The Wedding and After

Guest lists and Wedding plans

Chapter two: Guest lists and wedding plans

I hoped you enjoyed my first chapter. Here is my second. As soon as I type out the third, I'll post it too.

Chapter two: Guest lists and wedding plans.

When we arrived at Edward's house, Alice was there on the porch, waiting to rush us to the couch in the living room. "Ok, today is the guest list!" she announced excitedly.

I was milling over how to ask Edward about inviting Jacob to the wedding. I bit my lip and pretended to listen to Edward discuss vampire guests with Alice. When they turned and asked me what friends from school I wanted to come, I tried to keep my voice casual.

"Oh, Mike, Jessica, Tyler, Eric, Jacob, Angela, and Ben I guess." I managed to keep my voice even as I said the names. Edward immediately picked out the key name I was trying to wedge in between two names he wouldn't object to.

"Jacob!" he growled, clearly furious. "You want Jacob, the murderous werewolf, to come to our wedding! Bella, half the guests will be vampires. It would be like unleashing a starving Volturi into a room full of helpless humans and locking the door!"

Edward was furious at the idea of Jacob at our wedding but I was furious at him comparing my best friend to the evil, vile Volturi.

"How can you even compare the two? Yes, Jacob is a werewolf but he is also my best friend, Edward!" I yelled at him.

I was fuming. When I turned to glare at him, I could see pain in his topaz eyes. I regretted screaming at him. I couldn't help not going to comfort him.

I took his face in my hands and said, "Edward, I love you more than the whole world. I know that you just worry that neither of us can handle him there. I still feel bad about what happened during spring break. I just want to patch things up and make amends with Jacob." As I spoke, his face softened and he wasn't as angry. Edward took my hand and kissed it.

" I know you feel bad but I just don't think it's a good idea. I want to see but I don't want to risk it. I love you but so does Jacob." He sighed. I could tell he had another reason for not wanting Jacob there than the fact that he's a werewolf. He was worried that Jacob would object to our union and I would run off with him.

"Edward, darling, I love you. Don't worry about Jacob. I'm not going to leave you at the alter for him or anyone else." I promised him and then kissed his lips. He felt better after that.

We decided to get married in early August. We looked at the calendar for the first Saturday of the month and decided on August 2nd. We had a month left to finish planning and I still hadn't talked to Jacob. I gave out invitations to my school friends and I got missed reactions form them. Angela and Jessica were ecstatic about the wedding but disappointed that Alice and Rosalie were going to be my bridesmaids. All of my guy friends, except for Ben, had a crush on me at one point or another. They were all disappointed but mike took it especially hard. I think he still had hope that Edward and I would break up and I would want him. In the end of every invitation meeting, my guest said that they were happy for me and that they would be there. Mike still looked at me like he was silently begging me to dump Edward and marry him. I hoped that he would eventually get over me and find someone else who would return his affection.

Other than my friends here, I really didn't have anyone to send an invitation to. I sent one to my mom and Phil. That was all the people that were on my guest list. I tried not to think of Jacob as I continued with plans for the wedding I didn't know if he would be attending or not. I took care of the food and the cake because human food was not a subject you left to a vampire. It was all coming together nicely.

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