Aro's Baby Girl


Bella is Aro's daughter. His figlia preziosa. What would happen if she goes to Forks, and meet Edward? What if he leaves her, in the middle of the forest no less? Her papa certainly won't be happy.

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One Night in Volterra

1959 - Volterra, Italy

Aro's POV

A scream broke through the castle. One that brought me to my knees, a scream of pure agony from my wife, the love of my existence. Even thought she was a human I love her with all my heart.

I was scared. Yes. I, Aro Volturi, was scared, terrified, not for me but for the life of my wife and unborn child.

My wife was lying on our marital bed, sweating and bleeding. In her exhaustion, she still tried to give me a tired smile. I smiled back and kissed her head. Her face scrunched up and with an unknown strength, she gives another push. She leaned back and rest her body on mine. Breathing heavily and soaked with sweat she looks so beautiful. Never have I, in my entire existence, found a more beautiful woman than the one who is bringing our first, last, and only child to earth. This child shall be half-vampire half-human. Not the first in history, but still a rare thing. I knew that if I don't change her, Sulpicia won't survive. The lost of blood and exhaustion from birthing a baby that was so much stronger than her would surely be too much for her frail human body. So like what I had planned, as soon as the baby was out of her body, I would bite her and change her to one of my kind. A vampire.

The odd way this baby was coming to the world didn't escape me. Normally, a half breed baby would tore it's way out of the mother's body. But this one, my child, was coming through the way a human would. I am grateful and worried at the same time. Grateful because it increase Sulpicia's survival chance and worried if there is something wrong with this baby.

Another scream pulled me out of my though.With that one last scream from my beloved, I heard a different cry echoed in the air. A lighter, softer and high pitched cry of a baby. My child, my baby.

I looked down and saw my wife loosing her consciousness. Without hesitating I bit her neck, then her wrists and the top of her left chest, near her heart. I gently laid her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. I leaned close to hear ear and whispered, "A presto, mio ​​amato."

See you soon, my beloved.

I heared footstep nearing and look up to see Esme, my old friend Carlisle's mate, holding a bundle.

"Congratulation Aro, it's a girl." She said

Then I looked at my daughter. She was so tiny but yet so beautiful. The thick hair covering her small head was brown, like my own, but curled at the end just like her mother. She had pink, rosy, cubby cheeks and small button nose. She also had her heart-shaped face. Her little ears already resembled my own. Her slightly thicker eyebrows were all Italian genes. She was wearing the cream collored dress made by her mother. Ah, Esme must have dressed her after clearing all those blood off her small body.

I wondered what color her eyes are? Just then as if she could read my thoughts, the baby opened her eyes and looked at me with wide, frightened eyes. Her eyes were chocolate brown, just like me when I was human. Such a perfect combination of me and my wife.

Her eyes darted around in curiosity, looking for something. Her mother, I presumed. Her eyes landed back on me as if asking who I am. Unpredictably, her small bottom lips trembled, and her expression became teary. She let out a small cry and squeezed her eyes shut.

I panicked. What was I supposed to do with a crying newborn baby? I looked at Carlisle and his wife asking for their help.

"She must be terrified, birth can be traumatizing for babies. Talk to her, Aro. See if she recognizes your voice." Esme said.

"Shhh, mio bambina. Don't be afraid. I won't let anything happen to you."

The baby opened her teary eyes and her cries turned into a soft sniffles. I smiled at the sight and softly brushed her hair.

"I'm your papa, little one. Your mama and I are very exicted to meet you, but she has to rest before we can see her again. I promise, we'll see her as soon as she's safe for you to be around of. So now it's just the two of us. And ofcourse the entire Volturi clan." I said.

She gave a soft coo as if agreeing with me. She was so small yet so warm. Her racing heart beat, thundering in her little chest.

"Her temperature is higher and her heart beat is faster than a human baby. Is this normal?" I asked him worriedly.

"Those are as expected and perfectly normal for her." He said reassuringly.

The baby in my arms let out a small yawn. And her expression became sleepy again.

"Tired little thing aren't you?" I said chuckling at her adorable sleepy face.

Carlisle and Esme also let out a laugh when three rapid knocks interrupted and caused my daugher little body to jump. She sniffled again and was about to cry. I growled at the interupion and tell whoever it was to enter the room.

"Pardon me Master, but everybody is very exicted and can't wait to meet your child. They are becoming impatient." Renata, one of the elite guard, said with her head lowered showing her apology for interupting.

I gave her a glare and told her to clean the room and changed Sulpicia's clothes, seeing that she was usually the one who help her do so before the birth.

I returned my attention back to my little angel who was still sniffling in my arms. I rocked her back to sleep and kissed her precious little head. She was even more fragile than my Sulpicia ever was.

"She's a beautiful one, Aro." Calisle said and smiled at me.

My chest swelled with pride. I smiled back. She really was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.

Carlise let out a disscontented sigh. "Aro, my friend I feel like I must warned you about this. A half breed, is a rare thing and not everyone is okay with their presence. Even if she is your daughter, some people will try to hurt her."

I growled at that. "Nobody will hurt her without dealing with me first."

He smiled. "I know you would say that. Now, I trust that you are aware that she can drink blood and eat human food. She will grow quickly and has enchanced senses but nowhere nearly a normal vampire. Her growth should be slowing by time and will end when she reach the age of 18."

I confirmed him with a nod. "Yes, very well. Those are the things I've learned."

The moment I found out that Sulpicia was carrying my child, I had the whole guard all over the world to find more information on the half breeds. Thus resulting on meeting Nahuel and his aunt, Huilen. He told me about his father's doing and in return I promised to give him, his aunt, and his sisters protection when needed.

"Carlisle, for my daughter safety, I must ask you and your wife to keep her existance a secret untill she could no longer be seen as a threat to others who dislike her kind."

I hoped as a father himself he would understand my plead and help me protect my daughter.

He nodded. "We should go now Aro and we will keep our promise to make your daughter's existence a secret until the time that you decided."

He offered my hand and I found that he really had no intention to spill my secret. I did the same with his wife and found no trace malice there.

"Thank you then, my dear friends." I said.

Carlisle gave me another nod, gathered his belonging and together with his wife left the room.

Renata came back to my side and I saw that the bed was indeed clean and my freshly changed wife was laying on it. Ah. The screaming has yet to began. Soon enough it would and I had to take my daughter as far away from this room so her little ears won't hear her mother's agonized screams.

We walked to the throne room where every member of the clan was waiting. The guards opened the door and greet me like usual. I walked to my throne with my daughter still sleeping on my arms.

Caius was holding back his enthusiastic mate while Didime was patiently waiting in Marcus' side.

I scanned the throne room with my eyes and feel statisfied that everyone was watching and waiting fo me to present my daughter.

"Everyone! I, Aro Volturi head of the Volturi clan, present you, my daughter. Isabella Marie Volturi."

1960 - Volterra, Italy

Today is Isabella's first birthday.

Even though she was one year old she already looked like a four year old. The Volturi family was all busy preparing her party. Looking back to the year before, Bella as she like to be called, had everyone wrapped around her little fingers. Everybody adores her, especially the wives and the female guards. Ah, I remembered when she first met her mother.

Before I could think about that moment, a high-pitched squeal and giggle filled the air. It must be little Isabella with her mother, aunt and the female guards. Then I heard their footsteps and her heartbeat walking to my office. Most of them stood outside my office while mio bambina and her mama come in.

"Papa." Bella ran and jumped at me.

I picked her up and kissed her forehead.

"Hello, mio bambina." I greeted her

"No, papa. I'm no baby anymore. I one." She said while kissing my cheek

I laughed and hugged my wife who is now standing by my side.

"Hello, dear." I said and kissed her temples.

She laughed. "Well, hello to you too, dearest papa."

"Hmm, as pleased as I am to see my girls, what bring you here?" I asked my wife.

"Well as you can see. Bella, your figlia preziosa, doesn't want to get ready for her party." She said while eyeing Bella. She always says 'your precious daughter' as a way to tease me when Bella doesn't behave and ran to papa for protection againts mama. The little angel knows I could never say no to her.

"No, papa. I don't wanna get rweady. I wanna play with Alec, but mama said I have to get rweady." Bella defended herself and snuggled to my neck

Sulpicia eyed me sharply, warning me not to agree with our daughter and let her play. Well, it was Bella's first birthday party. I supposed she could have fun but my wife's right. Couldn't have the birthday girl unready and dirty with paint stains which now also covered my shirt.

"How about this bambina, you can play your doll with Alec while your mama gets you ready, ok?" I offered to both of them.

"Ok." They said in unison.

Bella jumped from my arm while screaming for Alec to bring her doll.

Still holding my wife, I hummed. "Hmm, looked at her she found her mate at such a young age."

She sighed. "It's wonderful, but don't you think she needs to experience more? Bella should explore the world first before she took her relationship to the next level."

"Si? I was thinking the same thing. It will be good for her." I agreed.

"Let's not worry over this for the next few years. We'll talk about it when the time comes. For now let's just enjoy watching her growing up. I got to go now. Bella is getting impatient." She said then kissed my cheek and went to find Bella.

Ah, I could never imagine anyone being happier than me right then. A beautiful family and strong coven. I certainly had enough to be thankful of.

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