice had dropped, but I still sounded kind of like a female. Plus, I was still a really skinny kid.

“What shall we do with her, boss?” another thug asked. McShane stood up and walked over to me. He lifted my cheek and took one good look at my face. I prayed he would just let me go. Like that would ever happen. I tightly shut my eyes and prayed harder anyway.

McShane smirked.

“Looks like we have a new toy to play with,” he said. When I looked up, the thugs all smirked like hungry animals. No… No!

Two of them stripped me of all of my clothes. The rest of the men looked shocked when they my naked genitals.

“Boyd,” McShane said.

“Yes?” a big, muscled man built like a tank replied.

“You said this was a girl,” McShane said, tilting his head.

“Well, he looked like a girl,” Boyd said. “You still want to play with him?” My eyes widened as the boss licked his lips.

“You know, I would,” McShane said. “Him being a boy makes this much better.” The other thugs snickered. The boss took his seat back on the couch as I was pushed down onto all fours in front of him. He grabbed me by the hair.

“Suck me off good, bitch!” he hissed. Another one of thugs forced my mouth open wide, allowing McShane to shove his big cock inside. I thought I would choke on the size and taste. My eyes welled up with tears as I started sucking.

“Let me guess, this is your first time, isn’t it?” McShane asked. He smirked and smacked me hard on the back. I cried out around his cock.

“Doyle, you’re good with virgins, aren’t you?” McShane asked. A muscled, slender man stepped out of the shadows.

“Why, yes, boss,” he said with his deep voice. The boss’ eyes trailed down to me.

“Looks like our little friend here will need some motivation to improve his skills,” he purred.

“We still have Vaseline left, boss?” Doyle asked.

“But of course,” McShane said. “It’s on the bar.” I heard footsteps walk over to the left. The pop of a lid. Footsteps walking over to me. A zipper unzipping. McShane patted me on the head in mocking way.

“There, there,” he said. “Doyle here’s gonna fuck you in the ass. Maybe that will make you suck faster.” My eyes widened as he laughed. I cried out around his cock as two fat fingers were shoved into my hole. He pushed them in deeper.

“How far in do you want me to go in?” Doyle asked.

“As far as you want,” McShane said. “I want this to be really interesting. This brat owes me for a climax that I didn’t get from the last guy.” I glanced over to my right and saw the other guy lying on the floor huddled up. McShane smacked me on the head.

“I did not tell you to stop!” he barked. “Keep sucking!” I had no choice as Doyle’s fingers were rammed in deeper. When he removed them, I felt relief. But, that ended up being short lived. The pain shot through my mind and body as Doyle shoved his cock into my hole. It was enough to make me suck McShane off faster.

“Ah!” the boss shouted. “This is more like it! Oh! More!”

“He’s tight,” Doyle said behind me. “He really is a virgin.”

“You can still fit, yeah?” McShane asked.

“Hell yes!” the thug said.

“Good, now fuck him in silence,” the boss said. He threw back his head and moaned. Doyle started pounding faster. I had no choice but to keep up or risk more beatings. Heavy tears ran down my cheeks.

“Oh, yes!” McShane yelled. “More! More! Oh! I can’t hold it!” I about choked when he exploded in my mouth. Doyle exploded behind me as well. Both men pulled out, panting. I trembled as McShane looked down at me.

“This one’s a great shag!” he said. “You guys can have him next. Leave his ass for me last.” His goons cheered like wild animals. Boyd walked up to me and grabbed me by the hair.

“Which end should I abuse first?” he asked.

“Your choice,” McShane said. “I already want another go at him.” Boyd shrugged and threw me down onto floor on my stomach. My legs were spread far apart before he pushed himself into my hole. He showed me no mercy just as Doyle did. All seven men had their turn with me. I thought their abuse would never end. They violated me and grabbed me by the hair countless number of times. I couldn’t tell if I was bleeding or if it was their cum in me anymore. All I could do was pray that it would be over soon.

When McShane pulled out for the last time, he urinated all over me. By that time, I felt so dead inside. My eyes probably looked so empty as I breathed heavily. I could barely see my abuser’s face as he stood over me in front of the dim light overhead. When he finished peeing on me, McShane smirked.

“Thanks for the shag,” he said. “You were really entertaining.” He and his men walked away laughing. More tears streamed down my face as I lay on the floor covered in sweat, blood, and cum.

I wouldn’t be found until morning.

-Present Day-

Cricket lay on a bed of empty match boxes and dirt in Tate’s room. He had his arm over his forehead.

“Hey, Tate,” he said. His leader and companion turned to him from the window.

“What?” he asked.

“If I die,” the smaller angel said. “Could you eat my body?”

“Where did this come from?”

“Please? Just start with my heart first and then eat the rest? Please? Do it for me?”

Tate sighed. “Alright. I will eat you after you die.”

Cricket closed his eyes. “Thank you, Tate.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the older angel muttered.

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