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Key Seven: Lavi:

He too is starting to remember the war and the Great Crash. In fact, he and Allen were in the same unit. As he lay beside Ami in her bed, he began to remember the horrible events that led up to that day.

-Three Years Earlier-

They said the weather conditions were be nice that day. Most of the angels there to scot the area. Lavi and a small group were slacking off. The red-headed angel wondered what the rush was. They didn’t have to get up at six in the morning for guard duty. Lavi stared up at the endless blue sky. How long have they all been at war? He wasn’t sure if anyone was counting anymore. They didn’t forget the why. But, was it even worth it anymore.

Lavi shook his head. He didn’t think so. But, what did he know?

He couldn’t get Bookman’s words out of his head, though. What did he mean by look out for black clouds? The sky looked empty. In fact, they were told it would stay that way all day.

Don’t be deceived by the sky upon.

Lavi frowned as he closed his eyes. What do you want, you old panda?

Don’t call me a panda!

What do you want?

There is a traitor in our unit.

Lavi lifted his head. What?

I don’t like this set-up, Lavi. Something is amiss.

What do you mean a traitor? That can’t be right. Why would they want to help this enemy? Do they even know who the enemy is?

Yes! The traitor is in your unit on the ground with you right now.

What do you… Lavi’s directed themselves to the sky overhead. Blackened clouds started rolling faster than raging cattle.

“That can’t be right…” the red-headed angel said.

What is it? Lavi? Lavi? Bookman’s voice sounded faded away under a high-pitched whistle. Lavi’s eye widened as his jaw dropped.

“What… is that?” he asked. The rest of the events before the Great Crash were hazy from the moment he asked that question. Lavi could only remember seeing the fire before everything went black.

In the silent hours after the crash, Lavi awoke to see bodies around him. Some were broken into several pieces. Other remained intact. Lavi could smell burning flesh. The air was so thin that it hurt his lungs to breathe. He could barely see anything around him. What made things worse was the unnerving silence around the red-haired angel. There wasn’t even any other angels moaning in pain. His own heavy breathing didn’t make a sound. Lavi winced at the burning sensation on his skin.

I… I can’t stay here…

Lavi could barely move, but he could feel the ground vibrating with his chest. Blurred shadows in his vision told him that someone was coming. He didn’t want to stay around and find out if they were ally or enemy. The angel didn’t have his hammer, let alone the strength to move. But where was he going to go? There was a dirt road near this field, but he couldn’t remember where it was or how it far away it was. Lavi gritted his teeth. It didn’t help that vibrations on the ground had increased. He turned his head and noticed the shadows getting bigger just by holding things. Something or someone was probably taking away the bodies. He didn’t want to think of the reason why.

I have to get out of here.

Lavi drew in a painful breath and started to crawl away from the carnage. His breath grew heavier and pain-filled with every inch that moved. He had to dig his nails into the blackened dirt for a stronger grip. Lavi pushed himself to keep moving through the blackouts and blurry, doubling vision.

I have to get out of here. I have to get out of here!

The vibrations at his chest grew lighter the further he crawled away. He shoved the distance out of his head. If he couldn’t rely on his eyes to know where he was going, he would have to smell out the dirt road for himself. Under normal circumstances, that idea sounded beyond the pale. He closed his eyes and sniffed out the dirt. Lucky for him, Lavi had a strong memory to rely on. The first day his unit came to his field, he and three other soldiers were horsing around near that dirt road. One of them knocked him face down.

“Yuck!” Lavi said. “Why does this road smell like rotting meat?”

“This is a burial ground,” Bookman said. The younger angels looks up.

“What do you mean?” a young angel with blonde hair asked. Bookman walked over to a twisted dead tree a little bit down the road.

“Long before this war,” he said. “The humans ran out of space to bury their dead. They had to resort to other means to give them peace.” The old angel put his hand on the tree.

“This was the marker to start building more graves for the humans,” he said. “The dirt from this road eats up their rot so quickly that everyone can smell when they lay down beside it.” The younger angels stared at him with big eyes. In a way, they hoped that Bookman would say that he was only joking. As predicted, the stern look in his eyes said otherwise.

Lavi smiled and shook his head in his current predicament.

What am I thinking about something like that at a time like this? Nevertheless, his stomach turned with relief as he could smell that rotting road. It amazed him that the soil itself was strong enough to overpower the smell of burning flesh. Lavi didn’t get time to celebrate, though. As soon as he saw that road with the smelly soil, he passed out from his injuries, stress on his body, and the smells.

-Present Day-

“Lavi…” he heard back in present day. The angel looked down at the mother of his child in his arms.

“Hm?” he asked.

“Why does it hurt?” Ami asked in a tired voice. Lavi froze.

“What do you mean?” he asked. She had her hand on her belly.

“This little monster acts like it’s clawing its way out,” she said. “I keep hearing voices that creep me out.”

“What kind of voices?” the red-haired angel asked. The pregnant shook her head. Ami looked up at him with big eyes.

“Is there something wrong with me?” she asked in a choked-up whisper. Lavi pulled her tighter into an embrace.

“No,” he said. “I will protect you. You have my word.” Ami rested her head against his chest. He couldn’t let her see how afraid he really was.

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