Raven's Choice

Decisions Decisions

7 days. They hadn’t left the room for 7 days. Some wonderful soul left trays of food and bottles of water and wine every day for them. They got creative in the shower, the bath, the bed. In fact they couldn’t get enough of each other. Being separated for so long they feared losing one another again. This last time together, she felt different, she felt like some small change, a light flutter in her almost like something has changed her. They were lying together, wrapped around each other aware that they needed to actually leave the room.

“Cas, I think the others are starting to wonder just what we are doing up here. I think we need to actually leave this room”. He looked down at her, kissed her and said “Yes, I know. But I don’t seem to have any clothes.”

Buffy laughed “Cas, you have a clean set over there. I gave them to one of the maids while you were in the shower the other day. No more excuses Cas”. She got up to go take a shower, looked over her shoulder and said to him, “No following me”.

He smiled thinking about the first time they had sex in the shower, and the thing she did with her tongue, god it was making him hard just thinking about it. After a couple of minutes he got up, walked into the bathroom and slipped in behind her. She turned around when she felt him behind her, “Cas, I told you...” He kissed her hard cutting off whatever she was going to say. He lifted her and plunged in her quick and deep. She had no choice but to wrap her arms and legs around him and hold on. It was like he was on fire, as if this was the last time they would hold each other, be with each other like this. It was quick and passionate, she came hard and fast and Cas wasn’t far behind. He held her up, kissing her neck and her mouth like a man possessed. She felt that something, that change, but the feeling was over so quickly she just chalked it up to her happiness.

“Cas, I love you. I’ve loved you for 100 years,” she whispered in his ear, he sighed “Haven, you’re part of me, always have been, always will be. I love you too and always will.” She smiled, kissed him and felt whole and complete for the first time in a long time. Castiel gave her one last long hug before letting her go. They finished up with their showers, got dressed and made their way downstairs.


Dawn saw Buffy and the man everyone called Cas coming down the stairs. A part of her was angry at Buffy for not telling her about this, but she saw that this was not the right time to talk. Buffy looked, well happy and she hadn’t been for so very long. Buffy saw her sister was looking up at them with that hurt expression on her face and it melted Buffy’s heart just a little bit more. She rushed down the stairs and took her little sister in her arms.

“Dawn, I’m sorry. I know I’ve kinda left you hanging,” Buffy smiled up at Cas, inviting him to come closer, to take her hand. “Dawn, this is Castiel. He is an Angel and well, he is that missing piece, the part of me that was lost for so long.” She looked at Cas, still not believing all that had happened over the last week.

“Hi Castiel,” He looked closely at the young girl sensing something, some unused, untapped power.

“Just Cas, you have a beautiful soul. There’s hidden power in you. Are you a witch?” Dawn’s eyes grew huge; no one outside of the scoobies and Buffy knew what she was.

“Umm, Buffy, can he tell what I am?” Dawn whispered to her sister.

“Dawn, you’re my little sister. You will always be my sister. The other stuff, you never have to worry about that.” Buffy turned to Cas, lowered her voice to him “Cas, she is The Key. It was made human and sent to me in the form of a sister. The monks who guarded it died trying to protect it. She is the reason I sacrificed myself”.

Cas’s eyes went wide and looked at the two women, “Buffy, this is bad. This girl, her power could bring down Heaven and Hell itself. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, we’ve been kind of busy if you remember.”

“I do not need to know what you two were up to” Dawn said, not wanting to know what her sister and this stranger were doing, though she wasn’t so young that she couldn’t guess.

“Dawn, nothing has changed. You’re still my sister and I’m still going to protect you, only now, I can do it better.” Here Buffy expanded her wings and let her hands fill with her grace.

“Buffy……….” Dawn was speechless, for once. “You’re, you’re beautiful. Are you….are you an Angel too?”

Smiling, Buffy retracted her wings and took back her grace, “Yes, Dawn. I’m an Angel. I’m a rare Angel that has been put back in her own body.” She saw the awed look on her sister’s face, “You aren’t afraid of me, are you Dawnie?”

“No, no I’m not. I’m glad actually. I know understand why you felt so lost.” Buffy gently took the young woman in her arms and held her, loving her even more.

“Haven,” for Castiel cannot bring himself to call her Buffy, “We have to be careful with her. Other, very deadly beings might come after her.”

“Dawn, show Castiel your back,” Dawn lifted her shirt, modestly enough to show Cas the large tattoo which was written in Enochian, the language of the Angels, “I didn’t know why I knew how to write Enochian, but I did. I designed the tattoo myself and knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt this will help hide and protect Dawn as The Key.” Sam inadvertently chose that moment to walk in on the trio. He saw Cas and quickly walked up to him grabbed the startled Angel into a hug. “Cas, it’s about time we saw you. You two were, were,” he stammered over his words seeing the young woman “Having sex?” The two women groaned at the frank honesty of the Angel.

Sam laughed at their discomfort, “Well, I guess that clears that up.” Cas grabbed Sam by the shoulder and led him out of earshot of the two women and whispered, “Sam, I now see what you and Dean have been telling me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt nothing I’ve ever done. Does it always feel this good? Or is it better when you love someone?”

Sam looked at Cas and laughed a little. “Yes Cas, actually it is better when you care about the person. Now, we have to talk about why you brought us here? Dean is freaking out about the Impala”. Actually he was freaking out about a lot of things, but Sam hadn’t been able to get him to talk.

Sam turned back to the two women and gave them his most charming smile, “So, Dawn,”

“Sam” said Dawn.

“Can I see that tattoo? Don’t try to deny it I saw a little of it when I came in”. Dawn looked to Buffy, who nodded her head, the young woman lifted her shirt just so the back showed and Sam and Cas looked closely at the large tattoo. It covered Dawn’s back from neck to tailbone; it was round with four concentric circles and the eye of God in the middle with several sets of Enochian runes in between the circles. “That is a very complicated spell. How…How did you know Enochian?”

Buffy looked at Sam, “I remembered some of the language and as I was drawing this out on paper more of it came to me. Like I was telling Cas, I don’t know how I know it, but this sigil will protect Dawn.”

Sam looked from Cas to Buffy to Dawn trying to puzzle out an explanation when Buffy laid a hand on his arm “I know you want to know more, but the less people that know, the safer she is.”

“Cas, is this the danger you felt? This girl? What is she and how can we help?”

“Sam, no, it’s Buffy that is in danger. You see, very few humans develop grace. Buffy is one, there are more, but they are rare. Buffy is unique in that she returned to her own body, still with her grace, still an Angel.” Cas looked at Sam trying to make him understand the implications.

“Cas, I’m not following you, why is that bad?”

“Because she didn’t have a command to come down here, very powerful and dangerous witchcraft pulled her down. She is in her own body and that doesn’t happen, ever. Those that were human at one time are not supposed to return to their own bodies”.

“What’s dead should stay dead. At least that is what Dean is always saying.” Sam was struggling with these implications when they heard a knock at the door.

None of them knew what to do when the knock becomes an incessant pounding. Sam, not seeing any other choice made his way toward the door just as Giles showed up. He opened the door and a disheveled looking man stormed in the house and yelled.

“What the bollocks is happening over here Ripper? Angel signs are flaring up all over the bloody place?” His eyes light on Castiel and even though this was a new host, he was still able to recognize the Angel, “Well, well, well, Castiel. I should have known.”

“John, I should say it’s good to see you too, but….” Cas and John Constantine just stood there and stared at each other in some unspoken challenge.

“Um, John, what are you talking about?” Asked Giles

“You know I always put Angel signs and Devil’s traps wherever I’m staying. Well for the last several days the Angel signs have been flashing very brightly. I pinpointed the source coming from here. And If I can find you,” He turned back to Cas, “Then other things can too.”

Buffy walked between Cas and John and looked the blonde man in the eyes “Oh. My. God. Who turned on the tobacco factory?” She said as she pulled slightly away.

“Very funny blondie, are you the source of these damnable flare ups? You, two, whatever is going on over here have just announced yourselves to every supernatural creature in the whole damn country.” He yelled.

“John, I think you need to calm down. Things are very complicated.” John just stared at Giles like he didn’t understand the implications of the flare ups.

“Ripper, this isn’t something you should be taking lightly. If you were trying to hide something, anything, well these two have just announced themselves to the whole Supernatural world.”

“Buffy, Castiel, maybe we should explain everything to John. Shall we go in the kitchen? I desperately need coffee.” They all filed out and followed Giles and the man he called John. Buffy had an idea that this was the man who caused all of the complications in Giles’s life and that made her very angry. However, she didn’t say anything yet because she wanted to hear him out first.

“Everyone, this is John Constantine”. He slid his gaze over to his slayer, “Yes, Buffy but we aren’t going to talk about that right now. John, this is Buffy Summers, she is the slayer.”

“Bloody hell Ripper, is she the one that caused the imbalance in magic?”

“No, that was her best friend Willow. You met her when she was here with the Sisters. And please stop calling me Ripper.”

“Okay, whatever Ripper”. He turned to Buffy and Cas with a hard look on his face and asked bluntly “So, what the hell is the deal with you two anyway?”

“John, you want to watch you tone. Gabriel isn’t the only one who can rip out your lungs, and I may not be so nice”. Castiel threatened challenging John to say just one more snarky comment.

“Okay look, John, here is the short version so keep up, if you can,” Buffy quickly went through all of the revelations including her being an Angel in her own body and the relationship between her and Cas. When she finished John jumped up, slammed his hands down on the table and leveled a hard look at all around.

“You stupid bloody imbeciles, do you realize what you have all done? And you Buffy Summers an Angel in her own body? That is unheard of and you know they will be after you now that you remember what you are. Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love and they aren’t supposed to have relationships. Castiel, I thought you were smarter than this.”

“Well, apparently I’m not,” yelled Cas, “And to be honest it’s really none of your business. We can protect ourselves.”

“Yes, but can you protect everyone around you when things get out of hand.” He gave Cas a hard steely look. At this Cas had to concede that John maybe right. He knew that they might have to go into hiding.

Sam got up to his full intimidating height, looked down at John threateningly “Look, I may not understand all of the implications of what their relationship means, but I stand by my friends and Castiel is my friend. You, you I don’t know very well, so know this I will be there to protect them as much as I am humanly capable.”

“And just what do you think you can do Sasquatch?”

“I’m a hunter; I’ve been hunting things since I was 8 years old. I can read and write some Enochian and I’ve got a head full of information about the things that go bump in the night. I am not some scared little boy that hides behind magic.” Sam gave John his own steely gaze and challenged him to make one wrong move.

Dean chose that moment to come into the kitchen, he’d been eavesdropping and waited for the perfect moment to intervene and after hearing his brother say those things made him swell with pride.

“Well, what did I miss?” Dean said lightly with a smirk on his face.


Nothing was settled. Nothing was accomplished. More yelling more accusations and threats, but no one came up with a solution to their situation.

“Haven,” Cas didn’t know how to continue. They were back in her room trying to understand what it meant about the Angel signs. “Cas, what is it? You can tell me”.

“I think…..I think we should run. I know that sounds like the coward’s way, but I think the best way to protect everyone is for us to leave, to go into hiding.”

Buffy thought this over for a few minutes and sat down on the bed with a heavy sigh, “Cas. There is so much unfinished here. The school isn’t finished, there are more girls coming every week and Faith can’t handle it all alone.”

“Buffy,” he called her Buffy for the first time and it scared her, “I’m scared. These people are only human, I don’t want to get them in the middle of…of…..whatever is going to come down on us”, he spun around, took her in his arms and kissed the top of her head, “I can’t lose you again.” He closed his eyes and stayed like that holding her.

“Cas, why don’t we wait and see what’s going to happen, if anything. Anais said she placed sigils everywhere to keep out most Angels except you. What if we are safe here?”

He pressed her tighter against him, fearful but understanding that she needed time to figure this out, time to say her goodbyes, because no matter how good Anais’s protection was they always found a way. So Castiel conceded, at least for the time being.

“Alright, we’ll stay for now, but Haven we may have to run and leave everyone behind, for their safety.” Cas knew Dean especially will be angry with him, but what choice did they have?

“I know Cas, I know.” She said as she wrapped herself around her Angel and tried not to think of the future.

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