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Ninja of the Leaf and Sand

New World

I slowly sat up from the cold smooth surface i was laying on and rubbed my eye before yawning and stretching i blinked and looked around i saw in a plane gray cell 'what i don't get a bunk' i thought frowning 'why would you need a bunk' Reina questioned 'for me to sleep on but the floor is good enough' i thought standing up 'you are indeed a weird child' she said i nodded "oh your awake" a familiar voice said i looked to see the one and only copy cat ninja Kakashi Hatake "how do you feel"he asked i stared at him "are you going to hurt Reina"i asked he blinked before shaking his head and kneeling down to my eye level "no I'm only here to make sure your alright" he said i nodded 'let's he want's information out of me about who i am and where i came from' i thought 'for a three year old your smarter than you look' Reina said 'aw thank you' i thought inwardly smiling "so what's your name" Kakashi asked "yuna" i said "okay how old are you" he asked 'i don't really remember but Reina said i was three so I'll go with that' i thought "three" i said smiling his eye turned into a smile at my answers 'mission accomplished' i thought "so yuna do you know where your parents are" he asked 'who are my parents' i thought i shook my head "i don't know who my parents are" i said he slightly narrowed his eye "all i remember is waking up in the forest and seeing Reina" i said with a slight frown he smiling at me "come with me" he said i nodded as he stood up and took my hand

after taking a few sharp turns we came to a door 'that looks a lot like the hokage's door' i thought when Kakashi knocked on it three times "come in" a voice said we walked in to see the third hokage and the other men after Reina 'okay he's alive so it's some where before the chunin exams and Kakashi is apart of the Anbu that means were some where after the nine tails fox attack' i thought before butterflies filled my stomach without thinking i clung to Kakashi and glared at everything in sight "we failed our mission the fox got away by jumping into this girls right eye" one of the guys said there was a mirror in the corner so i could finally see what i looked like, i was small i mean i really did look like a freaking three year old my hair was was still the same as well as my eyes and skin but i was wearing a ugly brown rag dress i frowned in disgust "let me take at look at her" i heard a voice say and turned my attention back to the old man at the desk i held on to Kakashi for dear life while glaring at the said old man, the hokage chuckled "you have quite the glare little one" he said "Kakashi since it seems she only likes you I'm putting you in charge of her"the old man said 'in charge you mean like a babysitter' i thought "yes lord hokage" Kakashi said bowing before taking a paper the hokage handed him after leaving Kakashi as me a few more questions "okay last one do you remember your last name"he asked smiling at me i nodded smiling "akimura" i said happily Kakashi's eye widened for a second "akimura" he muttered with a serious expression i blinked 'was i not supposed to say that' i thought i tugged on his sleeve "Kakashi" i asked he looked at me "it's nothing" he said smiling like nothing happened 'more like nothing but a pain in the neck' i thought 'indeed' Reina said

some time later~

we came to an apartment building 'this one looks a lot nicer than Sasuke's and Naruto's' i thought in awe "this is where you will be staying I'll be paying for it until your sixteen" he said 'wonder what it would be if i became a ninja' i thought 'only one way to find out' Reina said "so then how long would it be if i became a ninja" i asked he looked at me a bit surprised "thirteen" he said i nodded before blinking "how do i become a ninja"i asked 'and innocents is back on the table' i thought inwardly cheering "would you like me to teach you" he asked 'time to test out the sparkles' i thought before smiling and jumping up and down sparkles in my eyes "will you really" i asked excitedly he smiled back at me "of course" he said "ya" i cheered jumping around him

after that i went up the stairs i opened the door and walked in, i turned on the lights and saw to my left a black book shelf with a cabinet and drawer in it and a purple bed with five pillows on my right was a balcony with peach curtains and in the center was a pink rug with a mini light brown table and all the walls were light pink while the floor was orange on the other side of the room was a kitchen with an arch as well as a bathroom next to it i smiled before looking in the bookshelf drawer to see it filled with clothes i pulled out a green tee-shirt with the words "i love you" on it and black shorts, before taking a quick shower and going to sleep

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