The Killer Drawer


A Killer Drawer? With a Gun? No, with words!

Fantasy / Mystery
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Untitled Chapter

By Juan Carlos Alvarez

NSW Australia

The Killer Drawer

It started on a nice, quiet, suburban street in two neighbouring houses. Within two days; a boy was born in one and a girl in the other. These two children started from a very tender age to play together. The families were very good friends and helped each other on many occasions.

Eventually the boy, named Robert and the girl Sarah went to school. Although in separate ones, their friendship continued unabated and was reinforced in High School and later at University, where Sarah was doing a course in science and Robert as a medical doctor. After such a wonderful friendship and a light push from both parents, they realised they had fallen in love, and decided to get married!.

It was a magic moment for both when they realised they were in love and it happened in a very fortuitous way. Both Robert and Sarah had been looking out for each other since they were little kids. This situation continued when they grew up, to such an extent that they were never separated at any function and looked out for each other jealously. If someone got interested in Sarah, Robert made a great effort not to feel jealous, but he couldn’t help it. And if someone was interested in Robert, the same occurred with Sarah, but both thought that it was a duty to protect her brother or his sister.

This continued for many years and even when they both attended parties, it was Sarah’s job to ensure that Robert didn’t drink too much and for Robert to ensure that Sarah returned home safe and didn’t get into any problems with the boys.

One night, it was late and both were tired and wanted to go back home. They had to go back to university early in the morning to finish some outstanding work. They always went home at night by the long way as they never attempted to cross the park leading to their places. This night, as they were both feeling tired, they decided to risk the trip across the park -convincing each other that the park was safe and they had never seen anyone loitering about. Still a bit scared, they started crossing the very dark park holding each other very tightly. Near the end of their journey across the park, and being very happy at not having experienced any untoward event, they laughed and looked at each other. Then as Robert suggested, they stopped to listen at a strange noise. It was a nocturnal cat! Both laughed at their caution.

Holding themselves very tightly, they looked at each other and Robert presented to Sarah a very strange face, full of confusion and trepidation, and a great deal of shame in his expression. Sarah started to feel his excitement in her body. She suddenly realised that Robert was sexually aroused! Not sure what to do, what to think, or what to say, but also feeling sexually aroused, she pushed her body closer towards Robert.

Sarah said, “Robert what are we doing?” “I don’t know Sarah and I don’t understand, but there is something inside me forcing me to do this!”. She replied that she had the same feelings. Their feelings were not like brother and sister, but something deep and inexplicable to them. Feelings so deep that both felt like giving their lives for the other, something that was coming from inside, from body and from soul, something so valuable that there was no way to go back to normal. They looked into each other’s faces and very slowly walked a very short distance to the nearest tree, reclined on the soft grass, laid next to each other and started to feel each other’s bodies with tremulous hands.

Robert softly kissed Sarah on the tip of her nose, then on her closed eyes and then on her ears and lips. Those very soft and tender lips had unconsciously been bothering him for so long and he had not realised what it was! Sarah was in a deep ecstasy, enduring the wonderful pain flowing into her lower body, and an intense desire to feel Robert’s body within her. Sarah commenced to explore Robert’s body with great anticipation and on finding his precious part, she was thrilled to find that Robert’s desire was also passing to her.

Robert started by caressing Sarah’s body and found her firm upper torso to be extremely exciting, and then moving his hand to her lower section, he nearly passed out with excitement to find Sarah wet and willing to accept him.

Sarah, not even knowing what she was doing (as she had never been in that situation, and neither had Robert), held his pulsating member and guided it into her wet body.

What a sensation for both of them! For Robert it was something that was inexplicable, that he felt he was giving Sarah his body, his soul and even giving her his life.

For Sarah it was slightly different, a wonderful sensation - first of a painful entry followed by a strange sensation that culminated in an explosive orgasm. And at the same time feeling Robert obtaining a similar experience with his own orgasm. They went home exhausted and contented, but at the same time ashamed for what they had done.

The next day at the University Campus they hardly talked to each other. There were funny looks from their friends guessing that they had had a fight! It was not a fight but a situation that neither was able to explain. Brothers and Sisters don’t do that, but they were not brother and sister but two friends in love! A love that was going to last for a very long time! And what a wonderful relationship it was for so many years until they were in their eighties. This was the time that their relationship deteriorated to such an extent that life together was impossible!

What happened for such a drastic change to occur? The usual trifecta when someone else gets in the middle. You may ask, at that mature age? What happened to all the love between them for so long? It was very sad indeed! The problem was revealed a long time after this drastic event, long after Robert passed away Sarah by then had recently died and her house with all the furniture was sold off.

Unfortunately I was the one to find out the events leading to this breakage in such a solid relationship between a husband and wife who had loved each other for so long. It was on a glorious sunny day and my day off from work, my wife had gone to work and there was nothing to do that day, I decided to walk around town to relax and have a look at the shops. It was then that I saw an opportunity shop disguised as an Antique Shop advertising its wares.

With nothing to do and a bit of curiosity I entered the not well-lit shop to have a look at old furniture as we were in need of a set of drawers.

There in a corner, was an old but well preserved piece of furniture with three drawers. There was not much space for what we needed, but the price was very well within the limits of our pocket. The furniture was nice, and spacious enough for our needs. I opened the top drawer. Inside, it looked very nice, clean and fresh, and then I proceeded to open the other drawers. Whilst I was inspecting it, I thought I heard a faint voice saying, “Please Don’t Buy Me” I looked around thinking that I may have heard the owner of the shop acting like a comedian, but to my surprise, there was no one nearby. I closed the drawers and looked around again; dead silence! I decided to prove that what I heard was my imagination and proceeded to open the top drawer again. Another surprised came as the faint voice was heard again with the same words “Please Don’t Buy Me” and then added “I was a very bad drawer and don’t deserve anyone that buys me”

Oh well, for a moment I thought I was going crazy, however to prove the point and hoping to catch the silly idiot playing this trick on me, I replied “and what have you done to be such a bad drawer” to which the Drawer replied “I killed a man”

“What? Did you kill a man?” And now following the game and smiling I asked the Drawer “What kind of gun did you use?” It replied, “No guns but words”

At this stage I thought I was going mad, had eaten something bad at lunch or someone spiked my drink at the Coffee Shop. I couldn’t resist and asked the Drawer to tell me the full story. It was very hesitant and not at all willing to tell me anything, but I was so interested now that I was going to do anything at all to find what happened with the man that was killed. I mentioned that unless I could hear the full and true story I would buy the set and burn it.

This put a “sufficient incentive” on its brain (if it did have one) that it started almost immediately to tell me, and asked me to be patient with him. (From our conversation I deduced it was a male drawer and I will refer to him as such in the story that follows).

He started by telling me parts of his early days as a seed inside a Hessian bag with many other seeds, until a nice gentleman grabbed a few and put them into the fertile soil of a plant pot to develop as a very young and feeble tree. He was then transferred from his little pot to a proper ground where he achieved his dreams to grow up as a nice and strong tree, to provide sanctuary to lovely singing birds, to feed butterflies, to provide shade to the exhausted people walking around on a hot summer, and in winter to provide a little cover to the small plants growing around his trunk. What a beautiful life! The only thing he was troubled with was when any dog approached his trunk with insidious thoughts. But, as he said, “this is life, and shit happens, or urine as the case may be. “

It was a life to be dreamed of, until the fatal day of the big storm that decimated many of his branches. The uncaring owner of the land decided that enough was enough and decided to cut him down. He wished he could have shed tears, but “trees don’t cry”, as he said.

Wanting to calm him down a bit from his miseries, I told him that the Supreme Being, generously gave him some tears and this was the reason why sometimes we were able to see the morning dew at the foot of the tree where the only traces of dew were at the place around the trunk and in other parts of the ground when the sky starts crying.

He continued the story by saying that many parts of his body were taken to several areas; some went to be burned as timber for heaters, some were to be used in many other minor timber objects and his main part, as being very strong and unblemished was taken to make classic furniture. This is why he finished up as a set of drawers.

Robert and Sarah, then being a young family, purchased him from the store and carefully took him home to serve the house as storage for their children’s clothes. He then remained at the service of the children for many years, until the youngsters moved away and Robert used him for his undies. The wonderful relationship with Robert endured quite a good number of years until (Can I call him Mr Drawer now, or PUPU, Push Pull Sliding Box?) so Pupu started to get as old as Robert and Pupu was lonely and wished to have some kind of conversation with Robert at every opportunity.

This was about the time that Robert started to get a bit senile and forgetful. At one stage Robert was seen by Sarah standing naked with a towel around his waist in the middle of the hallway wondering if he was going to or returning from having a shower. The next shock to Sarah was when Robert bent over to tie up his shoe laces and while bending over, he asked Sarah what he was doing there! Things were not that good at that time, but I guess what broke the camel’s back was when Robert was picking a pair of socks from the drawer (Pupu’s) and after the third time he went to collect another pair of socks, Pupu could not resist saying, “Oh come on Robert, this is the third pair of socks in the last few minutes”, and Robert without even thinking that a drawer could talk, replied that it was not and this was the first time. Then suddenly it dawned on them that they both could talk and hear each other! The drawer had never attempted it as he was not aware of his capacity to do so and Robert never had the opportunity of hearing a drawer talk!

What a moment for both! For Robert it was good as he was inclined not to talk to Sarah much those days and for Pupu it was a miracle as he now could converse with Robert and end his solitude. Now he was much more than a nice, clean, and serviceable drawer. This continued for quite some time, a great entertainment for both Robert and Pupu, but at one stage Sarah got a bit suspicious as she could heard some voices in that room and she knew that Robert was by himself as there was nobody else at the house.

By now Sarah was really worried as she still loved Robert, but for some reason she couldn’t demonstrate it! This not only happened to her, but was happening to so many people. If for some reason, a couple had some differences or an argument, no one was prepared to say “I am sorry“ , and this was such a simple word; a nice and easy word that made miracles happen in any relationship. To be the first one required fortitude of character, and many people tended to think that it wasn’t their fault so the other one should apologise. They forgot that they were arguing in the first place because they believed in what they were saying. A crazy world? Yes, it is! So she decided to descend to something that she has never attempted before and that was to spy on Robert, and this she did!

From outside Sarah heard two voices, but on entering in a stealthy way without Robert or Pupu noticing, she was determined to listen to the conversation. She didn’t realise that Pupu only talked to the people that were receptive to him, and nobody else could hear him. Can you imagine if the word went around that a drawer was communicating with humans? It would be a mockery to the principles of Pupu.

After apparently witnessing Robert talking with himself, she consulted with the doctor. As Robert was showing some signs of senility, the doctor suggested that he be put under care in some appropriate hostel. This could eliminate the potential problems for Sarah in the future but the immediate danger that Robert could, due to his mental problem, cause a serious accident at home, like misusing the stove or the oven or any other implement that could become dangerous by the improper use of a person with mental problems. Once this was decided, Sarah consulted with their children, who in trying to ensure the safety of their mother, agreed to put Robert in a Hostel Care situation.

Can you imagine the mental state of Robert at this stage as he wasn’t aware of the problems he caused by talking to a drawer! To make things worse, everyone looked amazed and convinced that the right decision was made for Robert when he said that he was only talking to Pupu, the Drawer! Robert was very depressed and it appeared to all a mental health problem. He stopped eating or drinking as his mental health and unhappiness increased, now requiring stronger medication that exacerbated his depression.

Sarah, not being sure now of the decision taken by her, also became depressed - a decision that upset the children, as well as the situation with their father. But they were sure, after observing their father and now their mother that they were making the right choice, so they decided to put Sarah in the Hostel Care section in which their father was now living.

During the negotiations with the Hostel management and the doctors to admit Sarah, it was Robert that reached the end of his life. With no hope and extremely depressed he couldn’t understand why Sarah was not visiting him. This was tragedy for all as Sarah, after Robert passed away felt responsible and committed suicide the very some day that she was to be moved to the Hostel. Everyone was devastated and mourned their parents greatly. They had once overheard their mother say that Robert had been seen talking to the drawer. They wanted to burn the drawer, but smiled at the stupidity of considering that, so they sold the house with all the furniture.

Pupu was sold to the shop where he was found, but being a bit out of fashion, stayed there until he was able to tell the story of his misfortune. I felt sorry for him and I decided to tell him to stop talking to anybody as drawers don’t normally talk to people - at least not to living ones. I didn’t know what happened when one dies - but told him to stop talking to living people and concentrate on what he was, only a nice set of drawers assisting people to keep their goods or clothes in a protected place.
He looked at me as I spoke, but I couldn’t verify it as I didn’t see any eyes. With a very sad smile (also unable to verify) he said that no one liked him except his wife and his child, and they were the only reason to keep living, even if ostracised by everyone else and sold to the shop for almost nothing!

I tried to lift his spirits by revealing that I paid a premium price for him at the shop and now when he was living with me in a nice place he should be happy. But then he proceeded to chastise me for being so gullible and paying far too much. This was when the penny dropped, and I asked him about his wife and child. I believed that drawers could not possible have a wife and child, but also thinking that if a drawer could talk, surely it would be able to have a family! His answer was simple; his wife was the bottom drawer and after sliding in and out for so long in complete harmony they decided to form a relationship. As a coincidence, after nine months of forming that partnership, the owner (at the time being Robert), decided to retrieve from his garage some of the spare timber that was bought at the furniture shop at the same time as the set of drawers. Robert made an extra one to be set under the two existing drawers, so they now had the child they were anxiously looking for, enabling them to cement their relationship as a nice and close family.

I thought this was a very odd explanation but when I realised that in this drawer, as in many others, people used to put the Gideon Bible to be read when relaxing. So if the Bible stated that Adam's wife Eve was born from a part of his body, surely Pupu's child could have been produced from a part of Pupu's Body as well. Timber! It made sense then. He apologised when I mentioned that friendship has no price and is invaluable when it is a true friendship and not driven by interest or false motives. I believe this was the moment in which our friendship took a dive and from then on went down and down until poor Pupu got so dispirited that he started to dry out very rapidly until his bodily timber started to crack. This was the end of a wonderful friendship.

Even though I understood his concerns for believing he killed Robert and caused Sarah to commit suicide, he was unable to recover from that ordeal, his body started cracking very rapidly, and finally passed away peacefully one sad winter afternoon. He was properly cremated and together with his family, their ashes dispersed on the backyard, where they live now forever, nurturing the soil; a similar soil that helped him in his youth to grow into a beautiful tree. One always receives what one gives.

Always a very close family, where if one was going to be missing it would alter the harmony of the whole. Now, all coming from the same stock, went back together to their roots to enrich their ancestry.

When I told my wife she threw me a funny look but my children felt very sad that they never had the chance to talk to Pupu. For me it was a great loss, like a great human friend, a friend that needed me as much as I needed him I was grateful that I still had my wife and children to ease the pain of losing Pupu. Will they understand my pain? Perhaps not, but who will understand such a friendly relationship between a set of drawers able to talk with a human? I should have listened to Pupu when he asked to put all my problems, dreams, or hopes in the drawer to be taken out when needed!

How many like me passed the same situation of having the privilege of talking to a drawer and a drawer talking to them? Were they unable or didn’t have the courage to tell how it was? We will never know. I don’t like to say Goodbye Pupu but to say Au revoir. Goodbye means for ever, Au Revoir has hope, I miss you Pupu!

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