What Vampires Are Made Of

Histories and Visions

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Chapter Two

Alice POV:

It was a rainy day here in Oregon. The drops were pounding hard on the windows. Of course since I am used to this weather, it did not faze me or Jazz. The drive wasn't long since we came here from Forks. A human wouldn't have to travel more than several hours whereas if they went to the east it would have taken longer. The sky was still light but with no sun shining, the clouds covering any sun. It wasn't much different than the weather we had just left in Forks. Jazz and I were driving my yellow Porsche that Edward had bought me before coming back to Forks. My husband occasionally took a glance in my direction to smile at me. Our family was slowly healing. We were trying to act like ourselves again.

It had been three days since Jasper had asked us to come with him to his friend's wedding. Everyone has started acting normal again. Emmett has been smiling and making jokes here and there since then. He and Rose have been making out constantly. They really need to get a room! As for me, well I've been putting forth a real effort to be me again. The only thing that I refuse to do is shop. It's too soon. Good thing I bought more clothes than most of us wore in ten years. We still didn't need to wear the same outfit twice! Well all of us except Edward didn't have to.

Edward was the only one who could not manage to even try moving on but it was understandable. Losing a mate is an unbearable event that no one should go through. It drove Victoria for revenge. I may have stopped using my visions but I saw long before we went back to Forks that she was out for revenge. We all knew it. Edward tried to find her before deciding to return to Forks. He lost her trail and gave up. No one knew where she went, not even me. The point was that she was driven to get revenge for James. When we all helped kill James, she was determined to hurt Edward. What she would have done we will never know. She never appeared on our radar and never got close to us. Loss of a mate was hard on her and now Edward is suffering from the lack of an existence with Bella. It is hardest on him. No one expected him to be able to move on at least not for awhile, if at all. She truly was his life, his sanity, his everything.

We pulled up to a house in the forest. It was gigantic with paneled, blue walls. It had three stories that rested on top of the garage. The house was on a hill, the main part of the house on the top of the little hill and the garage on a lower, flat level of ground. The bricks were gray on the garage and had blue and yellow doors. Some of the walls were built to sort of resemble towers on the main part of the house. Stairs led up to the porch. The house looked absolutely amazing. Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Jazz, and I got out our rides and started up the path to reach the front door. Jazz rang the doorbell when a beautiful vampire with gold eyes and long, straight, brown, hair opened the door. She looked at Jasper and grinned and gave him a hug. Now I know Jasper better than anyone and I know that he loves me more than anyone else but still regardless of that, an unpleasant feeling stirred in my body. That actually has never happened to me before. She was beautiful and I guess since she knows him ALMOST as well as I do, it affected my feelings a bit. When they pulled away the feeling went away. She turned her gaze on me and smiled.

"Hi! I'm Anne! You must be the Jazz Man's lovely wife, Alice!" greeted Anne excitedly. She pulled me into a hug. This shocked me. Wow, she was friendly. I think I might actually like her and become friends with her. This has nothing to do with a vision mind you. After years of visions, I can predict who I will like without them. I knew I'd like Bella before my vision came. It was one of the many reasons I was on Edward's side of the fight us Cullens had after the accident that nearly killed Bella before. I hugged her back awkwardly. Jazz told me she reminded him of me. Was this how weird it was for Bella? I heard Emmett chuckle at Anne's nickname for my husband.

"Jazz Man?" laughed Emmett. Jasper glared at him. Anne pulled away from me and still smiled brightly at me.

"We're going to be great friends, Alice. I can tell. Jazz Man always told me that I would like you and I don't doubt him." replied Anne. I nodded. Emmett laughed again, this time at me.

"What's the matter, Shorty? Is it too weird for you that she likes you before you two even know each other?" teased Emmett, laughing. I gave him a piercing stare while he continued to laugh. Anne giggled.

"You know you remind me of my fiancé, Emmett. You two would get along well." stated Anne. She looked at all of us. "Jazz Man, where's your other brother Edward and your sister Rosalie?" she asked.

"We thought it would be best if Edward and Rose went hunting at this time. They'll be here later." explained Jasper. This was honestly the only time Edward had really gone hunting himself in a while. He never came out of his room enough to do it as often as he needs to.

"Why don't you guys come into my home?" suggested Anne.

We walked into the beautiful house to find it just as beautiful as it was on the outside. The walls were white but were decorated with beautiful paintings. The floors were wooden; the planks were diagonally laid out. From the door you could see the dining room straight ahead. A brilliant, grand, chandelier was hanging from the ceiling. The wooden chairs were elegant, like the type you'd see at a formal event in the early century. Yellow cushions decorated the wooden chairs. The table was as well wooden and had a vase of various flowers such as tulips, roses, carnations, and sunflowers, were placed in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. The flowers were various colors, red, white, pink, and purple.

Anne led us into a room that contained two leather couches facing each other and four chairs, one on each side of each couch. It also had a small glass coffee table with its own set of flowers for a centerpiece, similar to the one in the dining room. After a gesture, all of us sat down, Jazz and I on one couch, Emmett and Anne in two of the chairs, and Carlisle and Esme on the other couch. Esme looked over at Anne.

"You're home is very beautiful." complimented Esme. Anne smiled a friendly smile.

"Thank you, Esme. It took a lot of work to get it like this. The decorating was done by the girls in my family including myself. The boys did all the construction." replied Anne.

"How many people are in your family?" asked Carlisle, speaking for the first time.

"There are eleven of us if you count our werewolf friend." answered Anne. Eleven vampires live here? I always thought we were the biggest coven excluding the Volturi but I guess I was wrong.

"Eleven? That's more than all the covens excluding the Volturi." mentioned Carlisle. Anne shrugged and was about to explain when Emmett commented.

"You have a werewolf friend?" asked an astonished Emmett. I don't blame him. No one ever thought that could happen.

"Yes we have a werewolf friend. We can never get rid of him. As for the high number of us, we weren't always together. John and I started off and then my fiancé joined up followed by his sister and four others including the wolf. Three more members came in contact and became a part of our coven after about eight years." explained Anne.

"Would you mind sharing your family's history? How you all really came to be together? How you all met?" asked Carlisle. Anne nodded and plunged into her story.

"Well John and I are brother and sister. We are actually blood-related twins. We were born in New Orleans in 1922. When our mother was giving birth to my brother, who is younger than me, he nearly died from lack of oxygen. It was a miracle that they were able to save him. Even the doctors thought of it as a miracle. They said he had a guardian angel watching out for him. When my mother was naming him, she named him Jonathan Angel Andrews. My mother and father named me Adrianna Elizabeth Andrews. F.Y.I, I don't really respond to Adrianna. I only really respond to Anne so if you want a response from me, call me Anne.

"Anyways, we had this best friend of ours. Her name was Elizabeth Sanders. She and I were best friends. We did everything together. We shopped, teased my brother, and cooked. John and Lizzie always teased each other and acted like enemies but me and my parents knew different. We all knew that John had a crush, I guess you could say, on her and always had. I could tell that she felt the same but whenever I brought it up, they denied it. Eventually they stopped denying it and finally admitted it but when I asked them to tell each other both of them declined. Both would rather hide how they feel then tell each other the truth about their feelings. They remained only friends that had obvious feelings for each other. John would have loved to be a couple, to possibly marry her one day but he never got the chance. Things took a downward spiral for him.

"It was summer of 1942. John, Lizzie, and I came home together as always when we came across a letter, asking John to come and join the army in the war. My mother and father and of course Lizzie and I were upset by this. John didn't want to leave anymore than we wanted him too either. So we spent a few days together and on the last day were going to have dinner one last time with him. We started dinner and talked. John decided he was going to tell Lizzie that he was completely and hopelessly in love with her. He came so close. But when he started to say something, two vampires came into the house, completely blood thirsty. It is obvious to us now that they were newborns and couldn't quite handle it but we obviously didn't notice it then. They killed our parents and Lizzie. They bit me and John but stopped when they heard voices outside the house. The two of them were pretty jumpy for vampires. There was no one to save us from the venom. We noticed something was happening to us on the inside and took ourselves into our sound proof basement. It was so low in the ground, no one ever heard us screaming. Army people came in to see why John hadn't come in and found our parents and Lizzie dead.

"John and I slowly changed into vampires, not really grasping what was happening. The pain as you know was unbearable. When the three days were over, I was so happy for it all to be over. We came out of the basement to find the house empty of all our things, including our parents' and friend's bodies. The two of us came up to a lake and in the reflection and saw our eyes were crimson red. We were shocked and decided we needed to find out what happened to our mother and father and especially Lizzie. We spent a week before going into research for the location of their bodies, adjusting to our new lives, wearing sunglasses we roamed the streets and found signs asking if we had been spotted. We asked about our parents and Lizzie posing as family members seeing as we still somewhat looked like ourselves. They told us they were buried in a cemetery in town four days ago. We then found our parents graves and said our goodbyes. For John, the hardest one was Lizzie. He would always miss her. I knew that and he knew that. It upset him worse than leaving for the army, than leaving her. She left him prematurely and he never got to tell her he loved her. He regrets not telling her everyday. I can tell. John and I travelled for years on end together. Sometimes he went away for a few months but came back to me. We met Jasper about a year before he met Alice. He stayed with us before heading out, trying to take a break from running. We got to know him for a while and became good friends before he left and met up with Alice. Then about eleven years ago, we moved to Seattle. That was where I met my Jason.

"John had left me at this point for a few months in Seattle all by myself. I then had this vision. It was me and a human eighteen year old teenager together laughing, him holding me and later, kissing me. I felt completely drawn to him, even through only a vision, a slight glimpse of him. I went to a café that I found out he worked at. I watched as he came out and asked to help me. I came in everyday, just to see him. He waited me everyday and smiled every time he saw me, not one of those fake smiles some put on but real smiles. This went on for about five weeks before he finally asked why I kept coming here, especially when I never drank anything. I told him, 'Easy. I come here to see a certain waiter, who for some reason seems to fascinate me.' He took it as a compliment and asked me out on a date. We had a great time. He was driving me home when I saw John on the front doorsteps waiting for me. John wasn't too happy with me becoming so close to a human. I told him about my vision and he responded by telling me to leave him be, to not go any further. I told him that I couldn't do that. I was fascinated by everything about him. It was too late. John and I did not get along for a while. Eventually he accepted it and we got passed it. I never considered turning him into a vampire, not until I had another vision.

"In the vision, I saw Jason getting killed by three vampires, two of them being men and the other being a woman. I feared losing him. I could not let these three nomad vampires touch him. With my visions, I was able to tell what powers they had and how to avoid them. One of the men had no abilities, another was a tracker but John could counter his tracking since he is a tracker himself, and lastly was the woman. She was the only real challenge. She had a real habit of getting out of sticky situations before they could cost her anything, including her life. I was honestly still scared for Jason. They were travelling nearby. I saw them going all around Washington but they would stop in Seattle one night and it would be a fatal choice for my Jase. So I told John that if I had Jase's permission, I was going to change him. I wasn't going to let him die. John agreed, knowing how set I was on this and not wanting me to go through what he went through with Lizzie. I came to Jason and told him there was something about me he didn't know, that I wasn't human but I didn't exactly tell him I was a vampire. I told him that something was going to happen to him and that I knew one way to stop it. I told him I could change him into what I was. We would live together forever but he didn't have to be with me forever or even accept the offer. I could try to find another way. Honestly, I had tried that and our numbers had never been enough to keep him alive and sometimes John or I died and even if I still got be with Jason by dying, John would be alone and I would not cause him that pain. Anyways, Jase stopped me from my rambling by kissing me and telling me he accepted my offer and would love to spend forever with me. So I changed him and he became one of us. We'd been together ever since. The only thing was he would always miss his family, specifically his little sister.

"His little sister was everything to him. He always felt it was his job to protect her, from everything, guys, bullets, and a lot of things. It always upset him that he would never see her again. She was the reason he moved to Seattle in the first place. She'd moved into a town close by and he couldn't be away from her. He never went to see her and was thought of as missing but he couldn't seem to face her and his father and especially his mother when they found him. They'd never let him leave. So he kept his distance but always wanted to go and see her. Eventually through the help of a werewolf friend of John's, not the same werewolf that lives with us mind you, she came to us. She was in trouble and the only thing we could do for her was change her when she needed to be changed. Jase and John ended up changing her and we gained four new members, excluding the werewolf. As for where the other three new members well that's easier explained at another time. I'd like to get through other histories before my family comes home.

"After them came the last three members of our family. Two of them were friends with Jase's sister when she was human. They were a couple, a boy and a girl. They'd been together since high school. I'm giving you guys the cliff notes version because the missing gaps will be best filled in after you meet everyone. Long story short, a vampire came and was hungry and bit him but heard something else and had smelt a sweeter scent and decided to get the other human before it was too late. The boy later changed and then changed his girlfriend as she was dying. They came to us about three years ago. The other member that was with the couple is similar to how those three members with Jase's sister are. Sorry I can't tell you but it is best explained with them here or by Jase's sister and her friends. But basically that's about it." explained Anne.

"You and your brother went through a lot didn't you?" asked Esme in a sad voice. Anne nodded.

"Yeah but we like to think it makes us who we are today. Jase makes me happier, feel more complete. The only thing is that I don't think John will feel that with anyone else regardless of my vision." responded Anne. Jasper looked at her confused, at what I don't really know.

"What, he won't get together with Jason's sister or something?" asked Emmett. Anne looked at him silent for a minute before bursting into laughter. How on earth was that funny? I looked at everyone while she was laughing to find the same facial expression on everyone's face that I'm sure I was wearing now, shock.

"I'm sorry but that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. Trust me if you asked that question to either of them, you'd get the same reaction. All they are is best friends. They love each other, sure, but as best friends and siblings. Even if they didn't feel that way, she and John are not open to love right now. John is still hung up on Lizzie. I wasn't lying when I said John was in love with her. He was very much in love with her, as much in love as I am with Jase. The looks he gave her were the same ones I give Jase now every day. She isn't open to love because she is in the same position over a boy. He broke her heart but she was very much in love with him. She doesn't know how to recover from something like that. If Jason had done what he did to her, I would be the same way." replied Anne, recovering from her laughing fit.

"What exactly happened?" I asked, curious. Anne shakes her head.

"Sorry but that's not my story to tell. The histories are not nearly as bad as telling you what happened to her that caused her heart to break. This story revolves around her feelings and it is not right to tell something that should be told by her when she is ready. I also don't want to jeopardize our relationship because I shared a story she doesn't want shared." said Anne, refusing to answer my question. I have got to admit it. She did have a point.

"That's very considerate of you." complimented Esme. Anne smiled.

"What vision?" questioned Jasper, speaking for the first time since we came inside. Anne looked at him confused. Jasper sighed. "Earlier you mentioned that you're afraid John won't feel the same way about someone other than Lizzie regardless of your vision. What vision did you have?" I could tell by the look on her face that she remembered. She let out a heavy sigh.

"I was hoping you wouldn't catch that." commented Anne. Jasper kept staring at her. She sighed one last time before answering. "I had a vision about my family…and yours." Jasper's face remained unsurprised.

"Yeah, I guessed that when you pleaded with me to come here for your wedding, yet if you were really getting married in eleven days, you would be going crazy, Anne. You forget I know you. I've noticed your calm attitude."

"Technically, I've only been calm around you guys. I talk about wedding arrangements with my family and then I sometimes am going crazy." points out Anne. "My whole family, excluding Jason, is calling me names behind my back. They're not bad, just annoying." Anne rolls her eyes. "Honestly, I'm not that bad. I just want everything to be perfect. It is my first wedding to my Jase and I want everything to go smoothly. I do plan on marrying him more than once too." Anne smiles but Jasper looks at her, knowing exactly what she was doing. She was changing the subject.

"No changing the subject, Anne. What did you see in its entirety?" asked Jasper. Anne sighed. "Is it bad?"

"Look, Jazz Man, it's nothing bad. I just wanted to surprise you but oh well. I had a vision of all of us becoming a family. You Cullens and my family become a close family. We won't exactly all live in the same house but we'll live close by and everyone in the vision is happy. All of you, including your brother Edward. My future sister-in-law will be completely happy for the first time. John will finally be happy. I don't really know how everything works out but I see all of us in this very house laughing together, all smiling without any marks of pain left on us. The vision was a bit blurry due to the werewolves so I couldn't really see faces of who was in whose arms but I think I could take some guesses. I was obviously in Jase's arms. Carlisle was holding Esme. Jasper was holding Alice, of course. Emmett was making out with Rosalie. Edward was holding someone. Jase's sister was held by someone. John was holding someone I couldn't quite make out. That really bugs me. There were more people than just our families too. I think that was due to some new mates coming into the picture. Point is all of the pain in the families individually goes away. I probably should have let whatever happen but if I speed up my best friend being happy and keep my brother from being a pain in the butt about the whole 'I'm marrying Jason' thing, I am not ashamed. John has been really annoying, Jazz Man. You don't even know!" explained Anne. Jasper laughs.

"Yeah, I seem to remember your brother's overprotective nature." laughed Jasper.

"Yeah and since I'm getting married he's in big brother overdrive. I would have been married years ago if it hadn't been for him. Jase was going to propose after some issues were settled, which got settled three years ago, but Jase was being considerate of John's feelings as an older brother and silently agreed to wait a few more years so he got used to the idea. He gave up on waiting to have John's blessing completely because John was giving in a bit but by proposing he got John to be a bit more understanding. I swear that vampire is as stubborn as a donkey!" Anne complained. Everyone laughed. Her phone rang and she looked at the caller ID and looked back at us and rolled her eyes. "Speak of the devil" announced Anne before answering the call. "Hello?" We could hear the phone line seeing as we have super vampire hearing.

"Hey, where were your dresses again? I went to the place you ordered them from but they weren't there." explained a thick, musical, male voice.

"Oh! Sorry I guess I forgot to tell you I sent the dresses to the tailors. They didn't get the sizes right so I told the tailor what I wanted and he fixed them. I came in earlier this week and since us girls are the same dress size I came in and he fitted it for me and told me to come back. I guess I forgot to tell you that, sorry!" explained Anne.

"WHAT?! Are you kidding me with this?! You made me drive all the way to Chicago early in the morning as fast as I could possibly go to find out the dresses are at a tailors place there?!" the voice screams.

"I forgot! Give me a break, John! Besides, it's not like you need the rest."

"It's the principle of the thing!" John pauses. "Anything else, General?" asked John both annoyed and angry.

"Yes Sergeant, knock it off with the names." replied Anne. "I may be taking charge but that's only because I want everything to be perfect. I've heard a variety of names similar to General like dictator being said. It's annoying."

"You are sure acting like a dictator, Anne. You have all of us going back and forth." complained John.

"Hey! You all asked for it when you volunteered to help! I was willing to do all this by myself but everyone wanted to do something so there!" she reminded him before sticking her tongue out at the phone like he could see her.

"You are so annoying, Anne. You know that?" asked John. Anne smiles.

"That's why you love me, John." John laughs.

"Yeah, I guess. I better go so we can get back sooner. I may not need to sleep but I still don't want to be out all night. Bye, Anne." responded John.

"Bye." Anne replied before shutting the phone. Jasper looked at her knowingly.

"You didn't forget did you?" asked Jasper with a knowing smile on his face. Anne looks guilty.

"No but I wanted to have my time to talk to you guys. If I told them to just go to the tailor a few miles away they would have been back too soon. I don't forget these things easily." said Anne, smiling. Emmett looks at her like he finds her interesting.

"You know what, Anne? I think I might actually like you." Emmett commented. Anne grinned. I gotta say the girl is smart and she has a good eye for decorating.

John POV:

"I cannot believe Anne sent us all the way to Chicago to get dresses that weren't even there! She'd better have gotten a good laugh because one day I will make her pay for this! I will get my revenge!" I said to my friend, Jason's sister.

"John, I think she's up to something." she replied.

"What makes you think that?" I asked. What is it that Anne could possibly be up to now?

"John, she doesn't forget things like this and besides that, why did she stay behind at home? I know it was not to decorate the field for her wedding. I asked her if she wanted help doing that but she told me she was doing that the week of the wedding yet now she wants to decorate two months in advance? It doesn't make any sense unless she's up to something." she explained. Anne did say those things.

"Yeah but just because she changes her mind and forgets something important to her doesn't exactly mean…"I thought for a minute. Oh no! She was right. "She's up to something!" I yelled agreeing with her. She nodded.

"Wow, finally get there, John?" she teased with a slight smirk on her face.

"Shut up! It took me a while. I don't exactly want to know what is going on in my sister's mind." I replied. She laughed.

"Well neither do I but I figured it out and I'm not related to her nor have I known her since 1922. I didn't even exist back then."

"Whatever! I hate you!" I responded.

"I hate you too, John." laughed the woman in the passenger's seat. There was a silence.

"One day I will get my revenge." I said again. She laughed.

"John, you are an interesting man, you know that?" she asked.

"Yep! You'll never find anyone like me." I answered. I'm proud of that. She laughed again.

"I love you, John. You're like the little brother I never had." she laughed. I grinned.

"First of all: I'm older so I'm not the little brother you never had. Secondly: You're like the little sister I never wanted. And Thirdly: I love you too, Bells." She smiled at me. Her golden eyes were filled with the two conflicting emotions that always took place since the day she woke up from her transformation, happiness and pain. Happiness was there from being with our family, all together, almost everyone she loved was a part of it. The pain was there, still partly there as a reminder for the existance of her love that broke her heart. I always hope that pain will vanish. I hope you find true happiness soon, Bella, I add silently as we drive west, toward our home in Oregon.

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