I'm Not Just His Sister


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The Overly Protective, Annoying Brother

“ARRGGHH! JAMES HAROLD POTTER, YOU SHOULD BE VERY WORRIED ABOUT YOUR FUTURE WELL BEING!” screamed an extremely agitated voice from upstairs. A door was swung open; it banged against the wall with great force, and three pairs of thundering footsteps rampaged across the hallway. Another door slammed shut. “OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BLAST IT OPEN MYSELF!” roared the angry feminine voice. There was no response. There was an exasperated growl, and footsteps rang out on the stairs. Suddenly, standing in the door way of the living room, appeared a soaking wet, pyjama clad girl.

“Oh Evangeline dear, what on earth has happened you?” asked the girl's mother, who was washing the dishes and attempting to smother her laughter.

“Oh please, mother, need you ask!? That idiotic twin brother of mine and his stupid friend decided that it would be exceedingly humorous to drench me with water… IN MY BED!” cried the girl furiously, as she ran her fingers through her wet hair.

“Awk I'm sure they were only having fun, my dear. You know what those two are like,” reasoned her mother, as Evangeline glared incredulously at her.

The raven haired girl let out a frustrated sigh. “They're fifteen, not five, mother!” she said, rolling her eyes. “ I'm going to the shower –“

“But Sis, do you really need one? Sure you're soaked already!" said Evangeline's twin brother, James who was leaning on the frame of the living room door. His best friend Sirius was standing beside him. The two were grinning triumphantly.

“Bugger off, James,” Evangeline snapped. “You know, if you hadn't drenched me in water, I would actually have been in a good mood. But now you're going to be stuck with a moody cow when we go to Diagon Alley later today. I hope you're happy,” she retorted, before turning on her heel and stalking off upstairs.

“Good morning boys!” said Mrs Potter, who was busy making breakfast.

“Morning mum, what's for breakfast?” asked James as he pulled out a chair from under the table and made himself comfortable.

“Bacon and eggs, you okay with that, Sirius dear?” asked Mrs Potter as she cracked open an eggshell and dropped the gloopy egg into the sizzling frying pan.

“Yeah, sure! Thanks Mrs Potter! I'll eat anything really,” the black haired boy replied, smiling sheepishly. James snorted, earning himself a glare from his mother.

“Sirius, dear, how many times have I told you to call me Miriam? We're all family in this house!” she said, as she flipped an egg over in the frying pan. She mused for a moment, before continuing, “However, I'm sure Evangeline is wishing James – “ she threw him an disapproving look, “ – is wishing that you weren’t her brother! I think you should go and apologise to her.”

“But mum …” whined James, scrunching up his face in despair.

“James, you are fifteen years of age! It’s about time you started acting like it,” his mother snapped. “Now, stop whining and go and do as you are told.”

“Oh fine! We’ll go and apologise.” sulked James. As he rose to his feet, he elbowed Sirius in the ribs, which earned him a foul expression from his best friend. “Well come on then! I wasn't the only one who poured water over her, Padfoot! Now get off your fat arse so we can go and apologise to my godforsaken little sister!”

Sirius begrudgingly followed James, and the two boys trudged out of the kitchen. “James! Where are you going? Your sister is in the … shower,” Miriam shouted after them. There was no reply. She sighed, rolling her eyes. “Oh why do I bother?”

James and Sirius began to wearily climb the stairs; Evangeline had an explosive temper, and both of the boys knew that it was not a good idea to be on the receiving end of one of her hexes.

“Phew, she's not in the hallway,” James said, scanning down the hall. “Just watch your back," he warned, as he began to tiptoe quietly across the landing.

Sirius chuckled, “Jeez mate, you make it sound like we’re spying on some mass murderer!”

“Well, if we get caught off guard, I reckon we’ll end up being her first victims!' retorted James in a hushed tone. He peered round the corner, and nodded towards the bathroom door. “I think she's in there.”

Evangeline had just switched off the water in the shower. Shivers ran down her spine as she stepped out of it into the chilly air of the bathroom. She grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it snugly around her. She shook her head and mused, “When will they ever grow up…?”

She walked over to the mirror and stared into it. Yes, Evangeline was definitely a Potter. She had raven black hair that was son long it reached her waist. She had an athletic figure, but unlike James, she had green eyes and did not wear glasses. They were twins; born on the 27th of March. Evangeline was the younger of the two, born three minutes after her older brother. He had always been very protective over her. When she got into trouble in school, he would always take the blame. When someone was coming onto her, James was the first person to tell the poor bloke to get lost. She was grateful for how much he cared for her, but sometimes he took it a little too far…

Flashback to April 1974

“No. I'm not doing it Fabien!” I said, giggling. “And you can't make me either!” I back away slowly from him, laughing at his expression.

“Well, I'm very sorry to inform you, Miss Potter, but I am going to make you!” teased Fabien, who stuck out his tongue. He walked towards me, and continued, “You can't run away from me either.” He had his wand pointing towards me; I knew I was about to be hit with a harmless spell.


Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted into the air! I was dangling by my leg from the ceiling, my robes faffing about my body. “Ahhhhh!” I screamed in surprise, as I swatted my robes away from my face. “You better put me down right this instant, Fabien!” I pouted.

“What will you do if I say no?” he laughed.

Oh you'll see,” I retorted, wiggling my eyebrows and smirking.

Suddenly, we were interrupted. “EVIE!? What…? PUT HER DOWN PREWITT!” roared a male voice. My attention snapped towards the owner of the angered voice; it was James. Typical James believing that he was saving the day. He had his wand pointed menacingly at Fabien.

“JAMES! WAIT … STOP!” I yelled.

“PUT HER DOWN PREWITT OR I WILL CURSE YOU INTO OBLIVION!' he roared again, completely ignoring my cries.

Fabien looked extremely taken aback. He was staring worriedly towards my brother. “Wow, I .. eh, James, I was just – ”

“I SAID, PUT HER DOWN!” James yelled; he was losing his patience.

With a quick flick of Fabien’s wand, and a quiet utterance of “Liberacorpus”, I ended up crashing to a bundle on the ground. I scrambled to my feet, as James continued to berate Fabien.

“You are a very lucky guy, Prewitt. Do that again, and I will make sure that you are never capable of producing offspring,” James snarled, still pointing his wand at Fabien. As soon as Fabien had ran off, he turned towards me. “Evie! Are you okay?” he asked, as he attempted to put his arm around me, “That slimy bas – ”

“Get off me James!” I snapped, as I brushed his arm off me. I scowled at him. “Fabien was just having fun. I was in no harm whatsoever! Why do you have to be so bloody over-protective?!” I growled, stamping my foot.

“He – I was – ” My brother struggled to string two words together.

“Just leave me alone, alright, James” I said vehemently, before turning on my heel, and running off after Fabien. Stupid git; I actually really liked Fabien. Trust James to come and scare him off!

End of Flashback

Knock knock. Someone was knocking on the door of the bathroom. Evangeline gathered her clothes and walked over to the door. She unlocked it, and was expecting her dad to be standing there but instead it was...

“Evie, listen we're really sorry about pouring that bucket of water - ' James stared at her, disgusted. “Jeez, put some clothes on will you! I do not want to see my sister standing in front of me in only a towel!”

“I'm so very sorry dear brother, but at this rate, it looks like I am the only source femininity you will get to goggle at,” replied Evangeline smugly, a smirk playing on her lips. “Now if you don't mind moving your bodies, I would like to get past.” She stopped, and looked at Sirius, a confused expression donning her face. “What's your problem Sirius? Surely you have seen your fair share of girls in towels? Oh wait; it seems I am the only one you haven't managed to corner with your womanising ways yet!”

“You’re my best friend Evie; I wouldn't do that to you,” replied Sirius with a sparkle in his eye.

“Well, I am very glad! I'll be ten minutes, boys! Then we can go get our school supplies,” said Evangeline as she disappeared behind her bedroom door.

As Evangeline entered her bedroom, it dawned on her how messy it was. Spell books, sweet wrappers and various other objects littered the floor of her room. Being twins, it seemed that James and Evangeline had inherited similar traits; both were incredibly untidy and had quite shocking manners. However, the both of them also had incredible intelligence and bravery; it was these traits which put them both into Gryffindor.

She stumbled around the room searching for clothes to wear. Finally, after rummaging through her wardrobe, she emerged from her from her bedroom wearing an AC/DC Back to Black T-shirt and greying skinny jeans. For a girl of such beauty, these clothes seemed an odd choice, but she suited them nonetheless.

As she ran down the stairs, the holes in her mismatched socks allowed the cold floor to tickle her toes.

“Okay guys, I'm all ready to go!” Evangeline announced brightly as she pulled on her black converse. The sole was starting to fall off on one of the shoes; she clearly needed a new pair.

“Evie, I think whilst we’re in Diagon Alley, we should look for a new pair of shoes for you; those look atrocious!' gasped her mother, who seemed quite shocked at the state of the shoes.

“Oh don't be ridiculous mum, they're fine!” Evangeline replied, shrugging slightly as she made her way towards the fridge. She grabbed a carton of orange juice and took a quick swig of it.

EVANGELINE APRIL POTTER!” Mrs Potter screeched, causing her daughter to choke on the mouthful of orange juice and spit it down the front of her t-shirt.

Evangeline frowned at the state of her t-shirt before scowling at her mother. “MUM! What'd you do that for?!” she said angrily, as she tried to dry the sodden patch on her shirt.

“You are not the only person in this house who drinks that!” snapped her mother, who was frowning at her daughter. “Boys!” she shouted, hoping that the two male teenagers would hear her. “Are you ready to go? We shall be leaving by floo soon!”

Suddenly, James and Sirius entered the kitchen. There was a loud meow, and a kerfuffle at the kitchen table. “Jesus Christ, bloody cat!” exclaimed James, who nudged Salem, Evangeline’s cat, out of his way with his foot.

“James!” Evangeline snapped, “Do not kick my cat!”

“It nearly killed me! I swear; that cat has it in for me!”

“Don't be ridiculous! You seem to be the only person who thinks Salem is evil,” she said, as she picked the black cat off the ground and cuddled him. “Even Sirius likes him, don't you Sirius?” Evangeline said, who had glanced in Sirius’ direction, waiting eagerly for clarification.

“I ...eh, yeah, James there’s nothing wrong with the cat, mate,” Sirius replied. He was trying not to look James in the eye. Evangeline’s twin, however, was gaping at his best friend.

“Right everybody ready to go?” assumed the twins' mother. Little did she know, that she had interrupted at a crucial time; a possible argument might have ensued. “James, you go first.”

“Right you are, mum,” said James as he took a handful of the powder, and stepped into the fireplace. He threw the powder into the fire and yelled, “DIAGON ALLEY!”

“Ah, five minutes of peace,” sighed Evangeline, as her mother handed her a bag. “Ohhh, what's in here, mum?” she asked, as she rummaged around in the bag.

“Oh Evangeline, give me it here! It's just some clothes I have to take back! Now Sirius, are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, no problem, Mrs Potter,” he replied, as he grabbed some powder. “See you there, Angel,” he said, winking at Evangeline. He stepped into the fire, just as James had done before him and threw the powder into the fire. “DIAGON ALLEY!” he shouted.

Angel, eh?” Evangeline's mother questioned, with a smirk lingering on her lips. She fumbled about, picking things up and rearranging them into her handbag.

“Oh, that's just his nickname for me. Remus and him use it,” Evangeline explained, shrugging her shoulders, as she stuck her wand in her back pocket.

She wandered over to the table, and grabbed a handful of Floo Powder from the pot. Being careful not to drop any, she walked over to the fireplace and stepped into it. “See you there mum,” she said and threw the powder in the green flame. She began to whiz around, and after quite a rough journey and a grazed elbow, she finally stumbled out of the fireplace feeling rather ill.

Flourish and Blotts, the famous wizarding book store. Evangeline loved the place. Part of the reason was that James hated reading so he would never dream of entering a shop like this; also the fact that there were over a hundred books to choose from. After a dander round the different shelves of books they had to offer, Evangeline left the building and walked over to where four boys were standing.

“Well, well! Fancy meeting you lot here!” said Evangeline, happily. “Hey Remus! Did you have a good summer?” she asked, as she pulled him into a hug.

“Not bad actually, and yourself?” he asked politely. Remus had wonderful manners; no matter who he was around.

“Well, it would have been better, if it weren't for those two gimps standing beside you!” laughed Evangeline, who received a glare from her brother. Sirius just grinned at her.

“You know you love me really, Angel,” he teased, slinging his arm around her shoulders.

“That's what you think, dear Mr Black,” Evangeline replied, as ducked under his arm, and started making her way towards the Quidditch store. She gazed in the window, staring at the brooms.

“Anything interesting, Evie?” James asked. He was standing beside her, his nose pressed to the window.

“I wonder if mum will get me a new broom… I haven't had a new one since second year,” said Evangeline grimly. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh, I like that one!” she said excitedly, pointing to the broom sitting on the topmost shelf. The sight of her reminded James of a small child in a toyshop.

“Hmm…Cleansweep 290. Nice broom! Wonder how much is it though?” James asked, as he scanned through the window for a price tag.

“Um, it's 190 galleons! Do you think mum would mind? I know dad wouldn't – he always said that the best brooms are the priciest ones,” said Evangeline, looking hopefully at her brother.

“I guess we'll just have to see, little sis,” he said, smiling at her, before tugging on his sister’s hoody. “Come on, let’s go and find mum.”

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