The Wedding and After

The ways of the Woman

Chapter Four: The ways of a Woman

Edward wasn't happy when I told him about Jacob. He eventually came around when he saw how happy having Jacob at the wedding would make me. The wedding details were taken care of now, all the decisions made and mostly by Alice and Edward. I had my requirements as the bride. My something old was the antique silver amulet my grandmother wore when she married my grandfather. My something new was the new diamond earrings my parents gave me as an engagement present. The wedding would be the first occasion I would wear them for. My borrowed item came from Esme in the form of shoes. They were perfect for my dress, white lace slippers that had a similar pattern as the lace on my dress. Alice wanted me to wear heels so I was thankful when Esme lent me the beautiful slippers. I was less likely to trip in them. Blue wasn't a problem to find. Edward's favorite color on me is dark blue. The bride's maid's dresses are blue as are Emmett and Jasper's bowties. My bouquet is to be made up of blue flowers, too. The whole theme was blue right down to the tablecloths and napkins.

Alice kept a constant eye on the weather for the week of and especially the day of the wedding. She was confidant it would rain Monday and Tuesday, be cloudy but dry on Wednesday, Thursday would be nice and sunny, and Friday would be cloudy again. Saturday, the most important day of my life, she said it wouldn't rain but that the sun wouldn't shine either. This forecast made an outdoor wedding possible. The vampires coming wouldn't be trapped inside that week except for Thursday. There was only one thing I wanted to do on that last sunny day we had before the wedding and before the change.

After Alice gave her weather report on Sunday night, I took Edward back to his room. I wasn't sure what was planned for Thursday but I didn't care.

Edward knew I had something I wanted to ask him so he said, " Ok Bella, tell me what you want."

He knew me so well. "Edward, there's something I want us to do on Thursday one last time before the wedding," I replied. Edward raised one eyebrow. He was wondering what I was referring to.

"Bella, didn't you hear it's going to be sunny on Thursday. It better be an indoor activity, whatever it is," Edward said, still wondering what I meant.

I decided to tell him straight out after insuring that I would get what I wanted first. I slowly walked over to where he was sitting on the couch. I had a coy smile on my face and suggestive body posture. He liked that, I could tell because of him smile. I slipped into his lap and wrapped my limbs around his body. My eyes met his hungry gaze for a second before I started kissing his neck up to his ear.

When I reached his ear, in a slow, seductive tone I whispered, " I want you to take me to the meadow on Thursday. Its been so long since we have been there and I want some alone time with the man I love." I kissed him on the lips and felt him turn to butter. My Edward, the big strong, willful vampire, couldn't resist me and I knew it. He called it my female charm. He nodded and was about to roll me to the couch for a better position when the door burst open.

Crap, I forgot to lock that damn door.

Emmett stormed in with Alice right behind him. Both looked angry at each other. I quickly jumped up out of Edward's lap. Emmett was complaining that Alice was trying to change his best man's speech. Alice was yelling at him about trying to embarrass us. Then, Emmett noticed how red my face was and how bewildered Edward looked. A huge grin spread across his face when he realized what they had walked in on.

"What were you two doing a minute ago?" Emmett asked as if he didn't know already.

Edward and I replied, "Nothing" in unison.

Before I knew it, Emmett had us both in headlocks.

"Emmett, too tight, can't breathe," I gasped at him. He loosened but didn't let go of his grip on me. Edward was mad now. Somehow, he managed to break free, turn around, and twist the arm that had been holding him to Emmett's back.

"Let go of her, get out, don't tell anyone what just happened, and stop thinking that," Edward growled at Emmett.

Clearly Emmett was thinking about something that made Edward even angrier. That made Emmett mad that Edward had him. I was released and Edward and Emmett were fighting on the floor. They were both furious and neither was playing. I was scared. Alice was trying to break them up but neither was stopping. I ran to Carlisle's office. Esme and Jasper were there with him.

"Carlisle, Edward and Emmett are fighting. They're going to kill each other" I wailed, still terrified. I was too scared to remember that you can't kill a vampire but you can rip it to shreds and I didnt want that to happen to either of them.

All three of them ran at vampire speed out of the room and up the stairs. I could still hear the sound of the fight and apparently so could Rosalie because I saw her door open and her blond hair whip up the stairs. I followed and when I got back to the room, Emmett was struggling against Rosalie, Esme, and Jasper. Edward was trying to break free from Carlisle and Alice's grip.

"Enough! The both of you are going to calm down and stop trying to rip each other apart. I don't know why you two are fighting and it doesn't matter. Knock it off!" Carlisle shouted at them. Jasper was using his power on them but it did little. I glanced over at Rosalie and silently communicated a plan to her. She knew what we had to do. We stepped in front of our respective guys, placed our hands on their chests, and sweetly kissed them. I could feel Edward turn to butter again. They diffused completely, nothing like a woman to calm an angry vampire man. Before I realized what was going on, Edward and Emmett were hugging and apologizing.

" Nice work Bella and Rosalie. You two are amazing with them." Carlisle beamed and laughed.

"Are you two alright? I was a little scared when you two started fighting like that. Try not to do it again, ok?" I asked them.

Edward pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

"I'm sorry we scared you, sweetheart. We're ok and we will try not to fight like that again. Right, Emmett?" Edward said with a smile and a look at Emmett.

"Right, I'm sorry, too. We can try not to do it again," Emmett replied. He took my hand and pulled me out of Edward's arms and into his own. I hugged my brother back. Emmett really was my brother now and I loved him and the rest of the Cullens as if I've know them for years already. They were my family and they loved me as much as I loved them.

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