Raven's Choice

Everything Falls Apart

Dean woke up several hours later, still in the dungeon. He saw that Giles had left a note saying they should talk later. Dean reflected back on the evening and felt confused. He had enjoyed it too much, but also felt a bit of shame over it. Yet the release at the end was like nothing he experienced before. Dean easily found the bathroom, saw a shower in there and decided he needed to feel the pounding of the hot water. He looked in the mirror and saw the barely fading welts all over his chest, stomach, sides and back. He didn’t know what he was going to say to Sam, for the kid will have a million questions. He’s just too smart for this own good, thought Dean. He stepped in the shower, and relished the heat, but flinched at the sting on his tender flesh. He noticed a deep ache in his muscles, and even with the shower he was still stiff and sore. He stepped out, walked to the medicine cabinet to see if there was anything in there that would help when he saw a bottle of muscle cream with the note “use this, you may need it”. “Man,” thought Dean, “this guy really does know what he is doing”.

After finding his clothes and putting them on, he walked over to the metal frame and touched it, almost stroked. He knew he’d be back. He wanted that same release and knew he just maybe a little fucked-up for enjoying it, but not caring. He felt like a little piece of his soul had been put back to rights. And if he could feel a little more human after one session, well what would happen after several? He sighed not he didn’t question it at the moment just accepted that this was something he had to do.

Dean headed up the stairs, not really knowing what time it was and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Sam sitting on one of the couches, waiting. Dean sighed, and anticipated the fight, even though he didn’t have the energy for it.

“So, Dean, what exactly is going on down there and why were you there all night?” Sam asked with a bite of anger to his question. He thought he knew, but was afraid of the answer, afraid of what Dean was getting himself into.

“Sam, I asked you to leave it alone. Please, just trust me.”

“Dean,” Sam paused when he saw the look on his brother’s face, that look of resolve that always got to Sam, knowing that nothing he said would change his brother’s mind, but he tried anyway “I know you’re chasing your demons, but this?” He lurched up from the couch and before Dean could do anything Sam lifted his shirt and saw the marks all over his body. “Dean” he said softly “Why?” Sam looked at him with love and concern in his eyes.

“Sam, I can’t explain, but I….I need this right now, okay? Please just try to understand?” He said while roughly pushing Sam’s hands away.

“Dean, I gotta be honest with you man, I really don’t understand, I don’t understand what has been going on with you for a long time, but I’ll back off, for now, but if I see you go too far with this, I will stop it.” Dean knew his brother well knew he would keep that promise.

“We’ve got bigger things to discuss anyway. Cas and Buffy are talking about running.”


“Yeah, Cas thinks that if they hide that will protect us from any other Angels attacks or whatever else might be after them. Also her sister Dawn has one of the most complicated sigil tattoos on her back that I’ve ever seen. Buffy says she designed it herself two years ago.” Sam gave Dean his best ‘shit just hit the fan’ face, “It’s got Enochian writing and the Eye of God.”

Dean let the implications of that sink in when Rupert walked into the room. “Ah, you’re awake I see. I was just coming to…” He didn’t finish his sentence when he saw Sam standing there with simmering anger on his face. Giles looked the young man in the eyes and decided to be honest with him because he had a feeling the brothers were going to be there for quite some time. “Sam, what is going on between your brother and I is between your brother and I”. Giles expression told Sam that he would not betray Dean’s trust.

“Just,” Sam stumbled on his words, “Just take care of him, okay?”

“Sam, you may not understand what’s happening, but trust me when I say that I am”. Rupert’s steady dark gaze let Sam know that was the end of this conversation and Sam just needed to let Dean ride this out.

“Um, I’m right here, can we stop discussing this right now?” He looked hard at his brother before turning to Giles. “Giles, Sam said that Cas and Buffy want to run? Do they not think we can protect them?”

“It means that now, more than ever we need to protect Dawn.”

“Why Dawn, I thought Buffy was the big bad slayer? Is the kid a slayer also? Like, does it run in the family?”

“No, Dawn isn’t a slayer. She’s much more than that and I can’t explain. I promised Buffy I would keep her secret. Castiel seems determined to run, Buffy, however is in disagreement”

“How can we help?” No sooner were the words out of Dean’s mouth when they heard a loud BOOM. It sounded almost like a small explosion. Everyone in the house ran to a window to look out to see what was happening. All of a sudden Buffy and Cas were in the den with the others. Cas, looked out of the window, with a terrified look on his face and said “They’re here”. No one had to ask who they are.

Out of nowhere several Angels appeared on the expansive lawn. Dean and Sam weren’t sure how they got past the Angel sigils when Cas responded to their unspoken question. “The sigils aren’t on the grounds, only the buildings”. He turned to Buffy and was about to say something when a deep voice rung out, “Angels Castiel and Haven. We know you are in the house. You have two choices, come out and give yourselves over to us, or you fight your way out but either way it won’t be pleasant”.

“Dammit, I thought we had more time”.

“Cas, what do you want to do? I’m not afraid. If you want to fight, we’ll fight, but if you want to run and take it elsewhere, then I’m behind you all the way”. Buffy said as she looked at Cas with resolve.

“Cas, man, I’ve been itching for a good fight, so if you wanna go after these douchebags, I’m right there with you.”

“Dean, as glad as I am to hear you say that, Angels are stronger than you, you and Sam could get yourselves killed. I can’t have your deaths on my conscience”.

“Hey, Cas, man Dean’s right, we’ve fought a couple of these guys before and came out okay. Let us help.”

“Haven, we can’t flash out elsewhere because they will figure out where we went. We need to get away, far away so they aren’t on to us. If you want to run…..”

“Time is running out Castiel, Haven, you need to make a decision quickly. We know the house is protected but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and use the girl.”

“Oh no they didn’t, they did not just threaten my Dawn.” And before they knew it Buffy had flashed outside in the middle of the 5 angels waiting for them before anyone could stop her. In less time than it took to blink she already had one down on the ground and was going toe to toe with another, while the last 3 were advancing on her.

“Shit,” Everyone gaped at Cas for no one had ever heard him cuss before, “I have to get out there”. He too landed in the middle of the Angels and tried to hold them at bay while Buffy battled the one in front of her.

The Angel pulled out her sword and swung it towards Buffy. Buffy ducked grabbed the Angels arm and while standing up flipped the Angel over her shoulder onto her back. Buffy flew up a little and landed hard on the Angels arm, forcing her to drop her sword, and also rendered her unconscious. Buffy promptly picked up the sword and ran to help Cas. All the while Cas was fighting the three other Angels. Buffy spun around, and without thinking plunged the sword into one of the Angels. The Angel fell and died. “LEAVE HIM ALONE,” Screamed Buffy as she advanced on the other two Cas was engaged in. All of a sudden all action stopped and they were all pointing swords at each other, threatening further violence. “All right Cas, you’ve chosen you’re course, but know this you won’t be able to hide forever”. They gathered their fallen comrades and flashed out of there before anyone else was hurt.

Buffy and Cas found they were still holding the Angel blades and decided it was a good idea to keep them. “What do you want to do now Haven?”

“You’re right Castiel. We have to leave, we have to hide. Dawn will be safe here, won’t she?”

“Haven, I believe she will and if we can convince Sam and Dean to stay they will be even better protection. They are very, very good at their job.”

“Alright, just let me say goodbye?”

“Make it fast, because we don’t have a lot of time.” She reached up and kissed him full on the mouth. They flashed back to the house in time to see everyone trying to make their way outside. The fight hadn’t lasted more than 5 minutes.

Buffy ran up to Giles and Dawn, grabbed them in a big hug, “I have to leave. If we stay here it will put all of you in danger”. Giles felt his heart breaking once again, but he understood her need to protect her sister. “Buffy…..” He didn’t know what to say as it seemed that they were always saying goodbye to each other. “Will I see you again? I can’t lose you again”, he grabbed her in a strong hug with tears flowing easily this time he whispered in her ear, “I love you, I always will”.

Buffy let go of him, looked up into his face, “Giles, you have been more of a father to me than my own. I will always love you too. Take care of Dawn, and I will come back.”

Dean was looking at Cas and had no words to what he was feeling. Even though he loves his brother, Cas had been the best friend he never thought he needed. He didn’t know what to say so he just grabbed Cas and pulled him into a hug. “Take care Cas and be careful. You know I’m always there for you man”.

Sam did the same thing; though he knew he didn’t mean the same to Cas as Dean did he knew Cas still cared. “Take care man, watch your back and if you ever need anything, just ask.”

Buffy looked at the brothers and sized them up and had come to a decision when she finally spoke up. “You two have experience, you know how to fight?”

“From the time we were boys. Our Dad taught us all he could, we then picked-up a few moves along the way. Why?” Sam asked.

“Sam, you asked what Dawn was, well she is very important. She is called The Key. This Key can open any spiritual lock anywhere at any time. This means Heaven and Hell and everything in between. She needs to stay here and she needs protection.”

The brothers looked at her incredulously. They had a life back in the states, not here. Dean knew he was going to stay a while, but this, this was a huge commitment. Before he realized what he was saying he looked at the young woman and said “We’ll stay”. Dean looked over at Giles with a steady hard look.

“Dean,” Sam glared at his brother with that knitted brow look, “Don’t you think we need to talk about this?”

“Sam, Cas doesn’t have a lot of time. If you want to go back we can find a way to get you home, but I am staying, especially if the girl needs looking after.”

Sam took a deep breath and knew Dean was right, “Alright Buffy, we’ll stay and look after Dawn”.

Buffy turned to Giles and asked, “It’s okay if they stay here? I don’t want to impose or assume….”

Giles put up a hand to stop her, “Yes, Buffy. I think it is for the best actually”. He looked at his slayer with sadness in his eyes.

“Thank you”. She said to Giles. She then turned back to the brothers, “I’m sorry I didn’t get to know you, but Cas trusts you, so I trust you.” She walked over to Cas, took his hand and without any other words they disappeared.

John had been watching this whole exchange but didn’t know what to say. He quietly said his goodbyes to everyone telling them he was going to look for a way to help Cas and Buffy, then made his way out the front door.

After a few minutes of no one saying anything, Sam left the front room for the kitchen; he wanted some good strong coffee because it was going to be a long night of research.

The rest of the group silently made their way to the den. No one had noticed that Anais came in and stood behind Giles. She gently took his hand and he grabbed her in a fierce hug and let his head fall on her shoulder. Dean knew he should leave, but for some reason he was compelled to stay.

“Rupert, she’ll be okay, she is strong and she has battled far worse than this. With Castiel by her side they will be fine.”

He looked down at his wife, loving her even more. He wondered for a minute if the Vampire Council could help in any way. He didn’t want to bring it up now, though all he wanted was a drink. He let go of Anais and made his way to the whiskey cart.

“Dean?” He holds up a glass with some whiskey in it. Dean walked over and gladly took the glass from Giles. Anais sensed the two men wanted to be alone and left. They looked at each other long and hard, not saying a word, but saying everything. The older man turned and walked downstairs. After a few minutes Dean took a drink of the whiskey and followed.

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