The Wedding and After


I smiled saying, "Wow, you really have thought of everything, its perfect. Now, why don't you show me to the bedroom." He smiled at my suggestion and led me out of the kitchen to the back of the house.

Chapter Fourteen: Honeymoon

Edward opened the door to a huge, beautiful bedroom. There was the biggest bed I'd ever seen in there. It had red silk sheets and a lot of pillows on it. There was a set of large French doors that led out to the patio. I could see the beach from where I stood and there were flowers everywhere. Edward scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He laid me down and started kissing me. When his lips moved down to my neck, I got an idea. I had remembered to have Alice pack a few select items I had received from my bridal shower and I wanted to use them.

"Edward, darling, where is my suitcase and can you show me to the bathroom?" I asked him. He groaned but stopped kissing me. Now that I was his wife, I knew that he really was going to give me my last human experience and I was interupting him. Edward wanted this too but he stopped anyway.

"Sure, your suit case is by the closet and the bathroom is through that door." He said, pointing to a glass door opposite the French doors and continued to kiss me. I rolled him off of me, kissed his lips again, and walked over to my suitcase.

"What are you doing, love? I thought you wanted this. Have you changed your mind?" Edward asked me as I dug through my suitcase. I found the bath kit that Angela gave me, pulled out his robe and stuffed the rest into a sack.

"Don't be ridiculous, Edward. Of course I still want that. I have a surprise of my own for you. Can you go get a CD player and then put this on? I'll call for you when I'm ready." I told him and threw his robe at him. He caught it and left to find the CD player with a confused look on his face.

I went to the bathroom and looked around. There was a huge bathtub half sunk into the floor. I turned on warm water and poured some of the bubble bath in. I placed the candles around the tub and lit them. Then, I sprinkled scented bath confetti into the water and sprayed the air mist. It was like a ritual, making the perfect romantic bath for two.

I heard Edward return to the room. I opened the door to grab the CD player from him and told him to undress and put his robe on. He looked confused and had no idea what I had planned for us. I closed the door again and set up the CD player with a copy of Edward's piano compositions. It had the song Edward played during our first dance on it and I wanted to hear it again. It was time to undress and put on the robe. I balled my clothes up in the corner, took off my jewelry, and shook out my hair so that it draped down my shoulders. I slipped into my robe, took a look at myself to make sure I looked ok, and opened the door.

I leaned against the doorjamb, trying to look sexy and in a seductive voice called, "Edward, sweetheart. I'm ready." He was sitting on the bed in his robe, waiting for me. Oh, he looked perfect. Edward looked up and let his mouth drop open. I knew that he liked what he saw. I beckoned to him with one finger and he jumped up immediately. I turned and walked into the bathroom to turn the CD player on. As the soft music played, I grabbed the front of Edward's robe and pulled him to me to kiss him. He really liked this. I stepped back and undid the tie on my robe. My robe fell to the floor as I stepped to the tub. I could feel Edward's eyes on me as I stepped in, sat down, and turned to face him. He was watching me with very hungry and slightly confused eyes.

"Would you care to join me, darling?" I asked him as I rested my arms on the sides of the tub. A huge grin spread across his face as he undid the tie on his own robe. He threw it off to reveal his perfect marble body and got into the tub with me.

"To whom do I owe this very pleasant surprise to?" Edward asked as he slid closer to me.

"You can thank Angela for this. The robes, candles, bubble bath, all of it was her." I told him.

"Remind me to thank her for this." Edward murmured as he leaned across me. He knew something that I didn't about this tub. Edward flipped a switch that was beside my head and turned on a set of whirlpool jets. The entire experience was pure pleasure. Edward kept his lips on me the whole time.

Just as my skin was starting to get wrinkled from soaking in the water, Edward and I got out. We toweled off and he carried me to the bed. I was going to get my human experience now. We started slow because he was being very careful not to hurt me. Every few minutes, he would stop to make sure I was all right. I always was. I was better than all right, actually. I was in heaven, pure sweet heaven.

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