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Chapter Six

Edward POV:

I watched Bella deliberate about what to do about our relationship. She was still as beautiful as ever. She looked so similar to how my Bella had before she'd turned into a vampire, when she'd been human. The only slight difference was her eyes. Her eyes that had once been a shade of chocolate brown were now a perfect shade of topaz, matching my eyes and those of my family's. Her eyes were so different yet the same. They seem to hold the same love that I used to see in her eyes back when she was human with a hint of the pain I had caused. I cringed at the thought of all the pain I had caused Bella.

I had not wanted to cause her pain, just help her, help her live a normal life. Leaving her was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. She was my life, still is, and I would do anything for her. I had to leave her. She had to get her chance at living a life without me, without the perils of what my presence in her life presents. If Jasper had hurt her that night, if I had hurt her, I never would have forgiven myself for placing her directly into harm's way. The guilt of losing her would be more than overwhelming but not anymore so the actual thought of losing her. I had felt that loss and guilt before. Guilt because when I believed she was dead I thought I could have saved her had I been there. But the guilt did not even compare to the loss. The loss, had Alice not foreseen it, would have taken me to the Volturi. The agony was too much to bear, though I had deserved every part of it seeing as I had caused her more pain than anyone else ever had.

I always thought she would find someone else. I had always thought I would lose my chance with her the moment I left her, yet here she was, deliberating her decision. The waiting was killing me. Patience was not always my forte and never knowing what she was thinking had always upset me. Disappointment still remained. Even as a vampire herself, I can't read her mind. Why was it always her mind that was private? I was still trying to figure her out. I waited for the words to come out. She didn't want to be together. She shouldn't after what I had done. She gave me her entire heart and I had shattered it. The most precious thing in my existence was broken because of me. I saw all the pain I had caused. It was all my fault. I knew that much. I could tell just by the way she looked at me. Pain was there in her eyes, undeniable pain. Everything we had was tainted by that one mistake I had made ten years ago. I had hurt her and now I would suffer the consequences, her never trusting me enough for us to be together.

"I don't know what we should do." sighed Bella in her bell-like voice. I waited. I knew more words were coming, the ones I fear. "After everything that has happened I don't know if I can trust you." admitted Bella. There were the words. I don't know if I can trust you. Those were some words that gave me every reason to believe she wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I was disappointed but not surprised.

"I don't blame you. After what I did…I wouldn't trust me. I hurt you and that's unforgivable. I shouldn't be given a second chance by an angel like you. You deserve better than someone who broke your heart. I want what is best for you, what you want and I understand if it means us no longer being together." I responded quietly, looking down at the ground. She placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head up so my eyes met hers. She smiled a gentle smile.

"I didn't say I don't want to be with you. I love you, Edward. Nothing will ever change that. I'm just saying we need time before we really do anything. We need to take it slow. We shouldn't start furthering our relationship anymore than we had before. No more moments like the one we had on the night before you left. I don't regret it. I just don't think it would be best for us right now." I nodded. I agreed. This isn't the right time for things like that. "I just need time to adjust, to trust you with my heart again. I can't give it away like I did before. It nearly tore me apart. I don't think I could bear it if you left again and I would like it if my whole family could accept you into my life before we got too serious." amended Bella. I thought of her family and knew one in particular that would be hard to be accepted by.

"Your brother, Jason?" I asked, knowing that was a main person she wanted me to be accepted by. She nodded.

"Jase has been there for me countless times. He felt it was his job as my older brother to protect me from everything. He takes that to a seriously critical level. I have noticed the fact that he is very overprotective. He would do anything to protect me. Sometimes he's a bit of a hot head and he's very stubborn. He's also very sweet and comforting in times of need. Every tear when I was small, every tear I had before coming to Forks, and all the tears after leaving Forks I had shed with him. He was the one person I could always count on as a child and he still is one of my strongest confidants next to Anne and John. The others in my family, whom you will meet later, are not as close as I am to them. Some of them confide in me but I prefer to tell those three my problems than worry the rest of my family. I am very transparent around Jase, John, and Anne. They always know when something's wrong. I'm honestly surprised Jase isn't here. I thought he'd be here and yell." answered Bella. He would have yelled. I noticed that anger in his eyes when he looked at me. He wanted to hurt me. I knew that but I would not tell her that. I deserved it.

"I saw him. He and Anne left and only Anne came back. She looked a little upset." I explained.

"I knew something wasn't right with her." she stated and looked back at me. "Anne is sort of a sensitive vampire. But when she's upset she finds something to focus on so she doesn't have to deal with it. She does this most of the time she and Jase have a big fight. I guess this whole thing is distracting her enough. She looked like she was trying to avoid something. I can't believe Jase just left." she explained sadly. She didn't want him to leave.

"Will he come back soon?" I asked.

"I think so. No matter how bad the fight, Jase always comes back."

"He's left before?" I asked.

"Not really. He's gone out by himself a few times but that's about it. The point is that Jase cannot stay away from Anne for more than five hours. It hurts him to be away from her. I expect he'll be home within a few hours. He's not the type to leave for a few days. He needs Anne. It's kind of like you told me before when you said I was your brand of heroin-" she explained.

"You still are my brand of heroin, Bella." I added, interrupting her sentence for a minute.

"Well Anne is Jase's brand of heroin. He gets as anxious as you and I do when we're away from each other. Jase can't resist her anymore than I can resist you." she continued with a smile on her face. I smile at her last sentence and gaze into her topaz eyes. How is it that an angel like her could love me nearly as much as I love her? I will never understand how she could forgive me so easily.

"I will never understand how you could forgive me so easily after what I did. It was the worst mistake imaginable for me to make." I stated, looking into her eyes.

"Sometimes we make mistakes, especially when it's to save somebody we love. I understand where you were coming from." explained Bella with a soft smile on her face. "We need to stop thinking about the past and start focusing on the present. We can't ignore what happened, I know but we can try and move past it and I will do anything to have what we had again. I love you." she said. I placed my hand on her cheek and gazed at her.

"I love you, too. I love you more than anything. You were my life before and are my life now. Nothing will ever change that." I said before taking her into my arms and kissing her. I held her close to me. To feel her in my arms, it was the most amazing feeling I have had in a long time. It was good to have her in my arms again but this time I wouldn't have to let her go. Oh how I love her. All I wanted now was to be like this forever.

Jason POV:

One hour, two minutes, and forty-nine seconds. One hour, two minutes, and fifty seconds. One hour, two minutes, and fifty-one seconds. One hour, two minutes, and fifty-two seconds. One hour, two minutes, and fifty—I'm pathetic. I keep trying to run but all I succeed in doing is killing some time. Even then, that's not much time. The only thing that's running through my mind is the time since I had run away from her and her face when I had done so. Dang it! I can't even last two hours away from her. Somehow she keeps pulling me back in. I needed some time away but I can't bring myself to stay away for a while. I'm completely pathetic. Why did I have to be such a sucker for a pretty face?

As my thoughts of time ran through my brain, I heard my phone ring. I hesitated in answering it. If it was Anne, I would go running back before I was truly ready. If it was Bells, I would do the same. I picked up the phone and checked the caller ID. Well, well, well what an unexpected surprise. The blue screen lit up with the name Johnny-Boy. I picked up the phone.

"What do you want?" I asked bluntly. I don't like John. John doesn't like me so our feelings are mutual.

"Hello to you, too." said John, annoyed.

"Look if you are calling to yell at me, I'm sorry. I just can't be around Anne no matter how much I want to. I need to sort things out in my head." I replied.

"And have you accomplished that?" questioned Johnny-Boy with a teasing edge to it, knowing the answer.

"Shut up! " I yelled, thoroughly annoyed. He laughed. Did I mention I hate him? "Why were you calling in the first place?" I fumed. He sighed.

"Well I was honestly was calling to tell you to come home. Anne misses you. As soon as all this stuff with the Cullens settles, she'll have nothing to distract her from you and personally I don't want to see her in pain." admitted John with a sigh.

"Well neither do I but she lied to me. She didn't tell me the truth about her vision. Then she tells me all this stuff about how I don't know all the facts and tells me things about Cullen that doesn't make sense. I need time to process this stuff. I need to figure out whether or not I trust Cullen in any way, especially around my sister. But I can't bring myself to stay away from Anne. Everything's just gotten so much more complicated with the Cullens involved. It used to just be our family and then the Cullens come and we have a few problems."

"You can't blame them for everything." he replied.

"I don't blame them all. I blame him. He left my sister broken and now it's like he thinks he can just waltz back into her life after ten years."

"Jason, he thought she was dead. Personally, I think he would have come back. Edward's eyes were clouded with pain. His family told me he came back and found out she was dead. He was broken then himself. He never looked that hurt."

"Yeah well, I'm still pretty mad at him. My sister shouldn't have been hurt. She's too kind and sweet. I can't understand why anyone would want to hurt her." I responded.

"Me neither but you need to let Bella decide what she wants to do. She needs to make her own choices. If Edward leaves her again, hurts her, you'll be free to hurt him all you want and I'll be helping. Just stop worrying about whether or not he's good enough for her and just come home and see your fiancée. You don't really have any reason to be mad at her."

"I know. I just hate secrecy. It's bothered me for the longest time. I hate secrets and people keeping them from me. I guess some of my anger came from that. I'm a bit of a hot-head." I admitted.

"You actually admit to that? Wow! Call the press!" teased John.

"You are so funny, Johnny-Boy. I'm laughing hysterically." I said.

"I know! I'm awesome." replied John.

"Oh yeah, you're just the coolest vamp ever." He laughed and I shook my head.

"Anyway, there was another reason why I called. Um, the whole family is getting together with the wolves and the Cullens to play baseball and I wanted to know if we could count you in." said John. I was suddenly excited.

"Of course you can count me in. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Alright, see you later, Swan."

"You too, Andrews." I answered back before hanging up on him.

I turned my back and ran in the direction I had originally come from, back to where my heart was, to my Anne. What would happen when I got there, I had no clue. Right now I would run and deal with things as they come. As for the situation with Cullen…I would let Bella choose. One wrong move and he'd get it. I make good on my threats.

My feet moved swiftly over the grass until I came into the field. I saw the Cullens, John, and Anne talking. I cleared my throat and eight heads turned my way, one being shocked. How could she not have foreseen this? I walked forward until I reached her and gazed deeply into her eyes.

Anne POV:

I turned my head and saw a sight I had not expected to see. There in between two trees stood my fiancé, my Jase. How had I not seen this? Why was he back so soon? He looked into my eyes and walked over to me. His eyes kept contact with mine and he got closer. He stopped about a foot away from me. He smiled his nervous smile. Oh how I love that smile!

"Hi." he greeted softly.

"Hi." I replied. We didn't say anything as we gazed into each other's eyes. I barely took notice of our audience. "I'm sorry." I said after two minutes of silence. "I know you hate secrets, yet I kept them from you. I thought I was doing what was best. I—" I replied before feeling something soft against my lips. My lips moved in sync with his. We kissed for two minutes before pulling away.

"I know you're sorry. I had no real reason to be mad at you. You thought you were doing the right thing. The truth is, if I were you, I would have done the same thing. I just overreacted. You've just never not told me something. It just upset me. I'm sorry for overreacting. Forgive me?" he said. I stood there stunned. He was sorry? He was sorry? He had no reason to be sorry.

"You have no reason to be sorry. I should've said something. Can you forgive me?" I asked. He put his hand on my cheek and smiled.

"I already have." replied Jase before pulling me into another deep kiss. We pulled away once more.

"Why did you come back?" I asked.

"Did you think I wasn't coming back? Did you not want me to come back?" questioned Jase.

"No, of course I wanted you to come back. I just meant what are you doing back here so early? You told me you'd be gone for a while."

"Well, John called and made me realize how stupid I was being, how I have no real reason to be mad at you. He also told me about the game going on here. Thought I'd lend a hand to my team, whatever team that may be. Also, I love you. I love you and I can't get you out of my head. All I can think about is you. The whole time I was away…the only thought that ran through my mind was the image of you when I told you I was leaving. I was unconsciously counting the amount of time that passed since then. I truly felt pathetic but I realize I cannot be away from you long enough because you have this massive pull. You have more control over me than you know. It is so strong. It was what drew me to you in the first place. It was like a magnetic force that pulled me in and there is not one thing in the world that could pull me away from you. I really do love you, Annie, and I will never take off like that again. Will you forgive me and still be my wife?" he replied. I stood there silently. He really felt that way about me? I knew he loved me but I never knew he was still thinking of me. I too was counting unconsciously from his leave. He felt the same pull that I felt.

"There's nothing to forgive and I would be honored to become your wife. You can't get rid of me that easily, Jase." I replied smiling. He grinned and pulled me into his arms and hugged me closely. We stayed like that until we heard a throat clear. I lifted my head from his shoulder to glare at my brother. John shrugged. I looked at Jase and he was glaring as well.

"Sorry but I think I've seen enough of this lovey dovey crap." said John. Jase lowered his head to my ear.

"Can I kill him?" whispered Jase, loud enough for all in the field to hear him.

"I heard that!" yelled John.

"You were supposed to, Johnny-Boy." replied Jase.

"Will you stop calling me 'Johnny-Boy'? It's very annoying." responded John.

"That's the whole point, Johnny-Boy." yelled Jase before John ran and tackled Jase to the ground and started fighting. I noticed the Cullens walk over to me.

"Are they always like this?" asked Esme. I nodded.

"They fight a lot. They like to get at each other's throats. The only people who are ever able to stop them are Bella and I. But even though they do this, they like each other. They just won't admit it." I explained. We heard some people approach and saw in the field…Bella and Edward, holding hands. I ran up to them, excited to see them together and smiling. "Hi! I'm so happy you guys worked everything out." I said hugging Bella tightly.

"Anne, you are lucky I'm not human because if I was, you would be crushing my air supply although not breathing makes me uncomfortable." said Bella. I let go of her instantly.

"Sorry." I said before giving Edward the same hug. He chuckled. I let go of him and looked at them. "Hey, now that you two are together again, will the two of you help me find a girl for John? He's being a pain in the butt." Bella and Edward both laughed. The Cullens walked over with smiles on their faces. Alice was the first to congratulate them of course. Her reaction was similar to mine. It caused the both of them to laugh. Esme and Carlisle were next. They were glad to see the smile on Edward's face again. Jasper gave each of them a hug, giving Bella another apology. She sighed and told him to forget about it. Rosalie walked up to them and gave them a hug.

"I'm sorry for not being supportive of your relationship in the beginning. I'm truly grateful to you, Bella. You really love my brother and I'm sorry if I thought otherwise. I didn't understand then. I still don't understand how you love him now but…whatever." said Rosalie. Bella and Edward accepted the apology and hugged her back. Emmett then stepped forward and picked Bella up into a large hug and hugged her as tightly as possible. Bella did the same.

"OW! That actually hurts!" said…Emmett. Bella let go. "How is that possible?" he asked. I noticed the fight between my brother and my fiancé had stopped. John walked over, only slightly disgruntled, Jase looking the same. John chuckled.

"Bella never lost her newborn strength. That's how. She's incredibly strong as you noticed." explained John.

"Never challenge her to an arm wrestling contest. You'll lose." commented Jason. I laughed. He was so confident that he would win but her strength never left. He didn't take it so well. His very reaction was interesting by far. He was pouting for a week, claiming he hated Bella. Jacob and John got the biggest kick out of it.

"Maybe but I can pin her down first."

"I doubt it." commented Jason.

"We'll see." replied Emmett. He jumped at Bella but she moved out of the way. He got up swiftly and did the same. This went on and on for about three minutes before Bella got tired of the game and grabbed hold of his arm and flipped him onto the ground and sat on top of him.

"I told you." pointed out Jason.

"You were saying, Emmett?" asked Bella. He glared at her. Edward laughed while the rest of his family tried to hide their amusement. We did the same. Bella looked at Edward with a questionable look.

"He's thinks you're cheating. He thinks you can read minds." said Edward, answering her unasked question. Bella laughed and looked down on Emmett, whom she was still sitting on top of.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Em, but I can't read minds. I can just shield myself, that's it." responded Bella before getting off him. He gets up, still glaring and muttering words none of us could quite hear. We all laughed and heard footsteps approaching.

Emma POV:

My brother and I made our way back home and parked my car. I love my car. My car is amazing. It's the best gift I ever received. Of course as soon as we reached the house, Lover Boy went in to see if Taylor was home. She wasn't so he decided to wait. He is such a sucker. The dude is whipped. Jacob's better than he is. Jake can at least spend a day away from my sister. But Lover Boy cannot last even six hours. He and Uncle Jase are more alike than they realize.

I walked out into the forest hoping to get ready to play our game. I go into the field and see something I never thought or wanted to see. There was a part of my family, some other people (must be the Cullens, I thought), and two people in the middle of the field, holding hands.

Bella POV:

I looked up as I heard the steps coming into the clearing. The one coming in was Emmalie. She looked at me both angry and shocked. I looked down and saw what she was most shocked at. Edward and I were holding hands. She was furious. I could tell. Her green eyes flared. I watched as she shot me a look and took off. John was about to go after to her but Anne stopped him. I looked at Edward as he shot me a confused look. I gave him a quick kiss before running off after her.

"Emma! Emma! Emma!" I yelled running after her. I finally caught up with her as we came closer to the house. "Emma!" She kept walking and ignored me. "Emmalie Jary Swan!" I yelled. She turned around.

"What, Mom?" she yelled still in a fury.

AN: So here's the connections:

Anne is John's sister (blood related), Bella is Jason's sister (blood related), Emma is the mystery man's sister and they have another sister (blood related). John is single. Anne is with Jason. If anyone is confused feel free to tell me.

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