Ninja of the Leaf and Sand

Gift Hunting

i woke up to see naruto once again practicing his chakra i smiled before once again making breakfast "naruto come eat" i yelled causing him to run into the kitchen "food" naruto shouted i smiled handing him a plate "how about we go shopping today before heading to the training grounds we still have to get sasuke a present for his birthday" i said stuffing food into my mouth while naruto nodded after we at we quickly got dressed

"okay what should we get sasuke" i asked turning to naruto, who shrugged a frown found it's way to my face "what should we do then" i asked pouting 'you both could always go around looking at things to see if you spot something you'd think he'd like' Reina said i blinked 'where have you been Reina' i thought as surprise overcame my face 'inside your head i never left' she said i nodded "naruto i just came up with the greatest idea ever how about we go looking around until we see something that sasuke will like" i said he nodded i smiled "then what are we waiting for" i said dragging him along for a few hours we walked around when something caught my eye "naruto" i said dragging over to the window "what" he asked i smiled and pointed at the three similar charm bracelets they all had the same swirl beads but you could put small little charms on "wait right her" i said running into the store "hello" i called looking around at all the little trinkets "yes over here" an old voice said i looked to see and old man sweeping "excuse me how much are the bracelets in the window" i asked the old man looked at me in surprise "you can see them" he asked i nodded slightly confused "take them along with the charms they were meant for you and your friends that would save this world from parallel" he said in a serious tone, I gave him a determined look "hai" i said quickly grabbing them "but be carefully there are people that are after you so I'm telling you run and don't look back" he said i nodded and quickly ran out the door dragging naruto with me towards the training grounds not hearing the last four words coming out his mouth "be strong chosen one"

training grounds~

i panted as we finally got to the training grounds "what's going on" naruto yelled i smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of my head "sorry i got carried away with wanting to train" i said naruto huffed and crossed his arms before smiling at me "now catch me" i yelled running away from him when i tripped bumping into someone "ah yuna-chan" naruto yelled i shook my head "how trouble some" a voice said i blinked and looked up 'shikamaru' i thought before quickly getting up "sorry i wasn't looking where i was going" i said scratching the back of my head "I'm yuna and this is naruto whats your name" i asked holding out my hand "shikamaru" he said shaking my hand lightly i turned my head to 'choji' "and your name" i asked with a smile "choji" he said stuffing more chips in his mouth i nodded "well see you guys later we have to go to training" i said grabbing naruto's hand and running to the meeting spot

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