Ninja of the Leaf and Sand


after a month naruto was finally able to read and write and start with chakra training while i on the other hand just finished mastering my chakra

"good morning" i said stretching before looking to my right to see naruto meditating i blinked before smiling softly at his determination "good morning" i whispered getting up and making breakfast "naruto i made ramen pancakes" i yelled from the kitchen suddenly naruto was by me in seconds looking over my shoulder "oh did i say ramen i meant raspberry" i said teasingly as he pouted "that's not nice yuna-chan" he said i giggled "well then i guess you don't want food" i said putting the pancakes on a plate "wait I'll take the pancakes" he said hugging me i smiled before putting pancakes on another plate and handing them to him we both sat down to eat when we heard a knock on the door "I'll get it" i said jumping over the table and running to the door "hello" i said opening the door to see Kakashi standing there with bags "i brought more stuff for you guys" he said i nodded and let him put it on the table "also you guys are allowed to leave the house now" he said i nodded happily "okay I'll be back next week" he said i nodded and closed the door behind him "naruto, naruto guess what" i said he looked at me "what" he asked blinking "we can go outside now" i said happily as Naruto's eyes lit up "really" he asked i nodded "now finish eating" i said putting our stuff away

After yuna and naruto get ready~

i noticed everybody was glaring at naruto i pouted before smiling and dragged naruto to a training ground "okay lets start with physics" i said taking stance i watched as naruto did the same "okay go" i said as he jumped at me i carefully shifted my foot and rounded housed him causing to fly into a tree i giggled "are you okay naruto" i asked rushing to his side "your strong yuna-chan" he said sitting up 'and your too cute' i thought smiling at him "itachi" a voice whined both me and naruto looked to see little itachi and sasuke "you wanna go say hi" i asked naruto slowly nodded i smiled and grabbed his hand "then lets go" i said dragging him to sasuke and itachi, "hello peoples i am yuna and this is naruto" i said to them with a bright smile, sasuke looked at me with curiosity "I'm itachi and this is my little brother sasuke" itachi said with a light smile "nice to meet you itachi and sasuke" i said naruto nodded 'i wonder if itachi will teach us' i thought "ne, itachi are you a ninja" i asked pretending like i just noticed his headband "yes i am" he said i made my eyes lit up "can you teach us" i asked i saw from the corner of my eye sasuke and naruto nodding itachi signed "very well" he said and took us all back to the training grounds "okay lets start with taijutsu" itachi said making all three of us stand in a stance 'oh this is easy' i thought before pondering on if i was flexible, i looked at sasuke and naruto to see they were still having some trouble i giggled "hey" they both said and pouted i held a hand to my mouth to keep myself from laugh and itachi had an amused smirk on his face, i couldn't keep it in any longer and bursted out laughing "i can't take it" i laughed curling up "you two are hilarious" i laughed wiping a tear from my eye they both pouted more i smiled at them "you both know you love me" i said i jumped up "now back to training my minions" i shouted before trying to laugh evilly when sounds of laughter interrupted me "what kind of laugh is that" sasuke asked laughing i blinked "you sound horrible" naruto laughed i started laughing too while itachi chuckled we spent the next few hours training and talking "hey my birthdays coming up" sasuke said i blinked "when is it" i asked already knowing the answer "it's in a week July 23" i nodded while naruto pouted "mines October 10" naruto said in a whiny voice i giggled "whens yours yuna-chan" sasuke asked i blinked and tiled my head to the side "i think it was September 4 i can't really remember" i said pondering on it all three boys gave me a concerned look i smiled "oh well you guys can choose for me" i said with a smile "we'll go with September 4 since that's as far as you remember" itachi said i nodded before smiling once more "that means I'm older than naruto" i said playfully sasuke laughed while naruto crossed his arms and pouted, i gave him a cheeky grin "ah i can feel the love" i said after that me and naruto went back to the apartment but promised to be back tomorrow "ne, naruto you know we can enter the academy in two years" i said he looked at me "lets do it, it will be our second steps to us becoming ninjas and your first step to becoming hokage" i said with a smile naruto nodded "alright" he said we ate and jumped into bed excited for the future to come

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