The Wedding and After


Chapter five: Renee

Chapter five: Renee

I had to leave to meet my mother, Renee, at the airport then. I drove my truck to Seattle and waited for her plane to unload at the gate. It had been nearly three months since I've seen Renee and I missed her. When I saw her, I was overcome with joy and ran into my mother's open arms. Her arms were so different from any other pair of arms I had ever been in. She held me as tightly as she could in her warm arms. I breathed in the familiar scent of flowers that always clung to her. Her scent was one of the most comforting in the world to me; it was a tie between hers and Edwards. I was so happy to see her that I didn't notice that she was alone, at first. She saw the stress on my face left over from the fight a few hours ago. She gave me an inquisitive look as we hauled her bags to my truck. I explained to her the fight between Edward and Emmett leaving out some of the details that weren't human.

"Oh, no! Are they ok?" she exclaimed when I was done.

"Yeah, they're fine. No physical marks on either and no hurt feelings. It was some fight though. I was afraid that my fiancé and my brother were going to kill each other," I replied. When I said the word "fiancé" I realized that Phil wasn't there. We were already driving away from the airport. "Hey mom, where's Phil? We didn't leave him at the airport did we?" I asked her.

She laughed at that. "No honey. He's still in Florida. He can't be here until Wednesday."

"Why not?"

"Sorry sweetie. Phil can't take off more than five days from work. He's sorry he can't be here until Wednesday. He says he can't wait to see his favorite stepdaughter so he can tell you he loves you in person and do this himself." She finished talking and leaned over to kiss my forehead. We talked about all kinds of other things on the drive back to Forks.

We talked about wedding plans and wondered about what Edward had in store for me for our honeymoon. Edward and Alice planned the entire thing out and I had no idea what we were doing. It was supposed to be a surprise for me. We spent a couple of embarrassing minutes talking about the wedding night. It was good to talk to my mom face to face again.

I pulled up to Charlie's house now and Renee began to look worried and nervous.

"What is it mom, you look nervous? I asked her.

" I'm not staying here am I?" she asked me, panic in her voice, "Not with Charlie!"

It was my turn to laugh at her. She was being ridiculous and her voice was shrill.

"Of course not, mom, don't be silly. You're staying in the Cullen's guest cottage again. Charlie is expecting us for dinner and then its over to Edward's house so you can chat and revisit with them. I'll get you settled later." I promised her.

She looked relieved now as we walked into the house. Dinner with Charlie was pleasant. There were jokes and stories and before I knew it, it was time to leave. Charlie and Renée actually hugged as we left. They were friends now and I was happy to see them be friendly. We got to Edward's house and they all greeted us fondly. Everyone but Jasper and Rosalie hugged Renée. They both had issues with being around humans in close confines. I understood but Renée was confused by their behavior. She got over it as she became consumed with the pleasant conversation. It was getting late so I took Renée to the guest cottage, got her settled and went home. I was too tired to talk to Edward when I made it to my bed so I just curled up into his chest and fell asleep.

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