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An Indian dreamland

By Ayushi Tandon

India " A GLIMPSE"

I observe and I observe! the golden Land
and I loved it....
Day before yesterday my mid semester  was over, means if I had dared to sleep I must have got night mares.So I engaged myself in chemistry of kajol and shahrukh khan ( India's favorite)!
morining 6:30 I was in train, but it has got nothing to do with post. Rather I covered half of my journey sleeping, and another half in deep thoughts! 
Those thoughts I wish to keep in record with me, because it was all I felt life is, at-least Indian life is!
so this chapter is I observe..
The train stopped, at outer (very much expected from a passenger train, as it cant reach its destination before Indian timings).
I looked out the window...and was surprised
"left hand side I could see all yellow and green fields, ready to be harvested, and right hand side it was all white... dull grey.To be more precise,just two trees without and green cover were just counting last days of their lives, " I just got first thought, these trees must be eager for the service of villagers nearby to be used as fuel( yes, Indian's still use traditional fuel) next winters,and will try to survive till then. 

Then I gave a thought on contrast of views I was getting from two different windows of same compartment. very much expected from me, I had chosen right side window, barren land as a subject of my thoughts.

The train crawled then for next one minute , and then it was at normal speed. I was looking from right side window, and I had chosen my frame of observation also, between the two parallel rods of iron it seemed to me as if i was watching a video..
" life"

First scene was a man on bicycle and a girl following him, I assumed that she must be following him, because she needs just two rupees to buy colors for Holi, or she must be requesting for new skirt, as it was Holi time.
But then I thought, she might be going to primary school, and her father taking her, but this is something least expected from Indian villages.

Another scene was green fields and a lady in red saree, working in those farms, i immediately got thought that she must be having her drunkard husband sitting at home,and she will be forced by fuel less chulas at home to go and work,as his son might be sick, or daughter might be coming along with her husband , to visit her.

Again my thoughts were influenced by next scene form my frame, it was really beautiful, two ladies were just walking and continuously talking, first thought I got was that they must be discussing the new blouse and saree which thy must have got from the families where they go to wash utensils, then I realized that if this had been situation I must have witnessed joy in their walks, but it seemed a bit gloomy, so again they mite be worried because it was holi time,and they will be expecting some local bank managers of their village,coming home and asking interest of money which they took as loan from him last Holi, when her husband got severe injury while cutting trees.

Next scene was a jeep, and two men standing with him, in the farms, I avoided that scene because all I was getting was very violent thoughts.

And yes! I got something to think upon as soon as i saw a lady with a boy (must be her son) ,of 10 to 12 years trying to work on fields, i guessed he will be her younger son,and elder one mite be in Indian army , and this month money he send home was spent in immunization of his newly born daughter, and calcium tablets of his wife. 

Then next seen was really cute i saw a building with two room ,and a banner "primary school"
that was government aided school, strength nearby 20 kids aged 8 -10..
all sitting outside in groups and discussing, not alphabets of any language, but they are very well blessed with local language, and they don't feel that they have any need to learn more, but till fifth class they could come to this building daily, and at-least get mid day meals every alternate day, to fill their empty bellies. I also thought that they being kids, also feel happy being there because they are away from worries back at home, where father must be telling him that you should go to  temple in town next week Tuesday, and get some money or at-least earn for yourself... (beg or steal)

As my train was approaching towards my city of nawabs , Lucknow... the views in my frame became more urban,and I could not enjoy them 
That is not real India, (this is something I personally believe)
I had seen India where I wish to work, where I wish to live, and some or the other way be part of life of protagonists of my this posts ,And DO SOMETHING!

and finally I am back home, eating sleeping...and talking as usual! :)

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