What Vampires Are Made Of

Ten Years Later: The Call and Plans

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Chapter One

Jasper POV:

It has been ten years since Edward made the worst mistake possible. We all had lost Bella and finding out she was dead nine years ago did not help any one of us cope. If possible, it made everyone worse. Alice doesn't do anything much anymore except cry dry sobs into my chest. Rosalie and Emmett are wrapped up in each other in their room, most of time just staring out the window like they're waiting for someone. Esme cleans around the house to occupy herself even when it's perfectly clean. Carlisle almost never comes home unless it's to give Esme a kiss and hold her or to go to his study. Edward just sits in his room in the corner. His arms are wrapped around his knees that were tucked toward his chest. In that position, he cries dry tears, mourning the loss of his one true love, his Bella. He never comes out of his room, literally. He's locked himself inside that pitch black room full of nothingness since Alice had her last vision. Alice had quit using her gift after Edward tried to run off to Italy. We caught him before he could kill himself and his response was tearing up most things in the house that reminded him of Bella, his music collection, his books, and ultimately and unfortunately, his piano. Any sanity that vampire had practically died as well. No one has gotten a word out of Edward unless it was 'No' or even 'Go Away'.

This had all been my fault. If I hadn't lost control on her 18th birthday, none of this would have happened. Edward would be living the good life with Bella who would hopefully be his wife. The thirst was too strong and if I hadn't attacked her Bella would be here. I doomed this family to this existence of pain and loss. Everyone missed Bella. She was the missing piece to the puzzle. She matched Carlisle's caring and compassionate attitude, Esme's passion towards her family, Emmett's little sister that he could bicker and play with without being in a disadvantage, Rose's sister that could even match her beauty and stubbornness, my little sister that I could talk to about feelings and intellect with, Alice's best friend that could calm her down a bit but still have fun with, and Edward's love, his everything. We needed Bella. Edward needed Bella. Alice needed Bella. Carlisle, Esme, Rose, and Emmett needed Bella. I needed Bella. I need my little sister back. No one will ever be able to replace Bella that much I know. No one will ever take her place in our hearts, as frozen as they may be. Although her last name was not Cullen, she will always remain one to us. Once a Cullen, always a Cullen.

Alice and I were in our room. My handle on dealing with emotions had gotten better. I barely notice them anymore. I held Alice close in my arms as she drifted off into the closest possible thing we could get to sleep. I placed my lips on her forehead in a sweet and subtle kiss. She leaned into me in response. Ten minutes passed when I heard my cell phone, which hadn't rung in ten years, sound off. I let go of Alice after the okay from her and answered.

"Hello?" I answered in a flat voice.

"HEY, JASPER! I MISS YOU! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!" yelled an excited voice. I sighed. I knew who this was. It was a friend of mine. Her name was Anne. She was a girl I met before meeting up with Alice. She became one of my friends. She too, like Alice could see the future but couldn't really call visions like Alice could.

"Hello, Anne. How are you?" I responded.

"I'm doing splendidly. How about you? You seem upset." said Anne, sensing the sadness in my voice.

"It's nothing. I'm doing alright I guess. What is going on? You never call unless you have something to ask most of the time."

"I'm kind of offended. I don't only call to ask you something." She paused. I knew she'd say something. "Alright, fine maybe I do want to ask you something. How would you feel about coming to my wedding? I am getting married to a guy and I wanted all my friends to be there. Would you and your family like to come? Please! It would mean a lot to me!" replied the future seer.

"I don't think that will be possible, Anne. Things are a bit difficult for all of us right now. I don't believe now is the right time for this. I'm sorry."

"What's going on?"

"Nothing, just some family issues, that's all. I'm sorry but we need things to be dealt with before committing to anything."

"Can you at least ask your family for me? Honestly Jasper, my fiancé needs another man for his groomsmen. He's only got three men in his party while I have five in my bridal party. We need help! Please Jasper!" pleaded Anne. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore her protests but with Anne I've always had a weak will against her pleading, still better than when Alice is pleading but it was slowly becoming more and more difficult. I sighed in defeat.

"I'll talk to my family and see if it will be ok with all of them. If they say yes, I will call you and tell you." I promised. I heard Anne squeal a bit. She really did remind me of Alice.

"Thanks, Jazz Man. I love you. You're awesome, like a second big brother. Well, I'll see you later Jazz Man. Don't bother calling. I know you'll show! I saw it! But thanks, still ask your family though, ok? I got to go. I'm heading to school in a few minutes. I'll text you details after you ask your family. Love ya. Bye." said Anne quickly. She hung up and I shook my head. I looked at Alice and knew she heard everything. She smiled a forced smile and we went downstairs to gather the family.

Rosalie POV:

I actually miss her. Can you believe it? Me, the beautiful Rosalie Hale, actually misses Edward's old human girlfriend, Bella. The family fails to take notice to anything anymore, especially Edward. It was very surprising when Jasper called all of us down (getting Edward down was a miracle in enough itself) and asked us to go to his friend's wedding. Honestly, I don't understand why it is so important to Jasper to be there. No one really wants to go, not me or Emmett, our parents or even Alice and especially not Edward.

"Look, I know this is the last thing anyone wants to do, I don't want to go either but I owe Anne this much. She and her brother John were kind enough to let me travel with them for a while before I met Alice. I wouldn't ask this of any of you if she hadn't requested it. It means so much to her so please, can we just go for the wedding? We don't have to go to the party or anything but we just need to show up for the wedding. Please." begged Jasper. He looked at Carlisle who seemed to be giving in. Carlisle nodded, accepting Jasper's request. "I also ask that we all try and act as normal as we possibly can. I know that will be hard but it's been ten years. Bella wouldn't have wanted this. We all need to try our best to be ourselves again. I'm not asking everyone to forget about her but just that people will live the existence we have, for her." finished Jasper.

"I agree with Jasper." started Carlisle. "It's about time we all tried. I want all of us be happier and at least try being ourselves again. It will be difficult but it is something we must do. Also, one of the last things we need is questions about why we look and feel the way we do. But I do have a question for you, Jasper. How would you feel about moving to the city the wedding's taking place in? We needed to leave soon anyways and at least this way we have somewhere to be and you have friends nearby." Jasper smiles.

"I would like that very much, Carlisle." replied Jasper.

"Alright then, Jasper, inform your friend, Anne, of our plans. Everyone else, start packing. We need to leave in three days." We all sat for a minute. I looked at Emmett. His face was expressionless. No sign of the playful Emmett I'd loved a long time ago. Edward's face was expressionless but his eyes were otherwise. The unmistakable pain in his eyes was overflowing and overall painful for anyone to even look in them.

No one was the same after Bella left. Edward was depressed and alone, a whole lot worse than when he was just alone. Esme and Carlisle feel like they'd lost a daughter. Alice feels the loss of a best friend and a sister. Emmett feels like he lost his baby sister. He loved messing with her and making fun of her clumsiness and her habit of blushing at every word said. Jasper felt the same loss as Emmett but took full blame for what had happened those ten years ago. He thought of her as a sister, an important member to the family, the lacking piece to the puzzle. Pain was only half of what he was feeling, the other half being his monstrous guilt. As for me, Bella, although not my favorite person at the time, was like my little sister. The only reason for my resentment toward her was jealously and my feelings for her choice.

I was jealous of how she could get Edward's attention, not that I like him in any way but a brother, but she could get his attention as a human whereas I, the gorgeous vampire, couldn't. Bella was the only one who could catch his eye. Tanya Denali couldn't do it either. I also hated her choice. She wanted to become a vampire. She could have had kids, grow old. Bella could have had anything she wanted yet she decided she wanted to be one of us. Edward however was against that so it never happened. Point is, all those feelings of resentment were there for the longest time. Every time I saw her I remembered all the reasons I didn't really like her. Being away from her though made me think about how essential she was to the family and what she really meant to me. I got used to her after the James incident and liked her a bit more afterward, not that anyone ever knew that either, but I did. I grasped how much I really cared for her more after everyone was told she was dead.

Emmett and I sat on the sofa awaiting Edward's and Alice's return, most likely with Bella. My husband's smile seemed to be back on his face. I stared at his smile, glad to see it there again. Hopefully it'd be there permanently. Jasper sat across from us and Carlisle and Esme stood in the doorway of the living room. Suddenly we heard the loud purr of the Volvo coming up the driveway, but no heartbeat. No Bella. Something was wrong. I looked back up at Emmett to see his smile had disappeared but confusion crossed his face.

The door burst open and Edward ran in, vampire speed, and went upstairs and slammed the door shut. We looked at the stairs confused still. Alice came in, slowly with a sad expression on her face. Jasper immediately ran to her and embraced her.

"What's the matter, Alice?" asked Jasper, softly. Alice lifted her face from his shoulder where she had sobbed dry tears into and looked at him heartbroken.

"She's gone, Jazz. Bella's dead. She died a few weeks after we left." cried Alice. Jasper took her into another hug dry sobbing into her shoulder, silently. Esme turned her face into Carlisle's chest, while I did the same in Emmett's, all of us Cullens crying tears that would never fall.

Hours and an unknown vision later, Edward decided to grace us with his presence. He looked at us with great pain in his eyes, but his jaw was clenched trying to keep his face as calm as possible.

"I need to leave." stated Edward, already heading out the door. Alice looks up, tired from what I don't know.

"Emmett, Jazz, grab him. Don't let him leave the house." spoke Alice, annoyed a fair amount. Em and Jasper managed to get him before he got far.

"What's going on, Alice?" asked Esme, quietly. Alice stared at Edward, both annoyed and angry.

"You're not going to go to Italy and kill yourself. Bella wouldn't want that. We won't let you." spat Alice, fully angry now. Edward seemed angry himself. He was going to kill himself?

"You can't stop me, Alice" replied Edward.

"Actually, I can. I can see the future. I'll know before you do it. So you shouldn't even bother, Edward. You're never gonna get close enough. We've already lost a sister and a daughter. We're not losing a brother and a son, too!" snapped Alice.

The anger in Edward's eyes slowly faded but then pain flooded back into them. Alice nodded for Em and Jasper to let him go. They did and Edward crumbled to the floor in complete and utter pain. He got up and ran up to his room. We followed to see him tearing apart all his music, his books. He then ran back downstairs, and we watched in horror as he broke his beloved piano into little pieces. Edward then fell to knees and cried tears that would never shed for Bella.

Edward had eventually holed up in his room for the longest time. This was the first time he'd been out since then and I know he only came out to appease Jasper. He was very courteous toward the family but specifically Jasper and Alice. Alice because he took away her best friend from her and he was feeling the same toward Jasper because of all the pain he deals with and because he doesn't want Jasper to blame himself any longer. If Edward weren't being the way he was, everyone would have gotten upset one day and fireworks would go off, possibly tearing the family apart. Jasper would take the blame, even if it weren't his fault. Edward doesn't blame Jasper, he blames himself. Maybe this trip would help them both. Edward would get out of the house and Jasper would have some amount of happiness by being with his friends. Any benefit would be helpful. Only after everyone let go would anyone start to move on. I could only hope that some good could come out of this. Maybe then we could be a real family again.

We all got up and went to our rooms. While packing mine and Emmett's stuff, I sneaked a look at Emmett. He looked back at me, his topaz eyes meeting mine. His cheeks lifted to form the first smile I had seen on his face since the news of Bella's death reached us. My Emmett's smile was genuine, not in any way fake. This was the smile I wanted to see. The sign that maybe we all could recover from our loss. I crossed the room and placed my lips upon his and kissed him with a passion that had seemed to be somewhat absent the last few years.

Anne POV:

Ok so I know I probably shouldn't interfere but something needs to be done. I don't know exactly what will happen but I do know that the future looks bright for both the Cullens and my family. That vision is my one shred of hope that the Cullens' broken hearts can be fixed. All they need is some hope that things will get better. The wedding is in two months. I lied to Jasper knowing that if I told him it was in two months, he'd never come this early. I need him now. It is imperative that he be here earlier. Hearts need fixing, resentments need to be resolved and pain needs to cease. Jasper's family will feel whole again one day. I may not see much but I don't need to see a month's worth of visions to see that. I will do whatever it takes to make my vision come true, even if it means upsetting Jasper a bit by lying about the date. They'll thank me in the long run, otherwise I just risked my family's respect and trust in me. I could only hope all would forgive me for this.

About two weeks ago, I had a vision of a happy family containing not only mine but the Cullens as well. One day we'd all be family and no member would be unhappy. My fiancé's sister has been filled with pain since day one. I met her years ago when she was in pain. I always hoped she'd find happiness. I now know she will along with my brother. My brother, John, had been unhappy and alone, with only me as his company, since the day our human lives ended. His one true love, his mate, had died that day. She was of course human and lost her life to the same vampire that had unintentionally changed us. Three lives were lost that day. The idea that my brother would be happy made this vision even more worth the while. Love was very obviously present in my premonition and that was what was needed in my family regardless of problems that would become present the moment I started interfering. Destiny would take its course and everyone would find peace.

I watched out the window as I saw my family ride out of the driveway. My future husband lingered to take a look at me in the window. My eyesight was so good that I could see the cute dimple in his smile appear. His curly, short, brown locks were blowing hard in the wind but not affecting his hairstyle. His dark blue shirt closed tightly on his muscles making it effortless, to anyone who was looking, to believe he had massive muscles. His golden eyes met mine, his sparkling brightly as his always had. I blew a kiss to him. He smiled his childish grin and got into the big red Jeep and drove off. I could only hope his anger could hold off for a few days. I needed to hurry if I wanted to be completely prepared for the Cullens' arrival. Things were just about to get interesting.

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