Chapter Forty-Eight: Omorashi:

March 3rd, 2010.

9:00 p.m.

Bedtime settled in Kyoto. Anna looked so sweet sleeping next to him. He wondered what she was dreaming about. Tsuzuki reached down and brushed some bangs from her sleeping face. Tomorrow is going to suck. Still, he had tonight to enjoy. The chirping crickets reminded him of this. His thumb brushed against her chin. My wife… Sleep didn't let him join her just yet.

April 24th, 2010.

7:30 a.m.

Tana and the shinigami sat in the hotel room discussing the case. Tatsumi pushed up his glasses.

"The girls at Club Red Rose said that a NEET-like man might be the killer," he said. Tana booted up her laptop.

"I'm looking into medical research companies right now," she said.

"How are you on that angle?" Hisoka asked.

"I've narrowed it down to three," she said. The therapist pulled the booked web sites. The men gathered around for a look.

"Nippon Taiyou, Frog, and Black Milk," Tatsumi read.

"These are the only three companies running trials on the drug, Lovely Boy," Tana explained.

"Lovely Boy?" Tsuzuki asked.

"An aphrodisiac," she said. Tsuzuki groaned, rolling his eyes.

"What's the status of the drug?" Tatsumi asked.

"Still in testing," she said. "The patent's not due for another month."

"I see," he said. "Can anyone in the company access this drug?"

"Yes," Tana replied. "But only with a pass and the higher-ups have those."

"Hm," Tatsumi said. "So we're looking for an IT-tech with an access pass."

"He could've stolen it," Tsuzuki spoke up. Everyone looked up and put up his hands.

"Just saying," he replied.

"No," Hisoka said. "You might be right."

"Which company to start with?" Tatsumi asked.

"Let's see," Tana replied. "Frog is all the way in Okinawa, so that's out. Nippon Taiyou and Black Milk are in the Tokyo area."

"Which one's closer?" Hisoka asked. Tana pulled up Google Maps and typed in both locations.

"Black Milk looks closer," she said. "It's just outside the Red Light District." She showed him the screen. Tatsumi took down the address.

"Tsuzuki," he said. "You take Hisoka and investigate this company."

"Yes," they said. Tsuzuki had the determination due to this text:

Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Two more days! Two more days! Two more days before the vessel is harvested. Chop-chop or wife is mine!


Tsuzuki sneered at the message. Like hell she is!

Meanwhile, he's on the hunt again. He needs to find that last couple to kill. This will be it and I'm done. Maybe he knows time is running out? It was supposed to be his day off today, but they're doing trial runs for Lovely Boy through the whole day and needed extra hands. He wandered around the lobby. So many couples stood in line, waiting to sign up. Easy pickings, they were. Where to start?

"Excuse me," someone said behind him. He whipped his head around to see a man about his age staring at him. He looked like a normal college student. His cute-looking girlfriend laid her head on his shoulder. Her eyes alone drew him in.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Are we in the right place?" the boyfriend asked.

"Depends," he said. "What are you looking for?"

"Lovely Boy trial!" the girlfriend cheered.

"The line is over there," he said, pointing to the sign-up line in the lobby. The boyfriend frowned.

"It looks a little long," he said. The man turned to his girlfriend. "I don't know, babe. Maybe we should try again tomorrow." His girl pouted.

"Aw, baby," she said. "It'll be crowded then too!" He cleared his throat. The couple looked and saw him, smiling.

"Perhaps I could help," he offered. The boyfriend raised an eyebrow.

"How?" he asked. The IT guy looked around before leaning into the couple.

"I can give you a free test two days from now," he whispered. The girlfriend's eyes lit up.

"You mean it?" she asked. Her boyfriend held up his hand.

"Shhh!" the other man whispered. The boyfriend narrowed his eyes.

"What's the catch?" he asked. "And don't say there is none, there always has to be one."

"Would you rather have a long wait in line?" he asked, shrugging. "And then possibly not get to test it out?" The girl looked up at her boyfriend.

"Baby," she whimpered. Her boyfriend sighed.

"Fine," he said. "We'll do it." The other man smiled.

"Wise choice," he said. "I knew you would see sense." The girl rested her head on his arm.

"Oh thank you…" she cheered.

"Just call me Hisato," he said.

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