Raven's Choice

Four Months Later

Sam was outside the Slayer school with Dawn teaching her the finer points of knife combat. They were using blunt wooden knives to minimize any injuries. He looked over to where Faith was working with some of the girls on general hand to hand combat, stared at her and wondered.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, just go talk to her already. For such a big guy you sure are shy when it comes to women.” Dawn said just as she landed a hit on a very distracted Sam. In his distracted state he was knocked off balance, fell and Dawn came down with him. They were both laughing when a very amused Faith walked up to them, “Well, I guess that’s enough practice for you two, especially you there, Samwise Gamgee.” She said as Sam and Dawn awkwardly stood up.

Sam just laughed at the ironic name, for he was over 6’4” tall and not a hobbit at all, but he got the joke. “I didn’t peg you for a Lord of the Rings kind of girl”.

Faith walked up closer to him, looked in his hazel eyes and said silkily “Well, Sam Winchester, what kind of girl do you take me for?” Sam swallowed hard, not really sure how to answer that. “Um, Mad Max?”

Faith laughed at his obvious discomfort. They’d been trading flirtatious insults at each other for a while now and she just wanted to finally get on with it. “So, Sam, why don’t we meet for a drink later tonight at The Fox and Hounds? You do know where that is, don’t you Samwise?”

Sam swallowed hard, “Yes, yes I do, um, what time?”

Faith thought for a moment, while she reached up and played with his too long hair, “Eight o’clock all right with you?”

Sam looked down at this beautiful, yet unpredictable woman whom he had become fiercely attracted to and said “I’ll be there”. Faith gave him a broad smile and walked away. Sam couldn’t help but to stare long and hard at her retreating body.

“Hm, I think someone’s getting lucky tonight.” Dawn teased him before she trotted away teasing Sam to follow her.

“Why you little….” Sam chased after Dawn across the wide lawn and laughed as they collapsed together after Sam gently tackled the young girl. Dawn thought about the last six months without Buffy and it made her a little sad. She desperately missed her sister, but Sam and Dean became so very important to her in such a short time. They were like the older brothers she’d always craved. “Sam,” She got serious for a moment, looking at Sam sadly, “Do you miss them? I know I do. This not knowing if they are alright, sometimes I feel like it’s killing me.”

“Dawn, believe me when I say I know how you feel. My Dad and I fought all of the time, but when he had disappeared for a short time it was hard on Dean and me. But, sometimes, and it took me a long time to understand this, we have to let those we love go for them to be safe.” Sam was sad for a moment too, because in the end his Dad wasn’t safe, but he didn’t want to bring up death to the girl. He thought about his Dad and how he wished he had one more day with him.

“I know. I just wish she could tell us in some way if they were okay. If something happens……” She looked up at the handsome young man for a second before she laid her head in his lap and cried. At least when Buffy was dead she knew where she was, but this, this not knowing was killing her even more. Even though Dawn cared very much for Giles, for he’d been like a second father to her, she felt like only Sam and Dean truly understood her. Not unlike Xander, but he’s gone all the time, looking for other Slayers to bring back here. So, in her sorrow, she turned to the brothers to find comfort. Sam and Dean meanwhile took to the vulnerable young girl, understanding more than most what she was going through.


Later that night, Sam and Faith were actually having a full-on conversation over good English ale, lamb pasties, and some curry fries. “So, wait Buffy died for less than 10 minutes, that activated another slayer, then that slayer died and you became the slayer, yet Buffy was saved by your friend Xander so she was still the slayer”. Sam said with knitted brow and a slightly amused smile, “Then Buffy sacrifices herself to save, literally the world and dies again, Willow brings her back and now we’re here. Is that right?”

“Yup, you got it”. She took a moment and looked away a little sadness crept in her voice, “When my Watcher first found me, man was it weird when he told me what I was. We were on a hunt and a very nasty Vamp got the upper hand and killed my Watcher. A short time later I learned about Buffy and Giles and thought ‘what the hell’. We have had a very rocky relationship, but I respect Buffy and all the crap she’s gone through. So, I think it’s only fitting that I help Willow and Giles with the school. So, Samwise, what’s the story on you and Dean?” Normally he didn’t like nicknames, especially when Dean called him Sammy, but the way Faith called him Samwise just did something, not unpleasant, to him.

Here Sam took a deep breath, looked down sadly, for no matter how much time passed losing the mother he never knew still haunted him. “My Mom was killed by a Demon. He bled her then set her on fire when I was 6 months old. My father then became obsessed with finding out anything and everything to do with the Demon and why. He taught us everything we know. He taught us to fight, how to handle guns, rituals, exorcisms, and more, I did my first exorcism when I was around 12 years old.” Sam stopped and thought about the strangeness of his life. “Then I turned 18 and I wanted something better for myself, a better life so I got a full ride to Stanford and started studying pre-law”.

“What dragged you back? You’re damn smart; sounds like you would have been a pretty good lawyer.”

“My girlfriend,” The pain of losing Jess was still there, but it was no longer his driving force. It was a hurt that never truly went away, just lessened to a dull ache. ” I was going to ask her to marry me if I got accepted to Law School. She was killed in the same way as my Mother. Dean came back and I only thought of revenge. But this life, it gets under your skin and somehow I knew I wasn’t going back to college and I wasn’t going to have that white picket fence with 2.5 children”. He picked up his beer and took a long drink. Faith thought he was trying to make a joke, but there was a bitter edge to it. Faith thought about the differences between the brothers. Dean wore his pain on his sleeve, in his manners and his overly macho bravado, but Sam? He was quieter with a lot simmering under that vulnerable exterior. Faith was compelled to find out what that more was.

“So, we hunt things and try to help people to make the shadows a little less frightening for everyone.” Faith leaned in close to Sam, placed a hand on his cheek, kissed him letting Sam feel the promise of something more. She looked him in the eyes, her hair seductively fell around her face, she whispered lowly “Sam, why don’t we take this somewhere a little less, public?”

Sam immediately went into action, pulled out his wallet and threw a few pounds on the table, not even bothering to count it, got up, grabbed her hand and all but ran to his borrowed car. They made it back to the house and up to his room in no time at all. For once Sam didn’t think, didn’t analyze he just let himself feel the pleasure of a woman under him. It was quick and passionate and Sam didn’t want her to leave. He held her close for a little while then he moved on top of her, going slower this time. He took his time and savored the taste and feel of her and he watched her face as he took them both over the edge.

They were wrapped up in each other; Sam gently stroked Faith’s back and reflected on how very creative she was, as she stretched out, almost catlike next to him. All of a sudden they heard a rather loud scream coming from downstairs, “What the hell was that?” They quickly grabbed whatever was lying around to put on and ran downstairs to the source of the cries.


Dean was chained to one of the bars attached to the ceiling and slightly lifted off the ground. His body was sweating from the exertion, from the endurance of the pain. They had already been there for a couple of hours and Ripper was working him hard, trying to gain a confession Dean had been holding back.

“Why are you here Dean?” Said Ripper very darkly.

“I don’t know.” Dean told him in a quiet voice. A crack of the whip, more marks, more pain.

“Wrong answer, Why are you here Dean?” Ripper said louder as he slowly walked around the boy. He used intimidation and fear to raise Dean’s heart rate and his pulse.

Dean cried out, eyes shut, he said through gritted teeth, “I don’t know”.

Ripper stormed up to him, grabbed his hair and forced Dean to look him in the eye, he asked again, with a dangerous edge to his voice, “Why. Are. You. Here. Dean Winchester?”

Dean looked at Ripper, looked in those dark dangerous eyes he has gotten to know so well over the last few months. Each time they were together like this some confession or emotion broke and a part of him slid back into place. For the last couple of weeks they’d played out this scenario but it hadn’t gone anywhere. Dean was afraid of the answer, afraid of giving in, of confessing his personal demons, but looking in the eyes of his partner in this give and take relationship, he broke, finally and honestly. He let his tears flow, let the pain show, and said quietly, “I deserve it.” He hung his head as shame filled him up.

Ripper roughly let go of Dean’s head, swiftly walked over to his wall of toys and chose the cat-o-nine tails. Slowly, predatorily he walked the short distance between him and the tortured young man. “Dean Winchester, I think that is the first real confession you have made in here.” Whack, went the cruel whip across his back.

Suddenly, they heard a very loud scream coming from the upstairs den. Ripper used a quick release to let Dean down and made sure the boy could stand before they made their way quickly up the stairs, not caring about how they both appeared; just concerned someone might be in trouble.

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