Living With You


A collection of Elias/Chise snippets requested from Tumblr.

Romance / Children
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Early Morning

It’s early morning when she finds him awake next to her with his skull inside a book. It was far too small for his large hands and wasn’t even in comparison to the size of his skull. Chise rubbed her left eye and suddenly sat in the bed to stretch and let out her usual yawn. Elias noticed that she was awake and he momentarily slapped the book shut to look at her.

“Good morning.” He said rather cheerily.

The redhead immediately questioned the situation. Elias wasn’t sleeping in, it was a Sunday morning, he was reading a book, and he didn’t seem at all sluggish. It couldn’t be about anything that had happened yesterday because nothing really went on. And he couldn’t be thinking about today because, from what she knew, there were no plans.

She said, “Good morning, Elias. Are you reading a good book?”

Elias looked back to the small piece of literature in his hand. He said, “I’m just distracting myself, really. I couldn’t fall back asleep.”

Just then, a sudden breeze brushed past her skin. Chise looked up and noticed that he had opened one of their windows beside the bed. She found the sight of the rising sun to be beautiful because it cast a beautiful, blended shade of orange and blue. Her admiration was soon cut short by another breeze climbing up her back and giving her goosebumps.

Almost naturally, Chise scooted closer to Elias and clung onto his arm. His touch was always warm and soothed her skin. She sighed happily at the contact and looked up at him. His white pupils had been observing her closely. She blushed at the realization that he’d been watching her the whole time.

Blandly, he asked. “Cold?”

“Yeah...” She wiped her eye. “Why are mornings so cold, anyway?”

Without hesitation, the redhead scooted over and nudged her way into Elias’ lap. He extended his arms outward and froze when she nestled into his chest. He marked his page in the book and set it back on the nightstand on his side of the bed. He wrapped his arms around her small figure and gave her a brief squeeze.

He said, “I think I enjoy it being cold.”

Chise looked up from his chest with green, wondrous eyes. She asked, “Why?”

Elias bundled her up in his arms and brought her closer to his neck. Chise relaxed at the contact and rested one of her hands on his shoulder and brought the other one to crane around his neck. His broad figure always made her protected whenever she was in his arms. He pulled the blankets over them and nuzzled the size of her cheek before he replied.

“-Because you cuddle me when you’re chilly.”

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