The Wedding and After

The day before and Parties

Chapter Seven: The day before and parties

I awoke alone with Charlie pounding on my door. He was yelling something at me.

"Bella, Wake up! Alice and Edward just called. They'll be here in twenty minutes," Charlie shouted through my door. I jumped up, grabbed my bathroom bag, and rushed past Charlie to the bathroom. I heard Charlie grumble, "What, no 'Good morning, Dad?'" as I passed him. I showered and dressed in a hurry. I came into the kitchen to find Charlie talking to Alice while Edward was making me a bowl of cereal.

I walked over to Charlie, kissed him on the cheek, and said, "Good morning, Dad."

"Morning, Bells," he replied with a smile. I went and hugged Alice, who planted a kiss on both of my cheeks. Then I turned to my fiancé. His would be the sweetest greeting of all.

He smiled at me and said, "Good morning, Bella my love. I hope you slept well. Here, sit down. I made you breakfast." I walked over to him and in front of Alice and Charlie, kissed his lips.

"Edward, that is so sweet of you. Yes, I slept well. Thank you, darling." I smiled at him sweetly.

I heard Charlie groan and Alice go 'awe' but I didn't care. I ate quickly and before we left, Alice reminded Charlie of the parties tonight. Alice and Renée had asked Charlie for permission to have my bachelorette party here at his house. Charlie was supposed to work until 7:00 tonight and then go straight to the Cullens' house and not come home until at least 10:00.

We got to the house and I went to Alice's room to practice saying my vows out loud. I threatened Edward that if he heard me, I would be furious at him. He didn't want to upset me this close to the wedding so he went outside until I was done. I practiced for about five minutes and then went and got Edward. We didn't leave each other's side all day.

We were in Edward's room just being together when Alice fluttered in and gave us our ten-minute warning. She left and I began soaking up everything about Edward to last me until this time tomorrow. I stroked his face, his chest, and ran my fingers threw his perfectly touseled bronze hair as I sat in his lap. I took a minute just savoring him scent. We started passionately kissing and had our hands all over each other. It felt like ten seconds instead of ten minutes when Alice came back in and tried to yank me out Edward's arms. Edward growled at her and held onto me.

"No, just one more minute. One more kiss," I shouted at her and she dropped my arm. "Edward, I love you so much," I told him and then kissed him again.

He pulled away and murmured, "I know, I love you, too more than anything. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle tomorrow." He kissed me again. This time when Alice pulled on me, Edward let go and I grudgingly let her drag me away. I saw the separation pain on Edward's face and I knew that I wore an identical expression.

Alice bustled me out to her car and headed to Charlie's. She was going to spend the night with me because she said that she didn't want me to get lonely. I could tell that her real motive for staying was so that Edward didn't break the rules and sneak over to see me or me sneak out to see him. We got there and Charlie's house looked great. There was balloons and crepe paper everywhere. All of my human girlfriends and the Denali clan minus Eleazar were there. I saw Rosalie arranging presents on a table, Esme setting bowls of chocolates and other snacks out, and Renée was talking to some of my friends when Alice and I walked in.

As soon as they saw me, everyone jumped up and rushed to hug me. "Oh, congratulations, Bella." "I'm soo happy for you!" "I can't believe you're getting married!" "You're so lucky." "Edward is a real catch" "Good for you!" I heard all of this and other similar things shouted at me but I couldn't tell who shouted what.

Then Alice brought the room to quiet with a loud whistle that hurt my ears. "Ladies, let's let the bride breathe. Edward would be crushed if we suffocated her," Alice said with a laugh.

Esme saw my face sadden when Alice said Edward's name. It hurt me not to see him and she saw that. She lightened the mood by crying, "Let's get this party started!"

We all laughed then started playing bridal shower games that Alice got off of a website. We ate and listened as people told stories about me, Edward, and of us together. I was having more fun than I expected I would.

I thought that when Alice stood up and cleared her throat, she was going to announce that it was time for presents. " Ahem, before Bella opens her gifts, the mothers would like to give her a word of advice," she announced. "Renee, as Bella's mom, will be first."

My mom stood up and I groaned, "Mom, you aren't going to make this embarrassing, are you?"

She smiled at me and began, "Bella, dear, you are my only child and I love you. I've been married twice now and believe me, it's a trip." Everyone laughed at my mother's off sense of humor. "Marriage is a compromise. It's not easy to be married and expect to get your way all the time. You will fight, all couples do. It's inevitable but you'll love each other so much that you can't stay mad at one another. Edward loves you and he just wants you to be happy. My darling daughter, I love you and I wish you all the happiness in the world, you and Edward will be great together." Renee finished her speech and I told her I love her, too, and hugged her.

Esme stood up and took my hands, prepared to give her speech. "Bella, I can't tell you how overjoyed I am to have you as my new daughter. There is so much love between you and my son. He was miserable living in a house where he was the only one who didn't have love until he met you. Bella, you gave my son love and a reason to be happy. I cant thank you enough for all that you have done for us, for him. Don't ever forget the love you share. Be good to my son, Bella. I love you as if you were my own flesh and blood daughter." I started to cry half way through her speech and I silently laughed at her last comment. I hugged her and told her I felt the same for her.

Then it was time for presents. I received an array of gifts, some I'm too embarrassed to mention. Jessica, being as blatant as she could, got me a selection of naughty lingerie. Tanya thought it would be funny to buy me a blood-red nightgown. "Just to tease Edward a little," she said with a wink. I knew that she was teasing Edward for marrying a human and didn't think it was funny but I was polite anyway. I was thankful to Angela for getting me something that didn't scream 'sex'. She knew exactly the right gift to give me. It was a kit for romantic baths for two. There were candles, bath oils, lotions, air mist, bubble bath, bath confetti's, and loofas. My favorite part of the gift was the matching silk bathrobes in, of course, dark blue. It was perfect. I knew that all the blue lingerie and bathrobes would drive him crazy wanting me. I was going to get my last human experience, I could feel it.

At 9:45, Alice showed my guests out of the house and said it was time for me to get ready for bed. I thanked them for coming and said I would see them tomorrow at the wedding. I went to prepare myself for bed as Alice cleaned up at vampire speed. I looked at my empty bed and missed Edward fiercely. Tonight would be the first night in months that I wouldn't be falling asleep in Edward's arms. I was exhausted but I couldn't make myself sleep yet. I talked to Alice for a little while until I put the CD of my lullaby on and closed my eyes. I thought of Edward and smiled.

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