The Wedding and After


Chapter Eleven: Reception

Before I knew it, Alice was there telling us that we were being waited on. Edward and I straightened ourselves back up and I used a tissue to wipe the lipstick off of our faces. He took my hand and led me to the back door.

Before Alice opened the door for us, I heard her outside saying, "It gives me great pleasure to introduce my brother and new sister, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen." We stepped into the backyard to a roar of applause. The chairs were now around several tables with blue tablecloths. The place settings were perfect. I wonder how long Edward and I had been in the house because it didn't seem like we were in there long enough for all this to have been done.

We went to take our seats at the head table with our parents. Our table, of course, was the largest. We had seven people at our table and the others only held four or five. Edward pulled my chair out for me and I sat down, being careful not to ruin my dress. He sat down in the chair next to me. We were starting with our dinners. Edward was trying to eat as little as possible and not be noticed. He pretended to fork something off my plate but feed me something off of his. Our guests were finishing up when Alice stood up and grabbed a microphone.

"Alright, its time for speeches. Charlie, you first." She announced.

Charlie stood up, took the microphone from her and cleared his throat. "Most of you around here know me as Police Chief Swan but for the past nineteen years, I've had the privilege of being Bella's father. I have a truly amazing daughter. It was nearly two years ago that she came to stay with me. Most people know that I can't cook well and most of the time I don't get around to cleaning my house. Bella kept me from eating take-out or eggs and bacon every night for dinner. She kept the house clean and never complained. I was worried that she wasn't getting out enough or making friends until the week when she had a girls' night out with Jessica and Angela then she introduced me to Edward as her boyfriend a few days later. Edward saved Bella's life a few days after she introduced him to me and I am grateful to him because my daughter is the most important thing to me. Edward, take care of my girl or you will see what happens when you hurt the daughter of a cop." Charlie finished his speech and hugged me then punched Edward's arm lightly.

Emmett was up now to make the next speech. "I'm Emmett, Edward's best man and brother. I'd like to welcome Bella to the family as my new sister. When I first met Bella, I knew this day would come eventually. Now I have a sister to joke around with and trust me, Bella is always good for a laugh. I've never met someone as clumsy as her. Bella is always falling down and making funny faces."

At that I shouted, "I think we get it, Emmett."

He smiled at me and said, "Ok, sorry. Bella and Edward I wish you an eternity of happiness together. I love you both. Congratulations you guys." He came over and hugged us both. Before taking his seat at his table with the rest of the Cullen 'kids'.

It was Alice's turn now. "I'm Alice, Edward's sister and Bella's maid of honor. Bella has given everyone in my family something. Edward, of course, has gained a wife and someone to share his life with. Carlisle and Esme have gained another daughter to love. Emmett and Jasper have gained a sister who is willing to joke and mess around with them. Rosalie and I have gained a sister who is fun to be around all the time. Bella, you have given me a best friend. I love you both so much and I wish you both all the happiness in the world." When she finished, I couldn't help myself. I stood up and ran to hug her. Unfortunately, I tripped over a chair and I would have fallen if Alice hadn't caught me. I thanked her as I wrapped my arms around her.

"Why don't we clear these tables out of here and have the happy couple say a few words." Alice said as she handed me the microphone and gestured for Edward to join me. He got up and came to wrap his arm around my waist.

He let me speak first, "Thank you all so much for being here to share this day with us. As I listened to the speeches, I now understand what Emmett and Alice were fighting about on Sunday night. Edward and I were in his room talking when those two burst in. Emmett was complaining about Alice trying to change his speech. Alice was saying how his speech would embarrass us. Well, guess what? He still managed to embarrass me. I'm not sure how it happened, but Edward and Emmett started fighting. They were actually trying to beat each other up. It took the entire family to pull them apart. Rosalie and I managed to calm them down." I said this with a playful wink. Everyone laughed and Edward squeezed me softly. "I'm so happy to be joining the Cullen family. Most people are lucky to have two parents around who love them. I have five awesome parents now. I have my mom and dad, of course, and my stepfather, Phil. Now I get Carlisle and Esme, too. Im also an only child so I'm thrilled to be getting Emmett and Jasper as my brothers and Alice and Rosalie as my sisters. I love you guys. Im so happy that not only do I get the man I love but I also got a big family." I finished and before I knew what was happening, all nine members of my family were up and hugging Edward and me.

Edward had the microphone now and was saying, "Well, I think my wife has said all that needs to be said. I wholeheartedly reciprocate her feeling for her family. Now, I think its time for our first dance. I played the lullaby I wrote for Bella when we first met as she was coming down the aisle and now for our wedding dance, I'd like to play another song I wrote for her. I've been working on this for a long time and now I have it perfect. Rosalie recorded both songs as I played. This is a song inspired by my love for Bella. This is our love song." Edward gave the mic to Alice and offered me his hand. Just like at prom, his feet were under mine and we were twirling around. I was listening intently to the song that was playing. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. It was hard to explain exactly what it was like. I was truly touched by the passion of it. I kissed Edward passionately as we twirled.

When the song was over, Charlie stepped forward for his dance and Edward went to dance with Esme. Charlie was awkward and stepped on my foot twice. It was quite a contrast between Edward and Esme and Charlie and me. They were graceful and we were not.

After that dance, it was time for champagne and cake. Edward and I interlocked our arms and sipped from our glasses as everyone shouted, "To Edward and Bella." We cut the cake together and grabbed pieces to feed each other. I fed Edward his and got a little frosting on his nose. He thought I did it on purpose so he smeared mine across my mouth. I grabbed more cake and smashed it into his face. Alice snapped a quick picture before we kissed and ate the majority of the cake off of each other's faces. Edward was careful not to scrape his teeth across my face. We got the rest off with napkins. We laughed a lot at each other. Carlisle came up and asked me to dance. He said I could stand on his feet, too. Edward went to dance with my mom. I danced with Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, and Mike too. I had several dances with Edward. Lots of pictures were taken and we talked to everyone there. I met the Denali's, too. They congratulated us. It was all perfect.

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