Be They as Three


Harry, Draco, and Severus have now been soul-bonded by the fairies. They are trying to feel out their new bond, as well as each other. But something is coming for Severus. Sequel to Be They As One. Harry, Draco, and Severus have now been soul-bonded by the fairies. They are trying to feel out their new bond, as well as each other. Slowly, the bond starts to take on a whole new form, causing the power structure to be tipped. Something is coming for Severus, something dark, and it won't go down without a fight. Can the bond grow strong enough to save him, or will Severus be doomed to darkness?

Romance / Fantasy
Noxious Love
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Crash. Bang. Boom!

“What the bloody hell is happening down there, Draco?!” Severus yelled down the stairs to the basement of their shared potion’s shop, Brew For You, at the sound of commotion that met his ears.

“It is Potter again!” Draco responded, a hint of panic lacing his voice. “You would think someone could perfect a floo landing after this many years, but noooo Saint Potter still comes in like he is riding on the back of a zoo wagon!”

“I--” Crash. “Oof.” Bang. “Lost my glasses again, not my fault!” Boom. Harry blurted out as he crashed into more things in the storeroom.

“Are you really the wizard that defeated The Dark Lord Voldemort, Harry? You are 24, and you did not think to use an eye correcting potion after all these years?” Draco said tauntingly, helping Harry to his feet and finally guiding him over to a chair.

Harry blushed and looked down at the ground, and Draco snorted realizing that Harry really had not thought of it before! To think… after all these years in the Wizarding World. Those years living with Muggles really must have done a number on him.

“Well, why didn’t the potion masters I am bonded to think to suggest it?” Harry mumbled, trying to cover up his embarrassment.

Severus finally had enough of the bickering between the two younger men, and having heard of Harry’s predicament had grabbed a potion from the shelf and joined the two downstairs. Both boys turned to look at him as he made his way over to Harry, his work robes swishing behind him.

“Really, Harry, I do not know if you will ever cease to amaze me. Here, drink this. It was just brewed this morning, but I think you can use it more than any of my customers could anyways.” Severus instructed, pulling off the cork of a teal colored potion and putting it in Harry’s hands. Harry took a sniff of it and scrunched his nose, earning a snort of amusement from Severus. “It is not a poison, at least not this time.” Severus added with a smirk in jest.

Harry rolled his eyes, thinking it really would be comical to be done in by one of his bond mates without asking any questions. He blocked his nose off and tossed the potion back, drinking it down in one big gulp. At first, nothing seemed any different. Then suddenly his world view went from foggy glass to pristine waters. He could clearly see Draco and Severus standing near by and the storeroom of the potion’s shop around him. His eyes must have widened, for Draco gave another laugh and slapped him on the back.

“Welcome to the world of 20/20 vision, Harry.” Draco said jokingly, offering Severus a brief grin for having thought to grab the potion when overhearing their conversation.

“Thank you for the potion.” Harry said begrudgingly. “Do you want something for it?”

“In case you forgot, we are soul mates, Harry, so I do not really think charging you for an image correcting potion is really something I plan to do. Plus, it will not break my vault anyway. I am not exactly a beggar in Knockturn Alley, you know.” Severus replied, shaking his head at his dark haired bond mate.


It had been about two weeks since Harry, Draco, and Severus had visited the fairy mound on Harry’s property in Connemara Island. Not a whole lot had changed in that time, at least nothing the three men could point out. Harry had taken to visiting Severus and Draco at their potion’s shop when he was not teaching at Hogwarts. Severus and Draco had been to Hogwarts a few times as well, but after Dumbledore kept popping into different portraits to talk to them all the time, they had kept the main part of their interactions outside of Hogwarts. Even when he was out of this world, it seemed like Dumbledore was still a meddling old man.

Harry was coming up on the end of the semester, and currently working on The Unforgivable Curses with his seventh year students. He still was not sure if the Ministry allowed it because he was Harry Potter, or if they finally saw that it was something that needed to be taught in school. Harry looked back a lot of times and tried to think of how the War could have been influenced if all the students had received a better Defence Against the Dark Arts education. Not that he was knocking Dumbledore’s choices of professors during his school term, but most people agreed they learned next to nothing, save the year Professor Lupin was briefly there. Harry and Draco had talked about it once, but it was hard to see Harry’s point of view, as Draco was trained in the Dark Arts from an early age, and thus was a lot better at defending himself against them. Severus for his part did not seem too bitter anymore about not being able to have the position of Defense teacher, as it was common knowledge during his school term that Severus wanted the position. Since being bonded to the man, and spending more time around him, Harry often wondered what Dumbledore was thinking by not giving the man the position. Ah well, it all somehow turned out for the best.

Severus and Draco’s Potions store, Brew For You, was actually one of the top grossing shops in Diagon Alley. With Severus’s excellence and, begrudgingly, Harry had to admit also Draco’s growing precision in brewing difficult potions, the shop saw a lot of business. The two man did not carry such “trivial childish things” (as Severus told Harry once) as love potions, but the potions they did carry aided many aspects of Wizard’s lives, from something as simple as curing an ailment, to helping a wizarding couple become fertile and carry offspring.

Currently, Draco and Severus were working on an extremely volatile potion, Severus’s trademark, the Wolfsbane Potion. After the Great War, and the recruiting attempts of Fenrir Greyback, of course, England had a much larger population of werewolves. So the Wolfsbane Potion had been worked on by Draco and Severus, and almost now at near perfection. Their Wolfsbane gave the werewolf both control of his actions, and his emotions during the full moon transformation. They were still working out one more thing with the potion, and that was the ability to completely stunt the werewolf’s transformation during the full moon into the beast, allowing the werewolf to live an almost nearly human existence.

As Draco was adding the final ingredient, he heard the popping sound of an apparition upstairs in their home quarters, along with the jingle of the wards being triggered. Very few people had the coordinates of their privates quarters, so when Harry appeared in the two men’s workshop after a soft knocking on the door, Draco calmed down and watched as Severus stirred the potion counter clockwise three times before placing a statis on the brew, as it now needed to sit for an entire moon cycle.

“Hey, uh, sorry for coming over without any warning, but Hermione has been researching--” Draco groaned and Harry tossed him a look of contempt before continuing. “Fairy bonds, and tribonds in general, and discovered something a little strange. As you both know, Ron and Hermione were soul bonded by a Ministry appointed Connector, as all the wizarding couples that take the Potion de Sort do. But fairy bonds are different, in that they all designate a submissive and Dominant partner in the bond. Ours being a three way bond… complicates it a bit, as the material she was able to find was not all that specific since it’s rare for the soul to be broken up into three parts. So… it could end up with a few outcomes, but somewhere in all of it, there will be one of us who is considered the Alpha Dominant and have well,” Here Harry paused and a light pink tinted hue graced his cheeks, “have the most sway in all matters of the relationship.”

After Harry spoke he hid behind his hand a moment before removing it and glancing at the two men, afraid of their response. Severus seemed to be contemplating it, while Draco just seemed arrogantly sure of himself. Harry did not see the tell tale signs of anger that he was expecting at his declaration of Hermione’s findings, so for that he was grateful.

“And,” Severus drawled, “was Mrs. Weasley able to find when these things may come into play?”

“As I said, the material was not very through and sparse, so that was all she was able to discern on the matter. I rather thought you would be a tad… bothered by this but you both seem to be dealing with it rather well.” Harry said with surprise.

“It really is hard to remember you grew up with Muggles, but to the rest of us that were raised in Wizarding households, the idea of Dominance and submission does not hold such the taboo on it that the Muggles give it. I assume that something about our magic will aid in the selection of roles, but personally I have always been rather Dominant when it comes to relationships.” Draco explained as he began to clean up his work space, offering Harry a look of remorse. It was obvious Draco assumed he would have prowess over Harry, causing the dark haired Wizard to scoff.

“Why don’t we head upstairs and relax for a bit? I know after a day of teaching, the relaxation would be a welcome break, and we have been brewing for the past three hours. Draco just purchased a batch of Butterbeer and some pumpkin tarts.” Severus offered to Harry, not waiting for a response as he made his way up the stairs to their personal quarters.

“And I can kick your arse in a game of Wizard’s Chess again!’ Draco said with delight, following Severus’s lead up the stairs. Harry laughed and followed the blonde haired man and the three settled into the Potion Maker’s sitting room. Harry came from the kitchen with the pumpkin tarts Severus had suggested, and Draco placed a rather large jug of butterbeer on the table with three glasses and plates.

Harry took the jug and poured himself a glass, taking a small sip and sighing in contentment. “Is this alcoholic butterbeer?” he questioned after a moment.

Draco grinned and answered, “Of course! Where is the fun otherwise?”

“Why, Mr. Malfoy are you trying to get me drunk?” Harry asked jokingly.

Draco waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Oh no, you caught onto my dastardly plan! Severus, whatever will we do now?!”

Severus held his hands up and shook his head rather violently. “No no no, you two save your foolishness for each other.” He snorted and took a glass to pour himself some butterbeer as well before observing the two younger men for a moment. Who would have thought that the “greasy dungeon bat” would come to be the soul mate of the two younger and beautiful men in front of him? Severus himself still thought it a joke, even more so after Harry’s information on Hermione’s findings of their bond. If he had to think about it, of course, Severus assumed Draco and Harry would both be submissive to him. But somewhere deep inside of himself the thought of dominating either of the two men did not sit right with him, and that is the part of him that caused worry. He had served a Master for years, first the Dark Lord, then Dumbledore in some form as his spy. Never left to his own devices until the end of the war, Severus often thought back on how he was always living to serve someone else.

Severus was drawn out of her reverie by the blonde haired and black haired boys in front of him staring at him intently. Severus looked confused, having not followed much of the train of conversation in the past few minutes. He shrugged and raised an eyebrow, “I can quite honestly confess to having no idea why either of you two are staring at me, but I must insist it end now.”

Draco laughed and nudged Harry in the shoulder, causing the dark haired man to laugh before explaining. “We were simply inquiring if you would be opposed to us playing Wizard’s Chess, and you playing the victor.” Harry explained helpfully, pulling the board out from under the sofa they were currently sitting on.

Severus sat back in the armchair and shook his head, “I would not be averse to watching and crushing the champion of your little child’s game, no.” He said dismissively.

Draco snorted and begin to set the board up for the game between Harry and himself. The two men quickly got into the game, battling to capture each other’s pieces. After a few minutes, it seemed like Harry was about the capture Draco’s Queen, when Draco’s Knight checkmated Harry’s King for a victory. Draco was grinning and rather pleased with himself.

“Check and mate!” Draco cried with delight, taking another sip of his butterbeer. Harry and Severus changed seats, allowing Severus to play while Harry took the armchair. The game between the two Slytherins was fierce, neither man allowing much opportunity for victory. Both men were calm and calculating through the entire match, and Harry found himself actually engaged with watching the two. Severus made a risky move, allowing Draco to take his Pawn and Knight, but then somehow his Queen checkmated Draco’s King, and Draco had no escape. Draco sighed in defeat and Severus beamed brightly.

“As I said, a delight to crush you Mister Malfoy, as always!” Severus mocked, moving back to the sofa to sit comfortably again.

Draco groaned and whined, “I was so close this time, Severus! You always sneakily win at the end somehow!”

“Years and years of being a pawn in someone’s game will teach you how to control the board yourself, eventually,” Severus mumbled, saying what he was thinking out loud without much thought on the matter. Harry and Draco glanced at each other briefly, before looking towards Severus as he expressed the thought.

Perhaps the alcohol was loosening his tongue… Severus thought briefly, before quickly dismissing the notion. Either way, he did believe it was time to get into his own sanctuary.

“The hour is drawing late, I think I will retire to my chambers now. Have a nice night, Harry, and thank you for the visit. I find your company… ambile, which must mean we are moving in right direction at least. Draco, I will see you in the morning, if you would not mind tidying up.” Severus said, already moving towards his bedroom door.

“Good night, Severus,” Harry said in departure to the fleeting figure of Severus. “Thanks for the butterbeer, Draco. I had fun, I will try to send an owl next time I plan to drop by though. Good night.” He grinned and moved towards the floo, shouting “Black Manor!” and throwing a pinch of floo powder, and in a flash disappeared into the fire place.

Draco quickly made to disposing of the cups and plates, before adjourning to his own chambers for the night.


Later that night, Severus had been in bed for what felt like only a few hours, when he shouted out in his sleep for a solid minute. Draco came running into the older man’s bedchamber, having heard the commotion from his own room.

“Severus, Severus,” Draco said, standing over the man and shaking his shoulder, “Are you alright?”

Severus blinked and blearily looked up at Draco. “I don’t know what came over me, a nightmare? I am fine though now, Draco, thank you for the concern.” Severus said dismissively. Draco shook his head but moved away from the bed.

“If you say so, Severus, sleep well.” Draco said before softly shutting the door.

Severus sat up in bed and shivered, placing his hand over the black ink on his arm. He took a minute to calm himself before drawing the covers back over himself and laying back down in bed.

I am coming for you, Severus Snape… a voice whispered out of the darkness.

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