Raven's Choice

Rupert's Story Continues

Buffy and her friends met up with Giles at his home. Buffy was the most confused and hurt by this revelation. Why hadn’t he said anything? Why would he keep this from us, from me? These thoughts and more were swirling thorough her head when the door opened and Giles invited them in.

“Everyone, please sit down. This is a somewhat long and painful story. I’ve kept it private for several reasons, which you will know after all is revealed.” Anais put her hand though his to show her support, Giles was comforted knowing she was there.

“Please let me tell the whole story before you ask questions. First off, just so you know, Anais is a living Vampire”. He quickly held up his had stopping any questions the group had in their tracks. “Now, I know this brings up a lot of questions, but please, let me get this out, then, you can ask away”.

Giles took a deep almost cleansing breath, and then began his story “As you know I was quite the rebel as a young man and outright refused going into the family business, so to speak. I did not want to be a Watcher like my Father and Grandfather and so forth. I decided I would go to Oxford, out of spite and rebellion. It was the one thing I could do that was a sort of compromise, my Father wasn’t happy but he was at least glad I was going to school. At first I hated it, but halfway through my first year I met Anais. We were in a world religions class together and were quite drawn to each other. It started out as coffee dates, then late night debates over religion, sex, politics, the British Empire, or whatever was on our minds at the time. Then it grew to something more, we felll in love”. Giles looked wistfully at his wife, smiled, took another deep breath then continued the story.

“Anais finally told me what she was. I remembered my Father talking about a Vampire Council and what was known as The Born. These are Vampires that are born with their Vampire powers they are alive, not dead”. He let that sink in for a minute before he continued with his story.

“They don’t have the same vulnerabilities, they can walk in the Sun, aren’t affected by crosses or holy water. What we have learned is that they are the descendants of Lilith, Adams first wife, yes Willow, that Adam, and a fallen Angel named Tamriel. The Born are a result of that union and they have not harmed humanity but if they do, their own Council takes care of it”. He stopped for a minute trying to gather his thoughts together.

“Anais figured out that I had power of my own and that I was exploring my abilities. At around the same time we met a group of loosely affiliated witches, sorcerers and such. We quickly fit in and together started doing rituals, séances and minor exorcisms of haunted houses, that sort of thing. During this time Anais and I got married, well eloped really, moved into a small apartment together and continued both of our studies, traditional and witchcraft. One day, a man named John Constantine, a sorcerer and our self-appointed leader told us of a particular house that desperately needed our help. This is where everything went wrong”. For a moment, pain crossed Giles’ face; he looked down at the floor and closed his eyes as those horrific memories invaded his mind. He was silent for what seemed like forever before he took up the next part of his tale.

“John called upon the demon haunting the place and we were foolish enough to believe that we could contain it. The demon got loose, killed two of our friends and was about to kill me when both John and my Wife intervened. John learned its name and was able to beat it back to hell. However, in the process, I became demon touched. It took me a long time to heal and while I was healing, Anais had our first child, a son named Matthew”. Here Giles sat down, collected his thoughts and leaned into Anais for support.

“We decided to leave Oxford and we went to Anais’ family home. They were amazing and welcomed me with open arms. I was still young, deliriously happy and an excited father. The only thing marring our happiness was my bouts of anger and pain. I’ve always lived with darkness in me and the demon mark just made it, worse. Let’s just say that we found a solution to help me, release this energy, this thing inside me, in each other.” He stopped again, trying to hold back some unspoken emotion.

“Another 2 years goes by and Anais is pregnant again, and we have an amazing daughter. Angeline,” Giles’s face lit up at the mention of his daughter’s name, “She was all light and beauty. For 15 years we had this lovely creature that just shone. I had decided at the time to go to the Watchers Academy, and with my family close by, we were hardly separated. Then, one day, my beautiful daughter, was killed by a drunk driver.” Rupert was having a hard time continuing this part of the story. The pain on his face was like nothing Buffy or the others had ever seen. Anais looked at him and he nodded his head, they silently communicated something and Anais took up the rest of the story.

“As Rupert said, we were insanely happy. He had graduated from the academy and was apprenticing with his Father. I had a thriving horse trading business myself, which was part of my family’s holdings. We were young, successful and from all accounts thriving. When we learned of the accident we were actually in Vienna on a sort of Honeymoon. I have other children from my first marriage, as I am over 500 years old. Yes, before you ask, that is considered young among my family. My oldest son George called us to tell us what happened. We left right away and came back to England. By the time we arrived at the hospital, it was too late”. Giles was visibly shaken and his Wife’s voice had deepened with pain and sadness. It took her a minute before she could continue.

“Not every child born to a living Vampire is a Vampire. Some have a normal life, some have a preternaturally long life, and some gain other powers. Unfortunately Angeline was not Vampire, she was fully human. Her injuries were so substantial that not even my blood could heal her. Our grief was all encompassing and nothing, not even our son could console us. At home, we just clung to each other, not wanting to let go. Rupert was starting to lose it, the demon mark was taking over and his dark energy was fueling my Vampiric instincts. My other children could see this and tried to calm us. But, unfortunately, we were to get more bad news that night. My son George came to us he had something else to tell me. George’s younger brother, Thomas, had hung himself. They found him several hours after we left the hospital. We found out later that he had been the bartending the very place the driver was drinking at”. Anais put her head down, tears threatened to fall, she took a deep breath and found the courage to go on.

“I was inconsolable and my sorrow and rage was fueling his demon mark even more. I was on the verge of full Vampire rage when Rupert, grabbed me and carried me to our room. There, our combined rage and sorrow manifested in the most horrific way. We tore into each other. Biting, ripping, and slashing at each other till we were exhausted. My sons found us like that, torn, battered and bloody. They tried to get close to us, but in my grief I wouldn’t let them near. The only thing they knew to do was call our friend John, who came right away. He was able to separate us. He helped clean up our wounds, but, our souls were ripped apart. We were separated for the first time in 17 years. Rupert’s father was called as well as mine and they came to the conclusion that in our grief we were a danger to each other. They made us agree to a covenant and not really understanding what was going on, we agreed. We could only see each other for a few weeks each year, to give ourselves time to heal. This was a magical covenant and we were bound to it for 10 years. Now that time has ended and the covenant has been broken.”

After the story ended everyone in the room was silent. Buffy, came over to Giles, put her arms around him and said “Why didn’t you tell us? When you came to Sunnydale, was that why you were so stiff and a little sad?”

With tears in his eyes, he looked at the girl who had become like a daughter to him “Yes, Buffy. It’s why I was so hard on you and why I was so distant at first. I didn’t want to care for you, but well…”

Buffy looked at him, wiped the tears away “Giles, we would have all understood”.

Anais looked at the young girl and said “You don’t understand Miss Summers. The covenant, it didn’t let us speak of any of this. We could talk with each other, but we were not allowed to talk about it outside of family except for one person. And it had to be someone that needed to know our story. Our rage, our sadness was too great and it could have spilled onto an innocent.”

“I didn’t want to hurt my new slayer.” Giles looked wistfully at Buffy.

“What are you going to do now?” She asked

“You already know what I decided Buffy. This just lets me know that my decision is the right thing to do. You need to be on your own. As much as I…..care for you, I can’t keep holding your hand. You need to stand on your own, for your sake and for Dawn’s.”

“So, you’re still going to leave me. Go back to England?” she said with cold anger in her voice.

“Buffy, please, don’t make this any harder than it is. You can do this, you are strong enough.” The rest of the guests stayed silent through the whole interaction, but were visibly uncomfortable. Buffy just looked at Giles, turned angrily and walked out.

“Giles, give her some time, she’ll come around”. Anais, laid a hand on his leg, and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Giles……” Willow started to ask something, but she was hesitant, “Yes Willow?” “Umm Giles, did Jenny know about all of this?”

On a sigh he sat down and pondered for a moment, “Yes, Willow, she knew. After our first encounter with Ethan, who was there the night of the exorcism, I was able to tell her everything. That was my one. I was saving it for Buffy. I never anticipated that I would feel what I felt for Jenny, but she knew and she understood.” Willow shook her head like she understood, though she was as confused as everyone else.

“Willow, take care of her, and Dawn. I…..”

“We know”, said Xander as he whisperd in Giles ear “Way to go on the hottie there Giles”, at the withering look Giles gave him he said “Ohhh kay, time to go, come on scoobies, let’s leave these two lovebirds alone.” They all left, still with questions, but unwilling to ask them in light of all the revelations of the night.


As soon as the door closed behind the last guest, Rupert grabbed Anais by the hair, his eyes going dark and dangerous kissed her passionately, almost violently “Tell me what you want,” he asked her, in a whisper she said “hurt me, hurt me like only you can my Ripper.” He picked her up in his arms and took her into the bedroom.

Slowly, almost agonizingly slow Rupert peeled off her shirt kissing, biting and scratching as he went. She reached out to take off his tie when he stilled her hands, “No. Not yet.” He continued his slow undressing of Anais and when she was completely naked he took off his tie and said in her ear while kissing and tugging on the soft fleshy part with his teeth “Darling, lie face down on the bed, and I will give you what you want.” She felt herself already getting wet by all of the attention he had given to her body, she sighed and did what he asked.

He tied her hands to the headboard and proceeded to kiss her everywhere. His hands and mouth were everywhere at once, teasing, touching, scratching, and biting driving her mad with desire. He cupped her beautiful heart-shaped ass and caressed it, she melted into his touch when all of sudden she felt the sting of the slap. She yelped in surprise, but he didn’t stop. The blows were sporadic and they went from soft to hard. She squirmed in exquisite pain as he kept landing blows on her increasingly sore bottom, but with each hit, each spank she felt herself getting wetter and wetter and a feeling in her center that drove her mad with desire. All of a sudden he stopped, looked down at her and asked again “Tell me what you want,” and again she almost cried, “Hurt me Ripper, hurt me like only you can do”. His eyes went dark and that spark of demon energy flared to life. He took off his belt, for he didn’t have any of his normal playthings at his disposal, but this sufficed.

The anticipation drove her mad, she was whimpering, begging for the exquisite pain she knows he was capable of providing her. Her Ripper had always had this dark madness in him, but after the demon mark, it only got darker and his tortures more creative. The first blow landed hard and made her jump a little, “Be still my love, or it will only hurt more,” which, by the way, was what she craved. She hadn’t felt this from him in far too long.

The second blow landed creating beautiful marks on her as the pain blossomed within her very core. He didn’t stop, didn’t pause, he just kept landing blows with his belt, taking her beyond the pain to where each whip of the belt felt like an exquisite kiss. She screamed out, her body slick with sweat, writhing in ecstasy, not knowing where the blows would land kissing her body with the pain, it almost drove her to the brink, when all of a sudden it stopped and his hands were all over her, soothing her, kissing her with his mouth, tasting her with his tongue. Still tied, she couldn’t give it back to him, and that was a different sort of pain. She wanted to touch and taste herself, but she knew, by this time he needed to take. She didn’t know when he had taken off his clothes, but she felt his naked body move against hers, felt the hard erection against her ass. All she wanted was to feel him inside her, the ride of the pain and pleasure driving her mad, she needed that release only her Ripper could give her. Just when she though she couldn’t take it anymore, just when she was on the verge of begging to feel him inside her, she felt him plunge, swift, deep and rough. “Oh God, Ripper,” she cried “Yes, take me, please I beg you”, and that was all he needed. He grabbed her hips hauling her up and plunged in deeper this time. Holding her still, he built up a rough exquisite rhythm. Each time he plunged back in, her backside would receive a hard slap. “Yes, Ripper, yes, hurt me, fuck me, take me,” within minutes she felt her the orgasm rip through her almost as if it was going to rip her apart. Rupert felt his own release and came hard and deep inside this beautiful woman he loved the most in the world. He fell beside her, spent, but full of love.

He carefully removed Anais’ bondage and pulled her into his arms “Are you okay my love?” all the while stroking her back and legs. “Yes, yes my darling I’m okay”. Rupert got up from the bed momentarily to get the soothing lotion he kept, just in case. While lying together he smoothed the cooling liquid all over her back, legs and arms. For Anais, the aftercare was almost as exquisite as the sex. His hands soothing her, stroking her and loving her had felt wonderful for it had been too long.

“Rupert,” she asked “were you really making plans to come back?”

“Yes. Buffy has grown too dependent on me; she needs to heal from her soul being ripped from Heaven. She needs to see that the people around her are depending on her and wanting to help her get through this. She can’t do that if I am here.” He said with sadness in his voice, because honestly, he really didn’t want to go. He would love more than anything to stay here and take care of her and Dawn. He knows, though, that she’ll never regain her strength or her spirit if he stayed, and it broke his heart.

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