Ninja of the Leaf and Sand

Fox Twins

i sat down outside with Naruto "so Uzumaki you think you have what it takes to train with me" i said playfully with a hint of darkness he nodded "then very well i shall teach you all i know but first why did the caretakers kick us out" i asked he chuckled lightly "they don't like me very much but i don't know why" he said sadly "okay then you can live with me" i said pointing at him dramatically "really" he asked sparkling i nodded "yahoo" he cheered i laughed "follow me" i said running back towards my apartment 'i only went one way and i have Reina so i won't get lost' i thought confidently after a few mistakes we finally made it "here we are" i said happily "finally" Naruto said tiredly it was sunset by the time we got there i noticed the door was open when we went up the stairs but chose to ignore it "I'm back" i yelled only to see Kakashi in the room "oh it's only Kakashi" i said "where were you" Kakashi asked with his eyes closed "in the village playing with Naruto" i said he narrowed his eye "Naruto" he muttered "yeah Naruto you know he's about ye high, blond oh and don't forget he has big blue eyes that almost look like saucers" i said waving my arms in a circular motion "yeah and he been standing next to me this entire time and is going to become one of the best ninjas ever" i said he quickly looked at Naruto and his eyes widened for a second "i told you, you had what it takes" i said looking back at Naruto to see him tumbling over laughing his head off "pftt ha-ha-ha" i laughed along with him while Kakashi chuckled before turning serious "you know that because you left this room you will have ninja watching your every move" Kakashi said i waved dismissing him "i only left cause you were taking forever and i got bored so i went out to play and found Naruto kicked out of the orphanage so i let him stay here with me so i won't be going out any time soon" i said laying on my back Kakashi signed "I'll be right back do not go anywhere" he said before closing the door behind him "ne, naruto do you know how to read" i asked looking at him "no" he sulked i smiled at him "come here I'll teach you the fast way to learn but for you it may take awhile" i said opening one of the books Kakashi brought

after an hour Kakashi comes back "oh hello there what you got" i asked seeing all the bags in Kakashi's hands before quickly getting up and taking them off him and setting it on the table both me and naruto looked to see what was inside "food and clothes" i muttered 'but wheres my sweets i must have my sweets' i thought "but where are the sweets" i whined cuing the fake tears "ah yuna-chan" naruto said waving his hands while Kakashi sweat dropped "calm down i only got enough to last you both a week as well as some clothes for naruto" Kakashi said "oh then good" i said turning off the water works i pulled a pair of fox pajamas out of the bags one was purple and the other was orange "naruto look we can be twins" i said holding up the pj's, his eyes sparkled at the sight of them i giggled "go put it on" i said pushing him into the bathroom the the pj's "bye Kakashi" i said as he left before running into the kitchen and making fried rice after naruto came out i went in and put on mine then we both sat down and ate "naruto whats your dream again" i asked swallowing my food "to become hokage" he said i smiled "i don't have a dream so I'll be your support and help you become hokage" i said he smiled and nodded at me. We both crawled into the bed and fell asleep

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