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of heroes

Some Fenders of the rivalry kind and a perfect sleeping routine!

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I smiled when Elf pasted this note on the moneybag. “Wah this is much nicer than the usual squiggles on the practice, Leto.”

“Hey, I can be neat. Want to come along? I’ll drop this off at the local branch.” He stashed it into his slingbag, which he hardly uses except when he is on errands. However on missions, he stubbornly tries to make everything fit onto his belt.

“Do you still hate Anders?” As we were on the way, I asked my friend. Their feud had been legendary and they had both liked Hawke very much!

“Sometimes. But I won’t fight with him if that’s what you are getting at.” He said monotonously. “Don’t want to be disciplined by humans what to do, what not to do.” I knew he had quite a high rank now from all his unique experiences and skills, though unsure what his title was.

“Are you Captain Fenris? Nah they won’t dare to discipline you. They’d be in pain.” That made him chuckle. He didn’t answer directly, just that he respected Cullen and Aveline too much to make trouble.

“Well,because if all capital letters means you’re mad.” I said.

“Oh I hadn’t told you, I was really sick from the heat-magic. Hadn’t been an urgency to speed up the healing. Idiotic man smugly cast. I should have puked in his face,” He confided. Was it the stitches? Elf didn’t specify where, but my heart softened.

When I saw Anders, he was going to answer for that deed! As if he had telepathy, Leto added, “I’m better, don’t have to speak to him.” His leaf green eyes stared piercingly at me for a while.

I asked what? “Hm I will be stressed if you assault him. Mages are petty, Kit. Bear in mind.”

“Aw am I that transparent?” Elf said he didn’t wish to write a report if someone hit the medical staff. As mercenary, he didn’t have to do much paperwork, which was why he had turned down their repeated invitations to train and be on patrol, fulltime with everyone. However, when some bigshot had seen his Gifts in action, he got signed on.

“The good things are the benefits and subsidies for supplies right? I even thought medical would be free.” I mused.

He sighed. “It is, to a certain extent. Don’t worry, you read that Elvhen, that’s us, can heal faster right? Let’s focus on that.” His calloused finger touched my cheek. I said I looked back fondly on the times he had more freetime to bring me exploring. He beamed.

“I still will, when I’m free. Want to get more familiar with your classmates.” I moaned, not group outings! Then I said I won't assault anyone. I can be a lady! He arched a brow in doubt.


My dear Varric, thank you for showing me how the business works. I understand Dwarven society more now. It’s a huge difference from Oghren’s one. He was born and bred underneath. Have u been there?


One night when our dear Fenris and me were lying down together on the low mattress, we had fun telling stories. “Tell me if you’re feeling tired. You can close your eyes I don’t mind.” Usually people have some hot drinks and snacks as they go about these gatherings. My friend did not want to attract bugs and rats, nor have cavities so we had eaten some before coming in.

Wow he has become a neat-freak! Lol!

“Hm sure. Anyway as I was saying, why do girls want to think it’s fresh from the fight, when we are bleeding and sweating? I tried it that day.” He beamed, propping himself on his elbow. Every mood made him illuminate, even happiness and some of the patterns on his arms and chest were lit. “You didn’t like it.”

“Um you don’t have to do it literally! It’s a concept, and it’s a song. The girl’s dream, haha!” Then I wanted to make a romantic ride into the sunset on a handsome steed. Fen burst out laughing, that I bet his ‘picture’ of this image was probably weird. He was improving on imagery and remembered certain phrases better associated. “Ok I’m seeing a struggling skinny horse. It’s limping, and the battle was from dawn to dusk. Harsh.” He sounded as if he was stifling more laughter.

“Noooo! Time isn’t the same for fantasy. Fen! Gahhh. Any bedtime stories?” He was solemn, as they would be about his scattered past and stuff, and what little Tevene tales had been wiped out. Yet, tonight he was trying not to be pessimistic.

When I got up to get some snacks, Fen looked asleep. He breathed deeply.

To have the Feel of romance, we had doused all the lights.

Out of the blue, he asked why the small pixies are elves in some tales.

“You see how tall we are. Do you believe so, my friend?” I smiled, touching his ear.

After some silence, “Hm I’ve got one. Try not to interrupt, I need to focus. Once there was a brooding grumpy elf that had been asleep for a very long while. Until a child came wishing she could speak to him again. They hadn’t talked since an adventure….” His voice was gravelly, yet steady and lilting too.

My heart raced. Why--- that’s US! My eyes filled though I closed them. Fenris had remembered the time I stayed vigil with him, hearing every word that Aveline and me had told him. Don't give up, we are waiting. There was a poignant richness and tenderness that we would not fully appreciate if we were looking at each other. “He thought he felt a soft kiss to his lips, then they looked at the many well-wishes and cards, souvenirs everyone had sent. He had no idea so many cared. One day the girl brought a big book about the hero-tales called the Companions of Kirkwall. She said it was important for him to understand how heroic he had been. Even if the elf did not think so. So far, sounds alright?”

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