a creaky pickle pt. 4


they go to space nd r scared bc gabn is vry scr-e man

Erotica / Action
Age Rating:


as the rocket flew through the ar marki held on super hard--clenching his thicc gorilla cheeks

the rocket was flying towurd teh mooon wit no sin(θ) of slowing down

he eld on for rougly seventeen minuts--growin weaer by teh secon, eventualy he felt the rocket7 slowin slowly as a hatch opend into the moon

as soon as they enetered the compund, the smel of peaNUT BUTTer hit marki--hard

he went into a catatonic st8, unable to mov, or resun

then al of a sudn gabn apered, lol’in at marki.

“ha ha ha u dum monk-e, we mak ur fav peaNUT BUTTer nd have sloli infusEd ur brian w nanocontoller$. ur r bein control’d my guy, lol.”

as soon as gabn sad that, he whipped out a BRAND NEW APPLE WATCH (can be BOUGHT FOR AS LITTLE AS $349)--slowly hitting it with his huge fat sausage finger$.

then slowly marki started to turn to sidkik, groaning and statign “i am not monk-e”

slowly taking out the tesla cannon from thicc buns, marki started to charge sidekik--puslating the cannon as he woked

“o no, plez quit marki”

“no, i am no monk-e”

realizin he could not resun w marki he decided 2 fite

he wipd out pistul, attemptin 2 shot marki, but marki is too fast nd doged them by leepin thru the air, landing direcly ontop of sidkik

from there sidkik kik'd marki in the thicc, making him recoil nd scream

taking advantage of the momentary lapse, sidkik sh0t his cannun; rendering it useless

which meant form ther it wud b hand-hand combat

the battle raged on for hours, sidkik dogein all of markis cumbersome swings

due to the ammount of actun on marks sid, he tird out first--eventuly cryin on flor nd beggn for sidkik 2 end him

so sid kkik did tht vry thng, endin mark

as soon as marki ded, gabn lafd--

“ha ha ha u r dun, u lost all ur firepower u r notinnow--go back to ur house. go bak 2 ur regular lyfe, u r trash. nd speekin of trsh u can hav marki’s corpsee he is useless 2 me now.”

gabn dabbed nd a steamroller spawned nd eventually packed marki into a small enough st8 so tht he could be put in briefcase.

gabn then gav sidkik a spaceship and told hr 2 fly bak 2 eurth nd nvr ome bak, or ded him 2

sid kik agrd, not wanting 2 get taken controld of; sh flwe bak w mark in suitcas

fmor ther sh e was deprsd, sh kild her frnd--hr ledr, hr monk-e

wat sh did n't kno was tht thin$ wer bout 2 b in her favor, she would get her revenge--and she wouldnt be alone...


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