The Wedding and After


Chapter Six: Meadow

Chapter Six: Meadow

The days went by quickly and before I knew it, Edward and I were enjoying our alone time in our meadow. I was staring at his shimmering skin and thinking about Saturday night. I was glad he couldn't read my thoughts. I didn't want him to know that I was nervous and that Renée had said something that hadn't made me feel better. She was talking about my responsibilities as a wife and I was worried.

Edward had taken his shirt and shoes off, exposing more skin for me to admire. I couldn't wait until I shimmered like that. He only had a pair of shorts on and I was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a blue tank top. I was sitting in the grass and he had his beautiful head in my lap. I stroked his beautiful copper hair as he lay there with his eyes closed. Both of us wore identical smiles of happiness.

" I love you so much, Bella. I can't wait until Saturday," he murmured, keeping his eyes closed so I could watch the sun sparkle across his lavender lids. My heart thrummed as he spoke. His voice was the most beautiful sound to my ears. Then I had a thought.

"You cant wait until the wedding or the wedding night?" I asked him shyly. Nervousness bubbled up again.

He opened his eyes and smiled up at me. "Both but mostly I want everyone to know that you belong to me. You are my most valuable possession. You are my everything," Edward replied sweetly and closed his eyes again. He knew that I thought his lavender eyelids were gorgeous.

I bent over him and brushed my lips over his eyelids. I kissed his lips before saying, "I can't believe how lucky I am. I love you so much and I never want to be away form you ever." I was whispering in his ear and kissed it when I finished speaking. I was about to nibble on his ear when he suddenly sat up and turned to face me.

"Didn't you know that Alice isn't letting us see each other during the twenty-four hours before the wedding?" he asked.

As he spoke, emotion bubbled up in me. "What?!" I yelled. I couldn't believe that Alice would force us apart like that. She couldn't be that mean, could she? I was up on my feet and pacing furiously.

"Bella, please, its only one day. You wont even have a minute to think, let alone miss me. Alice has your every waking minute planned out. You will be fine, love." Edward said as he slowly got to his feet and started over to me.

I ran you him and buried my head in his cool, bare chest. He wrapped his stony arms around me as I sobbed. "I don't know how I could live without you. If it's this hard for me, I can only imagine how hard it is for you to leave me. I'm worried about you. Oh, why is Alice doing this to us?!" I wailed.

Edward took my face in his hands and pulled it up so he could look into my eyes. "Now you listen to me, Bella. There is no reason for this. Neither of us is going to die in one day without each other. I'm going to be fine. I can content myself with the thought of seeing you walk down the aisle. Alice says its bad luck for the groom to see the bride the day before the wedding. With your luck, we can't risk it," Edward said this in an attempt to calm me down. He was smiling but it didn't reach his eyes. I could see that he was really going to miss me. He could tell that I was still nervous about our impending, brief separation. His eyes locked on mine before he kissed me passionately. I wasn't the only one who could turn the other to butter. He was working me over and soon I forgot why I was upset.

Tonight was our last night together before the wedding and I couldn't sleep. We lay in my bed and talked for a little bit about where we wanted to live after the wedding and the change. After that we were silent, both content in just being with each other. I love him so much and I was just happy being in his arms. I finally fell asleep with the smell of his breath and the sound of him humming my lullaby. It was truly peaceful.

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