Autumn whispers

Chap 25 Zev and me at camp

NEW SCENE! added july 16
In which he gets bitten by a Velvet Ant , endures pain but has to admit defeat. Some hallucinations. Fenris, Merrill and everyone tc of him :D

Fenris’ curse I don’t know the exact spelling but u can hear it:
How the bug looks like, saw it on a documentary

For my writingincity friends Melissa, Amos and everyone who knows my love for Elves Yayyy LOL!

I noticed the new girl had arrived, on the fifth or sixth day. Merrill had suddenly returned and was cooking a type of broth. She didn’t tell us where she had gone off to, and I sure hoped it was not some blood magic ritual. At first, I had been a little hurt, as she had promised Fen and Aveline to accompany me. Then, I tried to see it as everyone has their private business, just like Fenris didn’t want to relive every sordid detail of his agonizing past occupation, nor the ritual that made him look exotic.Now he would not be defensive when strangers probed him when he felt calm, merely ignored them. I did offer to whack them when I heard, but he smiled and declined.

Zev was rather calm and greeted her casually. I had expected him to demand an explanation, but he didn’t. That, I had been curious.

“Hey Zev, I thought you’d be irritated about her vanishing on us?”

“Ha, I could find out if I wish. I’ve seen nothing suspicious, so that’s alright. You didn’t write that to Fen, no?” He rubbed his chin. I shook my head, and that was our secret-honorbound agreement. The Antivan smiled and touched my cheek. “He may still be sleepless and worrying about you.”

I detected a note of tempting wistfulness, even if his smile did not fade. “Hey he does care about you too. Otherwise he wouldn’t give you an amulet of protection.” When I moved back after our hug, I fingered the symbol that smelled of spices. Zev nodded.

“Oh querida, you’re too kind. Hm what was it you wanted to ask me that day?”

I frowned. “Er when?”

“The day you said I ignored you for an entire day, if I’m jealous. Did you mean that time?” he remarked honestly. I nodded. “I’ve a short memory. But I can’t be angry with my friends for that long. Case in point, Isabela- she let me down before, but I render help if she needs it.”

“Ah yea! Because when you said to me, I’m luckier than the orphans in Thedas, you had that tone of envy and like that. Are you jealous?” I snapped my fingers, imitating his expression.

“How wicked, Kitty, I don’t believe I looked that upset! And it is true, but forgive me if I was too harsh. Many elves in my homeland and alienages are orphans. Fen too. Perhaps I could have been. But I forgot why.” Zevran admitted.

I didn’t realize how the pang in my heart had shown up, for he reached out and clasped my hand. “We don’t have to look back on those sufferings in the past. But I still thank you for your pity. Be sure to donate money to me next time alright?”

I glared. “What? I’m not- Eh maybe, when we’re grown up, we will definitely see how to improve the lives of your people.” We may joke now, but I fully intended to help more orphans and slaves become free. He laughed. Once, people said slaves were born into magisters’ houses to serve them, so they must have had parents. But due to such cruel hardship, the parents probably don’t live to ripe old age.

Then he asked if I missed my mother, and Donnic. Zevran can be really emotional and empathic. “I miss Leto the most, he’s very good to me. Because he doesn’t force me and we have plenty to talk about, some days. Or rather, I talk and he’ll listen, hehe. Actually, oddly with you elves, I don’t have problems communicating. Seems he might be able to come next week! ” I closed my eyes.

“I also can’t wait. But he might miss the comforts of living in the city. We were not born in the forests, and after living rough, I understand all that.” Zevran laughed at my naivete.


Another time,

“Hey why are you hesitating? That’s her isn’t it? Go.” I urged him. I was munching on a type of Elf wheatbread.

At the rate he was combing his hair, regardless of how much abundance it was, soon he’d become bald. Haha! “I- I’m not hesitating! I don’t know how she’ll react, how to tell her about myself, no! Stop- rushing me,” Zev grumbled and adjusting his leather armor. All of us were wearing some form of armor, which felt sticky and hot in the humidity. But if I did not, my family wouldn’t allow me to leave! Fen, Donnic and Aveline, they’re my family. Zevran as well.

“She’ll probably not understand even if you explain about Antiva all that. I support you!” I smiled.

He got up, took a deep breath and approached the group of ladies. She was a brown-haired elvish girl, and they had welcomed her with some flowers around her neck! I watched him embrace her and finally talked to her. This was the Third day she had come , now or never.

Merrill sat beside me, wiping her hands and beaming. I couldn’t help probing the mage, and this was the best time. “Merrill, we got worried, when you disappeared.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I had to meet a friend. Guess I forgot to tell you.” She did not cast furtive glances or sound wobbly or scared we’d find her secret.

“I slept with Zev. He’s a gentleman. It’s nice they are reunited.” I replied. Then she took care of my needs, as if everything was normal.

When she had finished talking with her group, Zev brought her over. “Her name is El’ynth. Ah, the closest word I can pronounce her name.” His ears kept twerking and he was both happy and shy when he introduced her. The girl said some dalish words, not ‘andaran atishan’.


The slight pinch when some bug had nipped between the centre of his palm had not gone away. Zevran thought nothing of it, listening to the other Dalish talking and keeping an eye out for predators. Antivan- Crows are highly resistant to agony, so this is nothing. He flexed his hand, continuing to gather firewood.

By a few more hours, the elf felt the humidity and heat more acutely. His right arm was numb and his pulse was irregular and louder in his ears. Huh? He murmured, “Not feel---- so good.” The throbbing worsened and Zevran felt nauseous, bile rising up. Someone held him up when his knees gave way.

“Zevran, oh gods! Someone, come please!” the lady’s accent was exotic and strange. Hadn’t he spoken with her before? But his vision was tunnelling and colors were blotting across crazily. He smiled in ecstasy.


Merrill & Fenris

They were at the back of the group. It was his cousin who alerted her to come, panicking. Zevran was supported by another Dalish and Fenris. The city elf looked calm, but his markings were unstable and flickering. “Is there a healer here?” Fenris demanded. The antivan was smiling and speaking feverishly, not pale but his right hand was swollen to the size of a hive and red. Ignoring Fenris, because there wasn’t time to translate, Merrill instructed those who had noticed to stop and help. She took a cleansing breath. “Fenris just hold him still. We’re going to make a herb first. Then we get him back to the Keeper.” Would he argue with her?

He agreed and they laid Zev down. She rummaged in her pack and located some cutters to remove his glove. The swollen area prevented them from yanking it off, which would also trigger more pain. Sabriel went to get some clean stream water so they could clean the wound.

Zev flinched at the jabbing pains but the firm grip would not let go of him. He tried to raise his head but it was too much effort. Fenris and her watched as both male and female elves expertly made a foul smelling paste from bark and some grasses. “What happened? He was ok just now,” the human teenager whispered to Fenris.

“Not sure. He just collapsed. Maybe it’s a poisonous bug. Be careful. I’ll get him a fresh shirt.” Oh dear, Zev thought and felt the urge to giggle. Shiny haloes around sexy women surrounded him. He relaxed. Merrill wound the cloth with the paste on it and pressed it to his chest. “It’s done. He will fall asleep, and I cannot let go of him. Please make a litter for him, and we’ll head back. Ely‘nth can you identify the type of insect that bit him so we can talk to the Keeper about it? Ma serannas.”

Sabriel was talking with Fenris, since they were leftout of untranslated dalish. “Are you upset? Did you get any bites or cuts?”

“No I feel alright.I was worried. He will be the death of me, festus bei cunavarum.*

After Zev was settled with a fresh tunic, no armor to aid with breathing, he said gently, “You acted well. Your healing skills improve?”

Merrill grinned, blushing. He smiled. He didn’t compliment people easily! “Er yes. I haven’t mastered the art of healing with lyrium, yet, but all of us need to know which plants and herbs relieve pain and poison and illness. I’m glad my friend in the town taught me.”

“Cool cool!” his ward exclaimed, thumbs up. “Leto, it’s nice you’re opening up. I’d have panicked and started screaming. Didn’t Zev mention it hurt?”

Leto scowled. “No, he was trying to act strong. Then he swayed and said not good. I expected better of him (growl)” But his ears tweaked when the mage and his friend smiled admiringly at him.


Ely ‘nth’s large green eyes were filled with tears, and her hair tickled his face when he came to. His tongue felt very large and as dry as sandpaper. Zev coughed when she blurted in their dialect. “Wait--- please no understand. Lyn.” She went away, and propped his head up for a sip of the skin. Cool liquid dribbled down. Zevran tried to get his bearings and breathed easier. What happened? His mind was dull like cotton wool, his hearing imbalanced. The tent looked dim. His right hand was bandaged and throbbed with steady pulses. But it was not a blinding agony. He was perspiring, cold and warm, only in his smalls.

A rough hand on his forehead. Fenris’ sonorous voice: “Hey you awake? It was a wasp-ant. You were careless. Don’t do this again. Or you’ll see my fist.” His green eyes were large as he leaned closer. Zev grinned and promised softly. He lifted his trembling free hand to touch Fenris. The warrior sighed and matched fingers to him.

“Rest. It’s thankful Merry knew what to do…..” He talked more but his eyelids were heavy.Sorry, I thought the wound was nothing big. Beautiful to hear him tell me stories. I really love you, te amo Fenris!

The day was hotter when he awoke the next time. Unsure how long it had been…. People speaking in common. Sabriel scrambled over with a roll of bread and some meat. “Don’t get up. I just made some food.” He beamed and sat up slightly to take it. She shook her head. “I’ll feed you say ahhh.” Zev opened his mouth. He heard he had been down for almost four days.

“Thank you Kit. I guess I’ll need help. It’s still swollen.”

“Yes! Merrill couldn’t use magic but she made herbs. Then we hurried back to camp. You weren’t pale but you were talking nonsense Zev. High fever, Fen was so upset that he had to control his tattoos. Why did you keep silent? It’s serious!” she scolded him, although not on the verge of a breakdown, she was upset.

Zevran had more energy to talk now. “Oh querida, I felt just a pinch. Here let me show you.” He pinched her hand a bit to demonstrate. “And I had training to endure pain. If I screamed or complaint of pain, I’d have failed assassin training. Should be better now, I’m hungry.”

Then they took turns to take care of him. Last time, when the Grey Warden’s companions were with him, they had not always been so warm. This is awesome! Bueno! “Fenris?”

“Yea?” The ex Tevinter elf was checking his bandage. “Don’t exert too much.” So he leaned over and kissed him. Because Fenris had been taken by surprise he turned and Zev’s lips brushed his ear. He cleared his throat, reddening at the cheeks. “Well… um I wrote you back. It’s in your bag.” After a while, he closed his eyes and leaned over shyly. The Antivan wanted to exclaim DIOS! HE’S REALLY KISSING ME! But he couldn’t, because their lips and tongues were intertwined.

Fenris moved back after that and brushed back his long fringe, focused on somewhere beyond him.

(to be continued)

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