The Wedding and After


Chapter Ten: Wedding

It was now 6:15 and my parents were helping me with my veil. After a last hug, Renée and Phil left to take their seats, leaving me with Charlie.

"I know that I'm supposed to say something meaningful but I'll save it for everyone to hear and just say that I love you and give you a hug." He said this all very fast before pulling me to him and hugging me. I pulled away slightly to see his face. His eyes glistened with tears.

"I love you, too dad. I always will, no matter what. Thanks dad." I said with my head in his shoulder again.

After a minute, he said, "Shall we?" and gestured to the door. I nodded and we left the room.

I was incredibly nervous about falling down the stairs but it would have been worse if I were wearing high heels. I gripped the rails for dear life and started down.

"Wait, Bella!" Emmett's voice boomed from behind me. He was walking toward me in his tux. "My brother would never forgive me if I let you fall down the stairs. Please, let me help you." Before I could answer, he swung me into his arms and carried me down the steps at a human speed. I caught a glimpse of Charlie's face; he was just as shocked as i was about Emmett's actions. Emmett set me down when we got to the bottom and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks Emmett. Is Edward outside already?" I asked him.

"No problem and yes. I just went back upstairs to get your ring." He replied and after looking at me added, "You look beautiful!" He was beaming at me. Emmett straightened out the lace on my dress and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"You look pretty good yourself," I told him as I straightened his bowtie. "Its time to start," I said as I hugged him. Emmett grinned and went to the back door. Charlie was next to me now and we walked to where we were supposed to wait. My new brothers and sisters were there waiting along with Liza, the youngest looking female in the Denali clan. Their family was posing as cousins of the Cullens and Liza was our flower girl. I guess the Denalies were closer to being related to the Cullens as any vampire which meant that they were now my family, too.

"It's time. Cue music and go Liza." Alice said when she saw me. Liza made a show of skipping out and throwing flowers as she went down the aisle. She really did look like the normal twelve-year-old girl she was pretending to be. Emmett took Alice's arm and they walked out, followed by Jasper and Rosalie.

Charlie turned to me and asked, "Ready to do this?" He was hoping that there was a chance that I would change my mind.

I smiled and replied, "I've been ready for this a long time." He sighed as he pulled my veil over my face and handed me my bouquet. Charlie cued my music and took my arm. The doors were opened and my lullaby played as we started down the aisle.

The yard was beautiful. There were blue lights in the trees and blue streamers on the chairs. The blue carpet we were walking on led to an archway with blue streamers and flowers entwined in it. I saw Alice and Rosalie on my side of the arch. Emmett and Jasper were on the other side. The preacher was standing in the center and just to his left was my beloved angel, Edward. His glorious face was adorned with my favorite crooked smile. I was concentrating hard on not tripping but I smiled back at him. He looked gorgeous as usual in his black tuxedo. He had a white bowtie on and a blue flower in his buttonhole.

We finally reached the arch and Charlie lifted my veil and kissed my cheek. He took my hand, kissed it, and gave it to Edward.

"Take care of my girl, Edward." I heard Charlie say to Edward.

Edward smiled and replied, " Yes, sir. I promise I will." At that, Charlie took his seat next to my mother. I gave my bouquet to Alice so that Edward could hold both of my hands. He entwined his fingers in mine and smiled at me.

The preacher began then, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bear witness to the union of these two souls as they become one. Two halves of a whole now united through the sacrament of marriage. If there is anyone present who sees just cause why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

Oh no, he just said the sentence I was dreading. I grudgingly turned my gaze away from Edward's beautiful face to glare at the two people I was worried would say something. Edward was looking at them, too. Mike and Jacob both sat there staring at me, wanting to shout at me to not marry Edward. They didn't say a word. Mike looked resigned and Jacob was fighting hard not to explode. I looked at them until the preacher moved on and I turned my gaze back to stare at Edward. We were looking into each other's eyes again.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" the preacher asked. My parents stood up to give me away then sat back down as the preacher turned to Edward's side.

"And who gives this man to this woman?" he asked. Carlisle and Esme stood up and told him that they and his brothers and sisters did.

"Now we shall hear the couple proclaim their love for one another," the preacher announced and motioned for Edward to begin. Edward smiled so big at me and I could feel the love radiating off of him. I couldn't help but smile.

"Bella, I love you so much. You are my world and I couldn't survive without you. From this moment on, I am yours completely. I will always love you and be there for you. You are my reason for living. You are the sun that brightens my world. I have loved you from the moment I saw you and will love you until the world comes to an end." He told me in the most wonderful voice I had ever heard. I could feel the moisture in my eyes. I hope that I could make my words as sweet as his.

"Edward, you are everything to me. I freely give you my heart, soul, my entire being. I belong to you, the man I love. You are the only man for me and I couldn't live without you. No one will ever love you more than I do. You give me so much happiness and love. I will spend every day of my life trying to make you as happy as you have made me. I will always love you with every fiber of my being." I said to him. I made it as heartfelt as I could and it must have been because I heard several people start crying. Edward was rubbing my hands with his thumbs and looking insanely happy. I knew I had the same look on my face.

Then the preacher asked for the rings. Edward and I dropped one of our hands and reluctantly turned away from each other. I got Edward's ring from Alice who was beaming at me while Edward got mine from Emmett. We gave them to the preacher and he held them up.

"These rings are symbols of the love that these two share. A ring as no end and neither does Edward and Isabella's love for each other. With these rings, everyone will know that they belong to each other." The preacher said and instructed us on what to do next and gave the rings back to us.

"I, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, with this ring take you, Isabella Marie Swan, to be my wife." Edward said as he placed my wedding band up against my engagement ring on my finger. Now it was my turn.

"I, Isabella Marie Swan, with this ring take you, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, to be my husband." I said as I slid his ring onto his finger.

The preacher took our hands in both of his and said, "Never forget the love you share. Let it fill you up and bring happiness to your lives. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Edward, you may now kiss your bride."

He said the sentence I had been waiting to hear. It had been twenty-four long hours since I kissed Edward last. We wrapped our arms around each other, Edward lifting me slightly and our lips met. I could hear clapping but it sounded far away. Edward and I were in our own little world as we continued to kiss. Our lips never left each other's as he swung me up into his arms and carried me back up the aisle and into the house. He kicked the door closed behind us and walked over to the couch in the living room. He sat down with me in his lap.

"I missed you so much," Edward murmured between kisses.

"I missed you, too," I sighed back.

"You look so beautiful," he said into my neck.

I was in heaven. I had successfully married Edward. Here I was sitting in my husband's lap kissing him. I had never been happier.

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