Ninja of the Leaf and Sand

Naruto Uzumaki

i woke up in my big fluffy bed "so it wasn't a dream"i muttered before smiling and jumping out of bed i walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and found food in it i smiled before making an omelet "~ I'm awake I'm alive and i know what i believe inside not broken feeling just fine after all I'm unbreakable and that's unmistakable~" i sang while cooking and dancing around the kitchen "~later I'll become a ninja and whoop ya til you can't feel ya~"i sang making my plate "~maybe pull out a gang~"i sang sitting down "thank you for the food"i said before eating it all in one bite and putting my dishes in the sink i ran to the bookshelf drawer again and changed into a dark purple sweater and black leggings by the door i saw dark blue ninja sandals and put those on when there was a knock on the door "~one two three four who's that knocking at my door~" i sang opening the door to see Kakashi "hello person who's goes by Kakashi" i said he smiled at me "ready to learn how to become a ninja"he said i nodded letting him in "but first you'll need to learn to read" he said i nodded before sitting at the table with him as he put a stack of books on it i blinked and picked one up 'perfect it's the Japanese i learned' i thought reading the title "how to read grade k" i said with ease i opened it and started reading i finished in one minute 'so easy and the story is so cheesy' i thought putting it on the table reading a bigger book as Kakashi went through them "Kakashi i can already read" i said pouting he blinked "and how is that" he asked "Reina taught me when i was sleeping" i said he scratched his cheek "well then lets get into the basics of being a ninja" he said opening another book 'chakra do i even have that' i thought inwardly frowning as Kakashi explained what chakra was i thought of a simple way to get it "do you understand"he asked i blinked "so it's like a ice cream sandwich i see"i said crossing my arms and nodding he sweat dropped "if that's how you get it yes like an ice cream sandwich" he said before handing me a scroll "read this i have a meeting to go to so I'll be back later" he said before leaving i nodded after the door closed

going back to the scroll 'chakra and Justus' i thought 'don't worry I'll help you' Reina said i nodded 'the best way to connect to your chakra is to mediate' she said i nodded before closing my eyes after a minute i opened them to find myself in a dark abyss 'ooh it's a abyss' i thought a soft blue light caught my eye before a blue sphere came into view 'i wonder if i should poke it' i thought i crossed my arms and thought for a second 'I've decided I'm gonna poke it' i thought nodding i slowly poked the surface 'it's so smooth yet squishy like a dew drop' i thought putting both my hands on it when it popped "wait I'm sorry i didn't mean to touch you only poke"i shouted before opening my eyes once more to see myself back in my room "nooo" i whined before looking at my hands to see a light blue on them 'pretty' i thought 'yes that's your chakra' Reina said i nodded once more before standing up "well I'm hungry" i said heading to the kitchen with the scroll after eating i manged to memorize all the hand signs 'lets see normally on the test is shadow clone Justus' i thought before doing the hand signs and creating two perfect clones i smirked as they disappeared 'so it's like magic but why do you need to do hand signs when you could easily mix chakra in both hands individually' i thought pondering on it for a minute before signing "i give up" i said in defeat before standing up "i bored I'm going outside" i said opening the door smiling "hello world" i said before skipping out the door humming my favorite tune "~look out world here i come I'm burning brighter than the sun you put up walls but i can break them ready or not here i come~" i sang twirling down the street i came across an orphanage 'i wonder if Naruto is here' i thought before walking right in

a blob of yellow, orange and black ran right past me along with kid in all shapes and sizes then ran past me once more 'so gonna join them' i thought jumping in right beside Naruto "so why are we running" i asked laughing Naruto quickly grabbed my hand and locked us in another room he stopped to catch his breath while i stood beside him "hi I'm yuna" i said stood up and looked at me "Naruto Uzumaki" he said pointing at himself proudly "Yuna Akimura" i said with the same enthusiasm "i can tell were going to be good friends" he said putting his arm over my shoulder so i did the same with him smiling

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