For Learning Purposes Only


A continuation of "A Learning Experience" and "A Learning Curve", detailing day to day lives of the Phaedron Guild and the romances between the characters

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Midnight Tryst

Roxbury was about to call it a night and get ready for bed when he heard the window to his room unexpectedly open. Startled, his felt his body move into a defensive stance as he whirled around toward the window. It took him only a few seconds to find the one responsible and to release a sigh of relief when he recognised them.

“Zesiro?” Roxbury hissed lowly as the blond-haired imperial grinned at him as he lounged against the sill of the window. “What are you doing?”

“I was just in the neighbourhood,” Zesiro responded far too casually for a man who had just scrambled through a second story window.

Roxbury snorted lightly before hurrying over to the infuriating man, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him into the room. He didn’t want him to lose his balance and accidentally fall out. He also didn’t want someone to see him sitting in the window and assume that he was trying to break in and steal something.

Once Zesiro was in the room, Roxbury poked his head out the window to see if there was anyone around. Thankfully, there didn’t appear to be anyone out and about this late at night. He sighed and pulled himself back inside, closing the window as quietly as possible.

He then turned around, ready to question the blond haired man about his motives, but found himself unable to speak when he found himself chest to chest with Zesiro. He snapped his head up, their few inches of height difference suddenly so significant.

The next thing he knew, he was pressed against the wall next to the window, his hands pinned by the wrist on either side of his head, Zesiro’s body pressed tightly against his and his mouth smothering his own with a deep, explorative kiss.

Seemingly against his will, Roxbury moaned lowly into Zesiro’s mouth, unwittingly (?) granting him access to the interior of his mouth. Zesiro quickly took on that invitation, plunging his tongue past his lips and teeth, to heatedly touch and caress every inch of his mouth.

“W-we can’t,” Roxbury found himself murmuring, trying to ground himself, even as he made absolute no attempt to push the other away from him. In fact, in contradiction to his words, he found himself tilting his head slightly to the side, to allow Zesiro greater access to his lips and mouth. “The others…they might…”

“So what if they do?” Zesiro muttered against his lips

He had to stop him. They were at the clinic for heaven’s sake. Any one of his guildmates might hear them, think the worst, and bust their way in. Isiah, especially, was good at kicking in doors.

But…with Zesiro’s mouth incessant against his, Roxbury was unable to form any useful or functioning thoughts. All that he could register was the feel of Zesiro’s tongue searching every inch of his mouth, his harden body pressed tightly against his, and his knee slipping in between his legs.

His body trilled with a heat he had never felt before. It made him hypersensitive, able to feel everything that Zesiro was doing to him, yet it weakened him. His skin burned everywhere Zesiro touched. It wasn’t remotely painful. It fact, it felt amazing. He was fortunate that Zesiro’s hold around him was so strong and that the wall behind his back was so solid. His legs felt like jelly; weak and useless.

Roxbury gasped when he felt Zesiro run his hands down his sides, down to his thighs. He made a noise of surprise, his eyes snapping open when Zesiro abruptly, and unexpectedly, broke the kiss and lowered his hands to Roxbury’s knees. Then, in one fluid movement, simultaneously pushed Roxbury against the wall, swept his feet off the floor, moved him so that his legs were around his waist.

Placing his hands on Zesiro’s shoulders, Roxbury stared into Zesiro’s eyes with an expression of surprise on his face. Zesiro, however, smirked smugly at him before abruptly eliminating the distance between them once more.

And, once more, Roxbury found himself willingly participating in the kiss, one of his hands clutching at Zesiro’s shoulder while the other wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him closer. He didn’t have it in him to even attempt to fight what was happening between them. He had lost all control.

All he could do was silently hope that they didn’t get caught. He didn’t fancy the potential bloodshed their…tryst could cause.

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