The Wedding and After

Phone Call

Chapter Seventeen: Phone Call

After an hour of swimming, I was ready to get something to eat. We walked back to the house, took off our swimsuits, and left them on the porch rail. Edward and I took a shower together to wash the salt and sand out of our hair and off of our bodies. We dried off and Edward pulled on a pair of shorts and his robe and went to the kitchen to cook me lunch. I did my bathroom thing and then dressed in a pair of shorts and a dark blue tank top. I put my robe over it, and then went to the kitchen.

"Edward honey, I need your phone. What time is it in Forks anyway?" I asked him as he stood at the fridge, gathering ingredients for my lunch.

"The phone is on the bedside table in our bedroom. We are still in the same time zone, Darling. This island is just north of the Hawaiian Islands. You can call the family now but wait until later to call Charlie. He wont be home from work yet." Edward said, concentrating on making my mother's recipe for Sloppy Joes. I kissed his shoulder before going to get his phone. I hit the speed dial button for Alice's cell phone as I walked back to the living room. It started ringing as I sat on the couch.

I heard Alice tell Emmett to shut up and then she answered me. " Hello, Bella. How are things going? Is Edward in the room?" she sounded excited.

"Hi Alice. Things are great. I'm in the living room and Edward is in the kitchen. How are things at home?" I asked her.

"Same old here but I don't want to talk about that. Tell me about you and Edward!" she trilled and giggled.

I heard Emmett in the background say, "yes, how was your evening?" I rolled my eyes and asked Alice to punch him. Emmett groaned in pain and I laughed.

"Alice, everything is great. We are having a-" I said before Alice cut across me.

"Hold on Bella. Let me put you on speaker so everyone can hear." Alice said. I got up and to go to the kitchen so Edward could be apart of the conversation. I put our phone on speaker, too. We heard six separate greetings.

In unison, Edward and I said, "hi, guys!"

"Carlisle and Esme, thanks for coming here and getting the house ready for us. Everything is beautiful and perfect." I said to them.

I heard Carlisle say, "it was nothing." and Esme say "I was happy to do it for you two. What are you two doing right now?"

"We are in the kitchen. I'm cooking lunch for Bella and she is standing next to me. We had a moment so we wanted to call and check in." Edward said. I heard Emmett snicker in the background.

"So you both are alright, then?" Esme asked with concern in her voice. I knew that she was worried that Edward would make a mistake and hurt me.

"We are better than alright, actually. This is the best I have ever been." I told them as I wrapped my arms around Edward's waist, squeezing him to me. He smiled at me and mouthed 'I love you'.

"You aren't walking around naked, are you?" Emmett shouted and started laughing loudly. I heard him be slapped twice and he stopped laughing.

Edward replied to that. "Not at the moment. We decided not to give you the satisfaction of our nakedness." I couldn't believe he said that. I felt my face get red.

"Edward, don't tell them that!" I yelled at him as Emmett roared in laughter again.

"Ok, that is enough of that. Quiet, Emmett." I heard Carlisle say calmly but slightly awkward.

"Ok. Subject change please." I pled. I was really embarrassed but Edward didn't seem to be bothered.

I heard Alice sigh and say, "Did Edward tell you that Jasper and I are coming to stay with you during your change?" No one had mentioned we were going to have company. I looked up at Edward. He looked just as shocked as I was at Alice's words.

"I never said that. Why are you coming? I thought it would be just Bella and I?" he asked in an agitated tone.

"To keep an eye on the both of you, of course." Alice said like it was obvious.

"I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, Alice but this is our honeymoon. I would feel uncomfortable with you both here." I told her.

She gave an exasperated huff and said, " You still get your honeymoon. You still get about two weeks and then we will fly there before you start the change. I want to be there to help protect you."

I was about to protest when I caught Edward's look. His eyes said to drop it for now.

"Well, Bella's lunch is ready now so we will talk to you all later. We love you, bye." Edward said. I said goodbye to them too.

"Bye, we love you." Six voices chorused. I hung up the phone and set it on the table.

I didn't talk much to Edward as I ate my lunch. He watched me as I ate, probably waiting for me to start yelling at him. I am going to go a different route with this. I'm going to use tact instead of whining at him. I already had a plan formulating. This will be good.

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