But is it Really Art?

Chapter 3

I'm a Potential Slayer? Dawn was horrified, as she sat at the dining room table, looking at the article in "Undead Life" magazine.

No! I'm not killing Buffy; or Spike; or Xander; or Anya. No! Never! Never! Never!

But what if some Devourer comes after me?

"Buffy!" She howled.

Then Dawn jumped up from the chair, and ran into the living room, holding the magazine.

"Have you looked at everything in this?"

Her sister and Spike looked calmly at the horrified expression on the girl's face.

"Dawn." Buffy spoke calmly. "If the pictures in this magazine cause you so much distress, the best thing to for you to do, is just don't look at it."

"It's not the pictures. It's what's written in this article."

Spike smirked. "Yeah--right. That's what they all say."

"I'm being serious Spike. Buffy. In this magazine, they've identified Potential Slayers!"

Buffy and Spike both looked startled.

Buffy said, "They have?"

The former Slayer reached for the magazine, and Dawn handed it to her.

Spike repeated, "Potential Slayers?" as Buffy opened to the page with the article identifying those who had not yet been devoured.

Buffy looked at her sister. "You're one of them?"

"Hey!" Dawn's voice trembled. "I just found out myself! I didn't ask for it! I know you did a great job Buffy, but it's not one I want! You can call England and tell the Council to give it to somebody else!"

"We can't call the Council Dawn. If we do, we'll have to admit that I've been killed, and that I'm now a vampire. Then they'll be forced to choose a new Slayer."

Dawn said, "You haven't told them yet? Not even Giles?"

"Not even Giles."

Now Spike spoke, "It's no secret here in Sunnydale. Word's sure to have reached the Watchers' Council by now."

Buffy pointed to the Magazine. "They're not the only one's who've found out. There's a spy on the Council. He or she has access to their files, and has given all the information about these Potential Slayers to 'Undead Life' Magazine; and they've all been targeted."

Dawn said, "Including me."

"No Dawn." Her sister said, "I'm still the Slayer. Any 'Devourer' who comes after you, will have to deal with me."

Dawn said, "Amanda too, if any devourer goes after her."


Spike asked, "What about these other Potentials? Especially the 'Charmed Ones'?"

Buffy told them, "Willow and Anya have the powers to deal with the Halliwell sisters. It'll be best if we leave the 'Charmed Ones' to them. As for the others, we'll have to wait and see."

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