What Vampires Are Made Of

Bella's Story and Mistakes

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Chapter Three

Anne POV:

It was nearly five in the afternoon. Time had gone by. I let the Cullens ask all the questions in their minds about me and my family. I kept a lot of names out of the conversations, especially Bella's. I really do hate having to call her Jason's sister. It gets so repetitive and sometimes I think it causes confusion. But, regardless, I cannot mention her because it will be too early to mention her. I can't bring her into the conversation without more questions or causing Bella premature pain that I do not want her to feel. Causing her pain is not something I want at all but a sort of necessity. She feels it but she doesn't ever face the idea that Edward could, and still probably would have without my help, come back to her. They were destined to be together. I knew this but I would not feel right forcing him on her at this particular time despite his absence in my home. It was difficult for me to consider hurting her in this way but this was the way to help her, to make her happy again. I only hope she is not mad at me when she finds out about this.

The Cullens and I sat on the couch talking about my family. I knew that now was the time to turn the tables, to find out their side of Bella's story, how they really felt about her. I may be psychic but that doesn't mean I know everything. I am not Jasper. I can't feel people's emotions. Sometimes I wish I could. I would know how someone really felt.

"Ok now that I've answered all your questions, can I ask you guys something?" I ask them, trying to get on the subject that I needed to be on. They nodded. "Well, I was wondering what made you all so upset. I noticed even before I saw you all through Jasper's voice. He sounded almost dead, like he was just living but not really trying to enjoy it." I continued seeing their faces twist in mourning and if I was right, which I normally am, it was over the loss of Bella.

Emmett's childlike smile dropped and shaped into a small frown. Esme looked as if she had just lost an important family member. Carlisle's expression mirrored Esme's own. Jasper looked like he was feeling pain like open wounds. Alice's expression fell into an angered expression, which sort of surprised me. What was she mad at? Was she mad at me for bringing it up? What was going on? Her face then contained the pain on everyone else's faces but a little stronger. Bella had always said that Alice was her best friend. I could tell now that Alice must have thought of Bella in the same way at least, if not stronger like a sisterly feeling. I did not like seeing the Cullens hurt but this was something that needed to be discussed. There was a need in me that craved for information. The craving needed to be satisfied with the feelings that no one in this family wanted to describe. They needed this as much as I did. If they had discussed it, they might feel a bit less despair and loss. There could be some closure in the retelling of Bella's story. The family glanced at each other like they were trying to decide who was going to tell the story.

"Anne, I'm not sure if that's such a good idea right now." replied Jasper, trying to get everyone else calm without any major pain that could cause one of them especially Jasper to crumble down in grief. Alice looked at Jasper and placed her hand on his shoulder, seeming like she was trying to keep him calm or to convince him to let her explain everything. Honestly, I had hoped it would be Alice. She was the one who knew Bella as well as my family did, well next to Edward of course.

Alice was one of the strongest connections to her old life in Forks before she came to us two weeks after the Cullens left. There was a sense of caution at even the suggestion of bringing Bella up in discussion around Edward. Something told me that it was going to do more damage than it would good. I would not trigger more pain than needed. It was bad enough that I was helping with initiating pain and letting it take place but it was an obstacle all would need to face so they could finally be happy, so they could open up to happiness. You can never really overcome loss until you really make an effort in trying or you let out all the pain you were feeling. That's why closure exists. It helps bring on some change after a tragedy. How many times did I cry tears that would never form for my parents and my best friend? It took a lot of dry tears to get over pain. Once the open wound of loss is closed, it is easier to live through the pain and it even makes people stronger. That's the type of closure they all needed including Bella, though they may not feel that way.

Bella seemed to run away from the pain and anything close to feeling better about what happened. She still felt the pain but seemed unwilling to try and close the wound Edward had left on her once beating heart. It is sort of like she is basking in the pain rather than trying to move on. There's a part of her wound that is healed but there is another part that seems to still be welcoming the pain like it had before she left Forks, before Jacob, the werewolf, had chosen someone to be his. It is hard to heal a broken heart so it is understandable that she still is in a few pieces, not completely together. It could have been worse and in some ways she is still there, the Bella that Jason had grown up with is still in there fighting to gain full control. She had two personas, the Bella that Jason had loved and grown up with (the normal and somewhat happy part of Bella that had been shown around the family), and the Bella that tried to live on day by day to overcome the pain.

Alice looked at me while I was sifting through my thoughts. I tossed out all my thoughts to stare back at her. Her eyes still held the loss but held some strength in it. Some part of Alice was there and trying to break free from the chains of despair. I admired that strength. It reminded me of the way Lizzie was when she lost her baby sister when Lizzie was twelve. For a twelve year old girl, Lizzie had the strength I had never thought possible for a little girl. Lizzie had been able to overcome the loss easier than it had been expected for her to feel. She had felt responsible for keeping her family together and I saw that same strange yet amazing quality in Alice.

"I will explain." responded Alice. She paused before breathing an unnecessary breath. "We were living in Forks. All of us had a mate but Edward. Edward had found no interest in any woman, vampire or not. He had once thought of himself as content. He didn't really feel the need to have a mate. Edward didn't realize how much he had really deep down wanted to have a mate, a person he could love endlessly for the rest of his existence. Some of us had even thought that he might not get a mate. But that all changed when we met her.

"A new girl had just moved in from Phoenix, Arizona. Her name was Bella Swan. She was beautiful even if she didn't see it. Although she could have had better fashion sense but that's beside the point." said Alice, making everyone, including myself, laugh. This part was the Alice that Bella had loved, the part that loved to play Bella Barbie. Alice smiled in remembrance before continuing. "She had come to school and everyone was interested in her, especially the human boys of the school. She had a lot of admirers, even ones she didn't even know about. None of us really took notice of her until lunch and even then it was mostly Edward. Edward had spent a bunch of time trying to read her mind. He had never gotten a single thought in her head. It was silence. Lunch eventually ended and we headed to our next classes, Edward's being Biology. Bell had had the same class as Edward and came into the room when her scent had finally reached him. Her scent was so strong and was irresistible to him. He had to use a lot of strength just to keep himself from hurting her. It had taken a lot of willpower." said Alice before Carlisle talked in regards to the subject of strong scents.

"I actually think that she was his La Tua Cantante. Her blood sang to him. It made it harder for him to control himself." explained Carlisle. He looked at me. "Has it ever happened to you? Has someone's blood ever had a stronger effect than another's for you?" asked Carlisle, curious once again. I smiled, remembering. I nodded.

"Yes. It had happened to me once. Jase had been that one. His blood would always be the most potent to me." I answered.

"So you ended up changing him regardless? That must have taken a lot of strength." I nodded.

"It did. But I loved him and that made it just that much easier." I concluded before motioning Alice to continue her story with my hand.

"Anyways, Edward had left and went to Alaska, trying to get away from her. Eventually he came back convinced that he could handle it, that she was just some girl that should not tear him apart from his home, from us. He went to school and actually talked to her, getting to know her. He found out that she had left Phoenix, the place she loved, so that her mother could be happy. She exiled herself to Forks, the place she despised with every fiber in her being, for her mother. Evidently, she was a selfless person. She always thought of everyone else before herself. It was one of the many great things about her. She and Edward had talked about that and few other things. Not one of them, not even Edward, could really fathom his interest in her. Edward had thought it was because of her thoughts but now we all know different. No one ever thought we'd have to worry about our secret being exposed.

"One day though, a van had slipped on some black ice and was headed in Bella's direction but Edward came and pushed the van away with his hand, keeping it from killing Bella. The bad part was that she had seen him push the van away. She had seen his extraordinary strength that he shouldn't have. She had hit her head and Edward had tried to use that as an explanation but she wouldn't stop trying to get the answers to how he did that. Our family had been in conflict after that. Rosalie had been mad. Rosalie and Jasper had suggested she should have been dealt with but I told them we couldn't, that one day she would be one of us, that she and I were going to be best friends. I had told Edward I had loved her too or that I would. I had known that by then he was falling in love with her. It would hurt him to leave. After that he had ignored her, trying to keep his distance but eventually he failed and started talking to her again. After three boys from school asked her to the dance, Edward had gone out one night and went to her home and watched her sleep. It had become a habit of his after a while. Eventually they became friends of a sort. She though kept trying to figure out what Edward was, what we all were. It was like that for a while. She had theories like being bitten by radioactive spiders. It was a bit amusing. But she did end up finding out.

"She went to a beach down on the Quileute reservation in Forks. It is called La Push. La Push Beach is completely forbidden to us. We are not allowed to be anywhere on La Push. No vampire is allowed to cross into Quileute territory. She had invited Edward to come with her and some friends of hers that wanted to go including the boys who asked her out to the dance. Edward most likely would have gone with her had it not been for the treaty that we had agreed to a long time ago regarding our boundaries, where we could go and where we couldn't. She met a boy a year younger than her. He was raised on La Push and we think he was the descendent of the man we made the treaty with, Ephraim Black. The treaty had said that we were not allowed to cross their land and in exchange, they would not reveal what we were to the humans. So the boy walked with Bella. He was an old family friend. His name was Jacob. Jacob and Bella walked down the beach and Bella started flirting with him to get him to tell about what we were. He told her about the Quileute legends that he was not allowed to speak of, the ones about us. Bella heard Jacob mention 'The Cold Ones'. When she had asked who they were he told her the one word he was not allowed to mention to her, 'Vampires'. Bella had thought about that and did some research on the internet but it didn't all fit the descriptions of us so she dismissed it and thought it didn't matter to her.

"Later on that week she went to Port Angeles." continued Alice, not needing to stop for breath. I looked on in a bit of confusion. Port Angeles was never mentioned in Bella's side of the story. Was that an unnecessary part of her story or did something happen that she didn't want to talk about? I paid closer attention now to Alice, needing to hear what happened. "She was shopping with some friends. Bella then went off on her own to a bookstore but it wasn't the type of bookstore she liked so she started walking more. She had walked into a bad place at the wrong time. Some men had ended up following her with bad intentions." I think I know where this is going and I think I know why Bella did not tell about this part. "They herded her into an area and were about to…Well do you know what happened to Rosalie?" asked Alice, trying to avoid an actual explanation. I nodded. Jasper had told me everything with her permission. "Well that's what was going to happen to Bella if Edward hadn't come in and saved her." replied Alice. Yep, Bella didn't tell us for a special reason. The reason: her brother would be ticked off. I knew then that Jason could never find out or who even knows what would happen. Jason would be mad enough because of what nearly happened but would be even madder because Bella neglected to mention it. My fiancé doesn't like be kept out of the loop and this would drive him insane. I looked at all the Cullens with a serious look on my face.

"Can you all do me a huge favor?" I asked. The family nodded with curious looks upon their faces. "Can you please not bring this up around Jason when you meet him?" I practically begged, knowing that all this would cause more trouble than I was already setting up for. Not only would Jase be mad at me but he would be mad at Bella too for not telling him and that would lead to some problems we really didn't need right now. The Cullens looked at me confused with the request. "It's just Jason knows someone who almost went through that and he'd be very upset to hear about it happening to anyone." Especially if that someone is his little sister Bella, I added silently in my head. They all nodded understanding how the subject would upset someone but not knowing that what I was saying was the half truth. Jason could never find out that Bella was almost attacked because the only good thing to come out of that would be of a grateful nature toward Edward. But an angry nature at the men for trying to do that to his sister and at Bella for keeping this a secret from him would be there causing a few problems in my family. Alice continued with the story.

"Anyways, Edward saved her and got her to eat and drink things while answering all her questions. She had been asking about how he can read minds and what he was doing in Port Angeles. In the car she talked about her 'theory'. Edward asked her about it, needing to know if she found out. Well, she told him that she thought he could be a vampire. She also told him that she didn't care and Edward got mad. He thought she should care. It did matter to him and he thought it should to her but it didn't. They talked and he took her home. After he came home from Bella's he talked to Carlisle about what to do about what almost happened. Carlisle had taken the guy out of the state and called in a tip to the police. The guy had been apprehended and put on trial for the terrible things he'd done to innocent people."

"Edward and Bella had remained close but get even closer as time went on. Edward had even taken her out to a meadow where he could show her what we're like in the sunlight. That was the same day they had both admitted to loving one another. They even kissed for the first time in that very meadow. Edward brought her back. She found out about his watching her sleep when Edward had admitted it and she was fine with it. They loved staying together at night. It had happened frequently still, even after Bella knew. Edward later brought her over to our place to meet everyone. In that time Edward shared Carlisle's history and showed her around the house. But as always something that didn't seem to be an issue started causing some trouble for Bella.

"All of us Cullens decided we wanted to play baseball. Esme was the umpire while the rest of us were divided onto teams. Everything seemed to be going fine until I got a vision of three vampires heading our way. They were two men and a woman. Those vampires were not like us. Their diet was not like ours. The minute Edward saw this he ran to Bella's side. He didn't have time to run Bella out of the field so we tried to pretend she was one of us. It was working just fine for a while until the wind blew, screwing up any chances we had of letting her leave without them noticing the human scent she had. One of the men wanted to attack her then but Edward jumped to protect her. He wasn't about to let anyone hurt her. They left not wanting to fight with us or at least that's what one of the men was hoping. The one that had tried to attack her, James, had other plans. Edward had heard what he was thinking. James was planning on hunting Bella. It was a sort of game to him. It became most exciting when Edward had jumped to Bella's defense. It made it more of a challenge, even more so when he realized that we would help Edward protect her. The woman, Victoria, she was going to help James. The two of them were willing to hunt Bella down and didn't care if it meant fighting us. The other man, Laurent, was not however going help them nor was he going to help us. But he did however come to our home and warned of us of James' plan. He didn't seem to think that saving Bella was worth it and of course when he even suggested it wasn't, Edward became angry at the very thought. She was worth it, even if she didn't believe it. She came up with the idea that she should tell Charlie she couldn't be there and that she was going to Phoenix. The thing was that she was going to Phoenix. James would never really know to look for her in Phoenix because if she were going there, why say it, right? So Jasper and I were the ones taking her down there while the boys hunted James. And while the boys were doing that, Esme and Rosalie would keep an eye on Charlie.

"We got to Phoenix with no problem. Everyone had their own jobs and Jazz, Bella, and I were waiting for the call that would tell us we could come home. Bella was very scared and worried. She didn't believe she was worth it but Jazz reassured her of that. It all seemed to go pretty well but things changed. The hunting party lost the tracker and I got a vision of him in a ballet studio, waiting for something. Edward had called telling us that he was coming to get her and they would run away together while the rest of us went hunting. He was going to board a plane to Phoenix with Emmett and Carlisle. They did not realize however that Victoria was watching them. A call had come in that I had assumed was Bella's mother. Her mother's voice was frantic. I thought she was worried about Bella's whereabouts. I gave Bella the phone only for her to hear from James instead. He told her that he had her mother and that he would kill her if Bella did not come and meet him alone. Bella couldn't say 'no' being as unselfish as she is. She decided to write a letter, one that she said was for her mother, but was really addressed to Edward. We went to the airport and waited for their plane to come in. Just when they were about to meet up with us, Bella said she'd take Jazz and I up on the offer of breakfast. She suggested Jasper come with her so he could calm her nerves if need be. She said she needed to stop in the bathroom, which we didn't realize had two doors. Bella went out the other door and managed to leave without our notice. We had realized she left and Edward had read her letter. The letter scared him, worrying him even more for Bella's safety. We took off for the place where we figured out my vision took place, the old ballet studio Bella went to. Edward got there before we did, seeing as he's faster than all of us. He had already started fighting with James. We got there and Jasper and Emmett took care of him. Edward, Carlisle, and I were by Bella trying to help her. James had bitten her before we could stop him. The venom was spreading and she was bleeding badly. Edward didn't want her to become one of us and the only way to get the venom out was to suck it out of her blood. He did end up doing just that. He had enough control to pull away regardless as to how good her blood would taste. We took her to the hospital. She had to get some blood transfusions and everything. Later, Edward decided he didn't want her to miss out on anything. He ended up taking her to prom even though she didn't want to go. She didn't figure it out until they were close to the school.

"Eventually everyone got used to having Bella around. Rosalie still wasn't the nicest person around her but Emmett loved her like a little sister. He thought she was hilarious." Alice said laughing a bit. Emmett did the same.

"That's because she was! She was always tripping or blushing! She was such a klutz and she always did the funniest things that weren't exactly how a human would react! She was awesome!" replied Emmett, his childish grin taking place in his expression. Esme, Carlisle, Jazz, and Alice smiled like they were remembering what Emmett was talking about. Bella was still like that in some ways. I loved that about her too. Emmett might find her even more enjoyable now but we'll see. Alice looked back at me continuing the story.

"We spent the summer with Bella. She and I became best friends as I had seen in my visions. She and Edward were obviously still madly in love with each other. The two were hard to separate to tell you the truth sometimes. But that all changed on her birthday." Alice said before placing a comforting hand on Jasper's hand. Jasper looked down in shame. I remembered this part. Bella had not failed to tell of this moment. "Edward had brought her to our home after watching Romeo and Juliet with her. We were just having a private party for her with our whole family. Emmett, Jazz, and Rose had bought a stereo for her truck. Emmett had installed it while she was opening the box and she'd yelled out a 'thanks' to him and did the same with Rosalie and Jasper in a lower voice. Emmet laughed of course. When she was opening the gift from Edward and me, she had gotten a paper cut and since Jasper wasn't as used to being around humans at that point, he was going to try and attack her. Edward read his mind and in trying to protect her, sent her into a glass table. Then everyone but Carlisle was disturbed by her wounds. Edward was in control of his thirst enough that he was still protecting her. He then started making the plan for the biggest mistake he had ever made.

"He wanted to leave her, that way she wouldn't be in anymore danger, which is stupid because she was in danger of a lot of things and not everything had to do with being around vampires like the Port Angeles incident or the van accident. But he was so sure this would keep her safe so we left. A year later, we returned to Forks. Jazz had worked a bit on his control while we were up in Alaska. Edward couldn't stay away from her any longer so we went back. Edward and I went to her home and talked to her father briefly. He told us that Bella had died about two weeks after we had left. I had never seen Edward so heartbroken before. The news sent him to his knees. It had been so painful of an experience for him. Bella had died and he would never see her again. We had all thought of Bella as family. Bella was like my sister and Jazz, Em, and even Rosalie felt the same way. Esme and Carlisle had thought of her as their daughter. It still hurts because we will never see her again. The family just doesn't seem right anymore. She brought this light into Edward that made our family feel complete for the first time. We had thought it was complete before she came along but as we look back, we don't see it. We were ignorant to incompleteness that surrounded our family. Bella had been the last piece to the puzzle. That position will never be filled, that much I'm certain. She will always be the missing Cullen." finished Alice.

I sat there a little stunned and confused. It had sounded a lot like how Bella felt about each and every one of them. She had felt alone when she came to Forks, hopeless in regards to finding anyone she could communicate and get along with. But then the Cullens came along and they acted like family to her. Every one of them had their own traits that she admired. She admired Emmett's playfulness and bravery, Carlisle's compassion and strength, Esme's motherly passion and intuition, Jasper's intelligence and charismatic ability, Rosalie's protectiveness over her family and her own strength, and Alice's kindness. Edward was perfect for her. She admired Edward for many things, his strength, kindness, politeness, protectiveness, everything. The only part of the story that hadn't been completely answered was the why. Why had Edward exactly left if he loved her so? Bella has this idea that it's because he doesn't love her anymore. Alice said it was to protect her. Also, why is he so against changing her if Bella wanted it? I knew it was what she had wanted. She had told me that much. There is just some of this that remains a mystery to me. Before I could get my question out, Jasper speaks softly with a guilty look on his face.

"It was all my fault. If I hadn't attacked her that day Edward never would have left and Bella wouldn't have died." said Jasper, guilty. I looked at him in sympathy knowing that it would feel terrible to feel that way especially when it's not his fault.

"You don't know that, Jazz. Bella could have still died if Edward had been there. You heard people say she died in a car crash. It's possible Edward wouldn't have been in the car." replied Alice. "And Edward might have decided to leave anyways because of something else before then so it's not you fault." I nod.

"Jazz Man, It's not your fault. Look I may not know Edward or Bella but from what it sounds like they both made decisions. Edward made the decision to leave and Bella made the decision to be with him. Both of them made decisions. Edward made his and Bella made hers. There is really no one person at fault. Edward, no offense to him, was the one that made the decision to leave so he's more at fault for that but if Bella hadn't been with him it wouldn't have gotten so far. I can see both sides of it. An event is a series of decisions and that's what really makes it hard to see outcomes." The doorbell rings. I yell for them to come in before continuing. People walk in but I do not look to see who came in. "I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm placing blame but I have this habit of being able to see many decisions and their outcomes, even more so than Alice. Look the point is that Jasper, you are not responsible." I finished.

"She's right." responded a voice from the doorway. We all turn and I see a man and a woman. The woman had long blonde hair and was extremely beautiful. She had the golden eyes of a vampire. Huh, this must be Rosalie, I thought to myself. I look at the man and see bronze locks and golden eyes. He was not as muscular as Emmett but not muscle less either. His golden eyes were filled with undeniable agony. This must be Edward, I thought to myself. Now I need to keep my thoughts in check in case he hears me. He was the one to speak which seemed surprise everyone. "She's right. You aren't responsible for what I did. I left her, not you. I broke her heart. And Alice is right, I probably would have left regardless if another incident happened like that." he replied. At least he's setting something straight.

"How long have you been able to hear us?" asked Esme, sweetly. Rosalie answered this time.

"We've been here since Alice started talking about Edward's decision to leave." answered Rosalie. Ok, seriously though why did he leave her if he loved her? How was leaving gonna protect her? Why was he so against changing her? Those same questions roamed in my head over and over again.

"I wanted to protect her. By leaving, I thought I was saving her. She was put into so much danger just by being with me. I loved her so much that I would have done anything for her; even put myself through emotional turmoil. Her life was the most important thing to me. I couldn't let her lose her life. And I wasn't going to change her because I didn't want to take away her soul. She shouldn't be denied her chance at heaven, not an angel like her. I did not want to turn her into a monster." Edward said, answering all my questions quietly.

"Edward, from what I heard about you from both your brother before today and your sister just now, I can tell you that you are not a monster. You are a man who fell in love with a woman. You would do anything to protect her. You've always been there saving her. Tell me how that's monstrous in any way?" I asked.

"I still left her, knowing it would break her heart." he replied.

"That doesn't mean you're a monster. That just means that you love her more than anything and if you think you can save her life by doing so, you'll do it. And even so, everyone makes some bad mistakes. My brother John for example, didn't tell the woman he loved he loved her and that haunts him everyday, knowing what could have been. Everyone has their own little mistakes. You just need to learn from them. You're not a monster." I countered firmly. Edward was silent. I sent him a little smile and he did the same.

"Thank you, Anne. You are more understanding than most people would be." he said. I shrug.

"Yeah, I'm not most people. I'm weird that way but I love it." I say with pride, getting a few small chuckles out of the Cullens. I turn my face serious and turn toward Edward. "So, answer me one thing. Do you still love her?" I asked, already knowing the answer but needing to hear it directly from his mouth.

"I love her more than anything in my entire existence. There will never be anyone who can take her place in this frozen heart of mine." responded Edward. I started to reply when my cell phone rang. I picked it up and held it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said.

"Alright, Anne, what are you up to?" asked John, not bothering with greetings. My eyes widened. He wasn't supposed to know I was hiding anything. Dang, my best friend told him something was going on. My brother used to be oblivious to when I was up to something until I really started acting strange.

"I don't know what you're talking about, John." I responded smoothly.

"Yeah, I'm not buying that this time. Anne, what is going on? You can trust me you know that." John said. I look at the Cullens, giving them a look to tell them 'I'm sorry'. I sigh.

"Is Jason's sister with you?" I asked.

"No, why?"

"No reason really. Um, I kind of invited some more people to the wedding that no one knows about." I admitted.

"Who?" pushed John. I mentally groaned.

"I kind of invited Jasper and his family." I replied carefully. The line was silent.

"WHAT?! ANNE, ARE YOU INSANE?! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN THINKING?!" yelled John, over the phone. I took a look at the Cullens and all were shocked especially Jasper.

"Look, I'm just trying to help." I replied, hoping he'd understand.


"OF COURSE I DO! DON'T YOU THINK I'VE BEEN WORRYING ABOUT THAT?!" I yelled back, getting frustrated.

"AND YET YOU WENT THROUGH WITH IT?! ANNE, THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING YOU'VE EVER DONE! ARE YOU TRYING TO CAUSE PAIN, ANDRIANNA? DO YOU GET A JOY OUT OF DOING THIS, OUT OF HURTING HER?!" he yelled again. That was a bit insulting that he thinks I want to cause pain. I felt sobs make their way up my throat. How dare he insist that I enjoy the idea of hurting anyone?

"If you think I enjoy hurting anyone, especially my best friend, then you don't know me at all." I spat, hurt by his assumption. I close my eyes and hang up the phone before he could respond. I honestly thought my brother would understand. I guess I was wrong. I started sobbing. My brother and I have never fought like that before and the fact that he thinks something like that of me, well that did it. I'm a bit emotional but give me a break here. I heard the front door open. I caught the scent and ran to the front door, not bothering to talk to the Cullens, and run into the big vampire arms of my shocked Jase. His arms wrapped around me automatically and held me as I cried.

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