The Wedding and After

Another of Edward's Surprises

Chapter Fifteen: Another of Edward's Surprises

The sun was starting to set when we both heard my stomach growl. It was then that I realized how hungry and tired I was. My longing for Edward had distracted me from my physical needs up until this moment. I hadn't eaten anything since our reception dinner yesterday and the day's activity had really worn me out but I didn't want to stop.

I was disappointed when Edward stopped and said, "I heard that. I'll go make you something to eat. You stay here and rest. You look exhausted."

"No, I'm fine. Please stay here," I protested, trying to keep him from leaving. I betrayed myself by letting a yawn out. He got up, pulled on a pair of shorts, and went to the door. Edward paused and looked back at my disappointed face.

"I'll be right back. Stay here and rest. I love you, Bella." He told me as he stared lovingly at me.

"I love you too, Edward." I told him. He left the room and I grabbed a pillow and pulled the blanket over me. I tried to stay awake but I was too tired and soon sleep claimed me.

My sleep ended when I felt Edward stroke my skin with his cool fingers. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling down at me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I just couldn't resist touching you," he said before leaning down and kissing me. I smiled at him.

"Its alright, sweetheart. How long have I been asleep?" I asked him as he sat next to me on the bed.

"I left about half an hour ago to make you something to eat. Your food is getting cold, are you ready to eat?" Edward replied. I nodded and sat up. I looked down then jumped up and headed across the room.

"Where are you going? I thought you were ready to eat." I heard Edward say as I dug through my suitcase. I couldn't let him know that I felt self-conscious. I pulled out a pair of lace panties and a matching camisole.

"Sorry, I just wanted to put on some clothes to sleep in when I'm done eating." I answered, not looking at him. I doubted if he believed me but he didn't say anything as he watched me put the clothes on and returned to the bed. Edward brought a tray of food over and set it in my lap. I had expected a bowl of cereal but that is not what I got. I should have been tipped off when he said 'make' instead of 'get'. On the tray was pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a glass of orange juice. I was surprised when I took a bite of the pancakes.

"Edward, these are great. They taste a lot like my mom's but how?" I asked him. I was totally confused. Edward smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

"While you were busy last week, I was with your mother. She taught me to make some of your favorite foods. Eat, please. I hope you enjoy it." He said as I ate some more. Everything tasted so good. I was really touched that he would take the time to learn to cook for me. Of course, it would be a useless skill after I became a vampire but it was very sweet of him to cook for me until my change.

When I was done eating, Edward took the tray and set it on the table next to the bed. He started to move so he could lie beside me but I grabbed him and started kissing him. I was tired but I ignored it. I wanted him more that I wanted sleep. He didn't protest at all. I knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. He ripped our clothes off and we started making love for the second time. When we were done, he made me sleep. I was really tired now and I snuggled into his chest without arguing. He wrapped his arms around me and I was asleep in less than a minute. I dreamed sweet dreams.

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