Soullessly Addicted ϟ S.W


"I can get rid of the addiction!" "Nobody can!" "Sam, please... I'm begging you, babe." "I'm sorry, Gabriel. I really am." Sam Winchester has a pretty normal life. Well, it's normal for him, his brother and all the angels and demons they put up with. Angels and demons that they have killed before have come back to life and something tells them that Death or Lucifer has something to do with it. Sam's demon blood craving comes back full force one day and Gabriel helps him deal with it, the way Sam wants to deal with it. One thing leads to another and the next thing they know, Sam is soulless once again and he has all the angels that have come back to life. He has his life wrapped around his finger. He is finally in control of his craving for demon blood due to having his soul removed once again, willingly this time. He has everything he wants at his fingertips, and he knows how to get it if it isn't right there for him. Sam has learnt that his half brother is alive once again, and extends a hand of brotherhood to the youngest Winchester, much to his older brother's reluctance. Adam joins the family business with his bonded angel by his side, and learns how the demon blood controls one of his brothers' lives while the other thrives on it. © nogitsunechey 2016-2017

Adventure / Horror
Age Rating:

00 ϟ Prologue


“Go away!”

“I swear I’ll break this door down!”

“Just go away!”

“Let me help you!”

“And let you ruin more of my life? No!”

Sam sobs and wraps his arms around himself, trying to ignore his pleading boyfriend on the other side of the door. The banging becomes more desperate and Sam’s boyfriend starts to yell louder, begging for him to open the door. Sam wishes he could open the door, but he isn’t sure of what he’ll do if he opens the door; with the addiction running through his body again he has no idea how far he will go to sate his addiction.

“Sammy, let me help!”

“Go away, Gabriel!”

“I can get rid of the addiction!”

“Nobody can!”

“Sam, please. I’m begging you, babe.”

“I’m sorry, Gabriel. I really am.”


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