Poems Inspired by Movies, Books, Tv Shows and Ideas


Some of the poems have connections with movies, books and tv shows such as Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. These are poems I created from ideas, movies, books and tv shows. They were written at school and at home.

Poetry / Fantasy
Emily Pan
Age Rating:

The Black Hollow Dragon

Each day, I am on the run with a friend

Nowhere is safe for us.

No villages. No towns. No cities. No civilisation

We are treated like pigs for slaughter.

My partner is named Drako.

A Steelpaw Dragon.

Last of his known kind in Black Hollow to exist.

I try to train him

When I can, Where I can.

Yet people are trying to burn us at the stake

Without any notice. Without any time for rest

But . . .

Letting him go would be a grave, grave mistake.

It is Drako, they are after.

Not me.

Yet, we are still on the run when you read this.

Not able to go home.

Our home of Black Hollow due to our mistakes.

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