War Stories


Key Five: Alma:

She never saw the battlefield.

No, she was on the support team with Miranda. They tended to injured soldiers, delivered messages, and provide back-up to the soldiers on the battlefield. Miranda was her branch’s second-in-command. The angel struggled to keep her team in line, but Alma had faith in her.

-Present Day-

“Marion,” she said.

“Yeah?” the other angel asked in the cage.

“Do you remember a time before we got here?” Alma asked.

“No… why?” Marion asked. The other angel shook her head. Her dear friend narrowed her eyes at her.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked. Alma shook her head. Her mind wandered back to different memories that had recently surfaced in her mind.

“Alma? Alma?” Marion asked. Her voice sounded so far away.

-Seven Years Ago-

Her memories jumped around in her head.

She too used to be human. What her life was like then, she didn’t have a clear picture of yet. Did she have a happy childhood? Who were her parents? Was she an only child? Herself as a child was blurry. People looked like stick figures. There were dolls, how many, she couldn’t tell. There was singing in her life. There words blended in with the empty silence over her head. Remembering that song brought tears to her eyes.

She was definitely married when she was human. Warm filled her chest when she saw herself in that white lace wedding dress. She remembered that she loved her husband. He took care of her. The day they wed looked so green. She thought it was a sun shower on that day. He made some comment about the devil beating his wife. They vowed to honor and love each other. But there was a slight problem.

Back in those times, their marriage and love were forbidden. Nobody came to their wedding, in fact. He didn’t care. He wanted to shout their love to the world. His face changed all of the time in her mind now that her memories were coming back. Sometimes, there was no face and other times he looked like the man who saved her in the Fallen City.

Ah, him.

-Five Years Ago-

She didn’t remember the war itself.

But she did remember him.

He took care of her in the Fallen City. She didn’t remember how she got there. She could barely open her eyes with so much mud in them. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get up. She thought would stuck there in the mud. Imagine her shock when someone pulled her out of the mud and carried her off. She didn’t get time to think about what was going to happen to her next. Through her mud-clouded vision she could only see where she had been. She turned her head, but could only see a head of hair and a nape.

They didn’t stop moving until they went into a place slightly cooler. He sat her down on stiff sheets.

“Stay right here,” he told her. “I’m going to help you get cleaned up.” His footsteps leaving her made her stomach turn. Would he leave her alone in this room? She couldn’t stop shaking.

She felt herself picked up and carried out of the room. She jumped when cold water hit her skin. Her vision became clear when a cloth was rubbed across her face. Her savior finally had a face. She couldn’t remember when she had seen such lovely brown eyes. Her cheeks turned a bright pink. His voice sounded muzzled, but she understood what he was asking.

“Are you alright?” he asked. She wanted to answer him, but no words were forming in her head. He said his name and then asked for her.

“Alma,” she said. But, it came out in a weak whisper. He couldn’t hear her and it didn’t matter at the time. It looked like she would be staying with him for a while.

Being around him provided a warmth that she thought that she had forgotten. They acted like husband and wife in the run-down hotel they were hiding in. He gave her little gifts of anything that he could find in the city. She would smile and treasure them with her heart. They couldn’t help but feel like they had known each other from before. Little flashes of memories of them together in the green getting married appeared in their minds. Could they have been dreams? She voiced this thought one day.

“You too?” he asked. His reaction threw her for a loop.

“Yes,” she said. He took her by the hands.

“What do you think it could mean?” he asked. They never did get to find the answer. For she was taken away to the Tower by the monsters. They thought she was so pretty and had to have her in Paradise. He ran after them to try and get her back, but they pushed him off. The last she saw of him was him tumbling to the dirt, reaching out for her, screaming her name.

Once she disappeared into the Tower, her nightmares began.

-Present Day-

“Alma? Alma?!” Marion asked, shaking her. The other angel looked up with tears in her eyes. The paler woman stared at her with concerned eyes.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” Marion asked. Alma whimpered and closed her eyes.

“I think I used be married,” she said. More tears ran down her cheeks. The other angel gave her a strange look.

“What?” she asked. The heavy doors slid open. The angels looked up to see who the next victim was going to be.

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