Raven's Choice


Castiel stood at the top of Demons Ridge, fighting his way down. They’d been given the mission to take it back and hold position so the Ephilium could come and hold it on their own. “Haven, watch out” he yelled, she spun pulling out her Angel sword and cutting the demon coming at her in half. She swung around again to see two more coming at her. “Cas, we need to get to the other side and make way for the Ephilium”. She yelled as she fought the two Demons advancing on her. One swung out with a wicked looking short sword, trying to knock her off balance. She swung her sword and connected with his arm slicing right through. The roar of pain from the Demon spurred her on, she spun letting her momentum carry her and she sliced him in half. Blood and gore spilling out, on her and on the ground, making it slick and dangerous, she yelled out for everyone to be careful. The second demon hadn’t forgotten about her and tried to come down at her from above; she expanded her wings and in the blink of an eye met him in the air. The Demon tried to use his barbed whip aiming it at her wings, she dove just before the whip connected. She flew back up with her sword in her hand and stabbed him through the chest. The demon screamed and fell down to his death. She landed back on the ridge next to Castiel, who had been engaged in his own fight. She continued with her original conversation “Once we do that we can secure the ridge.” She yelled. She gave quick short commands to her Angel troops to open a path for her and Castiel to get through so they could hold more of Demons Ridge. As she ran down the left side she swung her sword high cutting a path of death and destruction to help her battalion to get through. Just as the Arch demon Nergal came towards her, she woke up, in a coffin and screamed.

Buffy was startled out of the dream suddenly, not realizing she had been crying out the name Castiel as she screamed, “Buffy, Buffy wake up…”

“Dawn? What, what’s going on?” She was still disoriented from the dream, and her back with the mysterious wing tattoos itched like crazy like they had been ever since hearing the name Castiel.

“You were yelling, in your sleep. Are you okay?”

She opened her arms for Dawn to come to her, and the young woman flopped on the bed allowing Buffy to hold her a minute, “I’m okay Dawn, it was just a really crazy dream.” She smoothed Dawn’s hair back, softly stroking it like their Mother used to. Even though Buffy had two memories of her life, one with Dawn in it and one without, she chose to remember Dawn. She knew the memories were false, but the feelings were not. “I’m okay sweetheart, why don’t you go back to bed.” “Okay Buffy. Sweet dreams.” Buffy only hoped. These dreams of Castiel, the battles, Heaven all of it had been plaguing her for weeks now, ever since her benefactor mentioned his name.


“Dammit Cas, we’ve talked about this, personal….space.” Dean Winchester said as the Angel materialized right in front of him.

“Sorry Dean, but I have a problem and I need you and Sam.” He said, almost pleading and with urgency in his voice that Dean had never heard.

“Cas, hey man, you okay?” Dean looked at the Angel and could tell that he was quite distressed.

“I need you and Sam to come with me. It’s important.”

“Cas, we’re on a case. There is a possible Kitsune wreaking havoc in the area. Sam’s off doing his nerdy thing at the library.”

“Hey, ‘That nerdy thing’ has helped us out more than once. Hey Cas what’s up?” Sam Winchester said as he walked in the door taking in the scene before him.

Castiel came to stand in front of Sam “I need your help. Both of yours, you have to come with me” he said, voice getting deeper than normal with an edge of stress and frustration to it.

“Cas, what’s going on?”

“Someone I thought I lost, someone very important to me, I think she’s here.”

“Here as in Bridgeport Maine, or….”

“Sorry, here, on Earth. I keep hearing her call my name, but I’m ill equipped if it’s some sort of trap. So, I need your help.”

“Cas, of course we’ll help. We can take care of the Kitsune, and then go with you.” Dean had been anxious for a good fight; he really needed to kill something soon or he’d go crazy. Cas took note of this attitude, but he had more pressing matters to deal with.

“No, Dean, you don’t understand, we need to go NOW, because she may be in trouble.” He grabbed both of their hands and held on to them tightly. As they dematerialize Dean says “She?” But he didn’t have time to say more. In less time than it took to blink, they landed in the middle of what looked like a large country estate.

“What the hell Cas, we were on a case, you know helping people, killing things, that’s kinda what we do” Dean looked around not knowing where in hell they were at. “Um Cas, where in the hell are we?”

“We are in England, at the estate of the Hennessey family. Now, I need to tell you about them before you go and do something stupid.” Sam with knotted brows and tilted head looked around in confusion wondering what the hell they were doing in England.

“Um Cas, wait, go back, what do you mean we are in England?” Dean asked with raised eyebrows and a very angry look on his face.

“That’s what I said Dean. We are in England. Now back to the Hennessey’s. They are living Vampires”

“What the hell” the boys said at the same time.

“Just what I said, living Vampires, they are not dead and they have their souls. They are bound by their own council and don’t meddle with humans. I check in with them twice a year to make sure everything is okay. They’re sort of…….” Here Castiel stopped while trying to find the right words to explain their relationship.

“They’re sort of what Cas?” Dean was getting more and more frustrated with Castiel’s strange behavior.

“Well, they are sort of family.” The Winchesters looked at him with mouths agape, stunned at this revelation.

“How exactly are Vampires family Cas? Tell me ‘cause I’m really losing my patience here.”

“Dean, I don’t have time to explain everything. I need to find out if she is here. Come on, please just trust me and I’ll eventually explain everything.” Dean and Sam didn’t have any choice but to follow along, seeing as they were in England and he’s their only way back to Maine. “Oh, man, the Impala, what if something happens to Baby? Cas, I swear if something happens to my car..” Sam jabbed him in the rib and told him to shut-up.

Castiel walked up to the familiar door and looked apprehensive. He knew there was little chance of her being here, but this was where he pinpointed the calling. And dammit he just had to see. He lifted his hand to knock, when the door suddenly opened. “Castiel, what are you doing here? Not that I’m not glad to see you, but usually you don’t knock, and who are those two yummy looking men behind you.” At this both Sam and Dean stood up straighter upon seeing the beautiful woman in front of them.

“Annalise, I didn’t expect you, is Anais here?”

“Come in, give me a hug first. Man, this new body has you stiffer than usual.” He hugged the young woman, telling her he’s glad to see her, while she winked at the two brothers standing behind Castiel, still confused at what the hell was going on.

“Wait here, I’ll get Mother. Mother” The young woman yelled through the house calling for her Mother.



“What the hell man? I’m definitely losing my patience here Cas,”

Castiel spun around when he felt a familiar presence, he looked up at a young blonde woman coming down the stairs and said under his breath “Haven” Just then Anais and an older gentlemen, the Winchesters assume was her husband, appeared from the side room.

“Castiel, what are you doing here? Not that I’m not glad to see you, but it’s not time for your check in, but………Castiel? Castiel?” The Angel hadn’t taken his eyes off the woman as she continued down the stairs. She had also not taken her eyes off the stranger staring up at her. She’d been captivated by those blue eyes, but that isn’t what she saw, it was almost like she could see into his soul.

“Umm Castiel,” said the older gentlemen, “This is Buffy Summers. Buffy, this is Castiel.”

She turned to look sharply at the older man, “What did you say?”

“Castiel, he is an Angel and a friend.”

Buffy was at the bottom of the stairs and slowly walked up to the Angel, laid a hand on his cheek and said “Why do I know you?” in a low soft voice.

“Haven,” He said, as he laid a hand on her cheek and lowered his forehead to hers. “I thought I lost you. One minute we were fighting on Demons Ridge, the next you were gone. I’ve looked for you for ages, but for some reason I was blind to you. What happened? Where’d you go?” He looked into her eyes and saw her confusion. He laid a hand on the spot between her chest and throat. A white light emanated from his hand and he said softly in her ear “You still have your Grace. Remember.” He pulled away slightly still looking into her eyes.

Buffy pulled back, still looking at Cas, “I know you and don’t know you at the same time. And why is this damn tattoo itching, oww, it’s burning.” All of a sudden she screamed and dropped to the floor as she felt like something was trying to break free of her skin. The older man dropped down beside her ready to help when Cas pulled him back up and away saying “You really don’t want to do that Giles.” She shrieked from the pain and the burning when large black wings finally broke free as if they had been confined for ages. When she was finally able to stand, her eyes were pure white and she was glowing all around.

“Buffy…….” The older man just looked stunned, not knowing what to say.

“Giles, I remember. I remember everything.” She crossed to Castiel, took his face gently in her hands and kissed him long and deep.

The Winchesters stood there mouths agape, Dean had a smirk on his face mouthing ‘way to go Cas’. Sam hit him in the shoulder eyes wide with a look that said ‘what the hell is going on?’

Finally Cas and Buffy broke apart and Cas started to explain. “This is Haven, known here as Buffy Summers. She had jumped through a portal to Hell and sacrificed herself to save mankind the energy of the portal she jumped through burned her up and she died. She earned a special resting place in Heaven, but like a lot of warriors, she was bored….”

“Wait, hold up, Warrior? You’re just, just a tiny thing you a hunter or something?” Buffy felt like she should be insulted, but was actually slightly amused at the dark haired man’s discomfort.

“No, I’m the Slayer. What’s a hunter? Do you shoot little innocent bunnies or something?” She said sarcastically

“Very funny blondie, no we hunt….things. Demons, Vampires, Werewolves that kind of thing, what in the hell is a slayer?”

“Oh man, you gonna make me say the stupid prophecy? ‘One girl in all the land….la de da, hunts Vampires, Demons; I even stopped a self-proclaimed God, which is what got me killed”.

“Okay, look Dean, Haven, can we measure your parts later. You wanted to know what was going on Dean and Sam I’m trying to explain.” Buffy and Dean just looked at Cas, shook their heads and didn’t try to correct him on his bad use of slang.

“Sorry Cas, please continue.” Sam had just been watching this whole exchange with both amusement and confusion. He just wanted to know what in blue blazes was going on.

“Buffy, was made an Angel in the Army of God, and her name became Haven. She lead one of the most successful Angel battalion’s ever seen. She never lost a soldier. Ever. In the 100 years she led and fought like nothing I’ve ever seen. We were very close.” He looked at Dean indicating just how close they were.

“We were given the mission to take back Demons Ridge. This is one of the intersections between Heaven and Hell. The battle was going our way when all of a sudden, she disappeared. She’d been ripped out of Heaven right in the middle of battle. We looked for ages, and we all assumed she was dragged into the ridge. We fought on and eventually won, then the Ephilium came, the guardsmen so to speak, where they continue to this day to watch over the area. I have been looking for her ever since.”

Looking into Castiel’s eyes she said “I was pulled back into my real body. My friend Willow used an ancient spell and I awoke, confused, scared, and still in my coffin. My grace must have been buried inside me. I remembered I was in Heaven, but not much else.”

Sam looked over at Dean and mouthed ‘that is so messed up’ Dean replied back ‘I know, what the hell’

Buffy continued, “I was able to dig myself out, but I always knew something was missing, something wasn’t right”. She kept her eyes on Cas, making sure he really was there, “I can’t believe I forgot you Castiel”. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him long and deep. All of a sudden they flashed out of the room, leaving the group to stare after the abandoned spot.

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