The Wedding and After


Chapter Eight: Preparations

I must have fallen asleep at some point last night because before I knew it, Alice was shouting in my ear, "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty. Today is the big day."

I was about to shout at her to go away and leave me alone when I remembered what big day she was talking about.

I sat straight up and shouted, "Holy crow! I'm getting married today!"

I jumped out of bed as fast as I could, grabbed my bathroom bag, and ran to the bathroom. I only spent twenty minutes in the bathroom today. I washed my hair and body in the shower but neglected my razor. The beauty parlor would take care of that. Alice insisted I get a full body wax to remove any offensive hair. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. The only thing I did to my hair was run a comb through it. Styling it would also be the beauty parlor's job. After I threw on clothes that I didn't have to pull over my head to get off, I went downstairs and ate breakfast. After I was done, I reminded Charlie where to be and when before getting in my truck with Alice and headed toward the beauty parlor.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I pulled into the parking lot and saw Carlisle's car already there. I knew that Esme, Renee, and Rosalie were already there waiting for us. I was anxious to get this over with so that I could see Edward. My heart thumped painfully at the thought of him. It felt like forever since I'd seen him, touched him, been in his arms. I missed him so much.

When Alice and I walked in, all three of them yelled, "There's the beautiful bride!" They were all beaming at me, even Rosalie. I tried to smile and look happy but my heart felt like it was in a vice. They all hugged me before we went in separate directions for our individual beauty treatments.

I couldn't tell what the others were having done to them but I knew I was in for a long, painful torture session. I had to keep reminding myself that this was all for Edward so I could look half as good as him. There was no way I could stand beside him if I didn't have some major beautification done to me. He was a god and I was determined to look at least presentable by his side.

They started with waxing off all of my offensive body hair. I got a leg, bikini, underarm, and eyebrow wax. It hurt soo bad. I don't ever want to do that again. They even did my upper lip. I screamed so much I was sure Edward could hear me and was fighting the urge to come and make sure I was all right.

These speculations proved true when I heard Alice say into her cell phone, "no, she's fine. It's just a waxing... She's being a baby... You will thank me for it tonight when you see how beautiful she looks... Ok I will. Bye."

She walked over to me then and whispered in my ear, "Stop being a baby. Edward is worried sick about all the noise you're making. Oh, and he told me to tell you that he loves you."

My heart gave another thump. I feel so lucky to have someone as great as Edward. I love him so much. I couldn't tell Alice that so I just nodded and clenched my teeth so I couldn't yell anymore.

After the wax was over, they put me in a sea salt bath to relax my aching skin. While I was in, the technicians gave me a manicure. Then, I got out, toweled off, and rubbed the scented lotion they gave me all over my body. They scrubbed the calluses off my feet and painted my toenails. I got a facial and I full body massage to relax my nerves. At noon, no one was hungry so we didn't leave to eat. Everyone got their hair and makeup done. Alice watched them as they did mine, Renée, Esme, and Rosalie's makeup. Rosalie watched as they did Alice's. Alice told the beauticians to give me an elaborate up-do. When they were done with me, I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was practically glowing. I had rhinestone clips in my hair. It was pinned on the top of my head and curled. It looked like a cascade of brown silk flowing down the sides of my head. I had two curly strands of hair draped down the sides of my forehead. My eyelids were shimmery silver and I knew it would look perfect with my silver jewelry. My cheeks were dusted with shiny, pink powder. I giggled at the thought that I reminded myself of how Edward looks in the sun. My lips were painted a shiny, ruby red. Maybe I would look like I belonged next to Edward after all.

Alice asked for samples of the makeup they used on us so she could touch up our makeup later if necessary.

I looked at her and noticed that instead of her signature inky spikes, her hair had been straightened. It was parted to one side and flipped out at the ends. She was very subtly made up. I looked at Rosalie and she too had a very natural look to her makeup. Her blond hair had a slight wave to it. They both looked beautiful but not enough to upstage me. Today was my day to shine and I was grateful that they respected that. Esme was made up in the same subtle way Alice and Rosalie were. Renee looked beautiful too.

It was nearly 4:30 now, the wedding was supposed to start at 6:30, and none of us were dressed. We all rushed out to the cars and sped to the Cullen's house. Alice called Jasper when we were close to the house. She told him to make sure Edward stayed in his room and to not read anyone's mind to peek at me.

We parked in front of the house and hurried into the house. Alice, Rosalie and I rushed into Alice's giant bathroom. I carefully removed my clothes and grabbed the lingerie that went under my dress. It looked like a lacy strapless one-piece swimsuit. It was white and laced up in back. Alice had me grip the towel rack while she tugged on the strings.

"Not so tight, please. I need to be able to breathe." I gasped at her.

"Sorry. I forgot about that." Alice said as she loosened the strings a little. She tied a bow in the strings and went to get my dress as Rosalie fluffed the lace on the bodice. I caught my reflection in the mirror. I looked thin and my chest looked huge.

Alice came back in with my dress. It was a very expensive dress. The skirt was made of silk with a layer of shimmery lace on top. The bodice was also silk. There was lace around the top half of my chest that led into flowing, lace sleeves. My shoulders were bare. Alice and Rosalie straightened out the lace for me as I put on my jewelry. My grandmother's amulet and my diamond earrings sparkled. They were perfect with my makeup and dress. Alice touched up my makeup before hugging me and leaving with Rosalie to go get ready in her and Emmett's room.

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