Two Broken Hearts


Adrienne Reaburn
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Today is the day that my life is officially going to change forever. I'm leaving Forks behind me and all the people in it. Sure, I have grown up here but I have never really fit in because everyone is middle class. I'm not; my family has more money than they know what to do with. My dad owns the family company and my mom has money from her parents but I'm not exactly sure where it came from. They met, fell in love and got married; what more can I say. Then they decided to leave the city and find some small town to have a family and they choose Forks, why I will forever wonder about their choice. But now I get to leave all of that behind for L. A. and I'm very excited. My mom is very worried though she says that she doesn't want to lose her baby to the big city and all the people out there. But I have to leave I can't stay here when Jake and Angela are here. They betrayed me in the worst way possible. She was the one who was with my boyfriend when he cheated on me, they were the two people that I could always count on and now I…I don't even know what to do. The only way I could think of to get away from this pain was to leave and that's what I am going to do, I will leave.


"Bella this is not what it looks like." Jake told me. He was in his bed with Angela, they both were still asleep but he heard me bang open the door to his room and woke up.

"Well, then please tell me what the hell this is supposed to look like." I screamed at him which then caused Angela to wake up.

"Bella." She said then realized where she was and what she was doing.

"Oh shit"

"Yeah I'll say, you know what I don't even care anymore" I said to them both as they stared at me with dumb looks.

"Goodbye Jake." I told them as I walked out.

-End Flashback-

He hurt me so much that day. He took away my best friend and my heart was broken. My mom was so worried about me and she couldn't do anything. Then when I asked for this she let me go because she knew that I needed to leave.

"Bella lets go."My mom called.

"Okay." I yelled back at her. Then I looked around to see if I was missing anything and I headed out the door ready to start my new life.

My car has already been shipped to the school so I don't have to worry about it but I really do miss my baby. My car is an Audi R8 it is the best thing that my parents ever gave me.

"My baby, I can't believe you already have to leave." My mom said with tears.

"I know, and I'm sorry mom." I said.

"It's okay baby, I know that you really want to go." My mom said.

"Yeah, but I think that my car is here so you really need to let me go. I love you mom and tell dad when he gets back that I said bye to him too" I said as I practically ran out the door.

"Bye Bella, I love you."My mom called out the door as I left.

I saw the taxi waiting in front of my house and I went over to it and put my bags in the trunk.

"The airport please." I said to him and without a word we were off.

Once we got to the airport I went straight to the security and got through without any problems and before I knew it I was being called for my flight. I was lucky that the seat next to me was empty so I could be comfy. We landed what seemed to me like way too soon but I was happy to be out of this stupid metal tube that I seemed to be trapped in. But for where I'm going, I guess I'm okay with that. So now on to Southwestern Academy where for the next 5 years I will be going, since it's also a college. My mom's upset that I won't go somewhere closer to home, but what can I say, I love the sun. Even if it is sunny in Forks, it's raining all the time.

When we finally got up to the gate I grab my carry on and left the plane. I only had to get two bags from the luggage claim; the rest of my stuff has been shipped here. So I got my two bags and went to try to get a taxi, thankfully, there was one that was waiting so I told the driver 'Weston Academy' and we were off. He didn't say anything to me so I was left to just look out the window and take in what I was seeing. In L.A. trust me there is a lot to see. The school was very close to the airport and I got out and went up to the main building.

There was a receptionist waiting there so I went up to her

"Hello my name is Isabella Swan." I told the women

"Okay."She said and she then typed my name into the computer and grabbed the papers that came spitting out of the printer.

She then handed me all of my course information and she also gave me a map of the school and my room number and key. She then resumed typing and I guess that meant I was dismissed. I headed out of the building and I started out towards the building that my dorm was in.

Once I got to the building I went up to the second level and found my room very quickly. I then took a very deep breath and opened the door ready for what was behind it.

I turned the key and I saw blur of black hair as a girl hugged me.

"Oh my gosh, you must be Isabella. I'm Alice and over there is Rose." The girl said or I guess Alice said.

"Yeah, but please call me Bella only my mom call me Isabella and that's when she's really angry" I told her

"Oh and hello Rose." I said to the other girl who was standing off to the side.

"Bella." She said.

"Umm I guess I'm going to go get unpacked" I said.

"Oh, well we'll help you." Alice said

"Won't we Rose" She said as she turned to the very tall blonde girl.

"Now Bella can we get lunch first then unpack." Rose asked me

"Yeah I guess." I said not really caring.

"Good, I'll call the guys over and we can all go together." Alice said,

"Um, the guys." I asked.

"Oh just my brother Jasper who is Alice's boyfriend, and Alice's two adopted brother's Emmett who is my boyfriend and Edward." Rose finished.

"Okay, I guess I can remember that." I told her in a 'that's-not-weird-at-all' tone.

"Yeah, I know that it's hard but hey what can I say; when you fall in love, you fall in love." Rose said.

"So are you staying for their University too or not?" She asked changing the subject.

"Yeah, what about you and everyone else?" I asked

"We have all decided to stay because we are at least familiar with everything and you will be too soon enough." Rose said.

"Alright, they will be here soon." Alice said walking back in to the room.

"Where are we going." I asked?

"Oh just somewhere that is just off campus. And I was going to ask you do you have a car by any chance because me and my brothers have one car and Rose and Jasper have one." Alice asked me.

"Oh yeah, my car is here." I said.

"Did you ship it over here?"Rose asked

"Yeah, I don't know where it is though." I told them.

"Don't worry it will just be in the parking lot of our dorm." Rose assured me.

"Uh great." I said

"Do you need me to drive anyone." I asked.

"Yeah Edward will need to be driven if you don't mind."Alice said.

"Nope it's fine I can drive him, no problem." I said. Then we heard a knock I guess that means that they were here. Alice went over and opened the door and in walked three guys. All of which were gorgeous there was a very tall almost bear like one who walked right over to Rose and kissed her so I guess that would be Emmett. Then there was a blonde haired one that I would assume is Jasper since his hair was blonde like Rose. Then there was a bronze haired beauty I guess that he would have to be Edward. Oh wow and his eyes. They were just the most amazing color of green, emerald green I think. I have never ever seen anything like him before.

"Bella this is everyone." Alice said

"Edward." Alice pointed to him and he gave me a quick nod and that was it.

"Jasper." She said pointing to the blonde boy.

"And finally Emmett." she said pointing to the last one. Emmett then promptly came over to me and gave me a huge bear hug.

"Hello Bella." He said to me.

"Umm hi." I said.

"You're kind of crushing me."

"Uh sorry, I didn't mean too" Emmett said.

"Can we go now please?"He asked

"Uh yeah" Rose said

"Edward you can get a lift with Bella" Alice said to her amazingly gorgeous brother.

"Yeah but you will have to help me navigate" I said.

"No problem." He said with the most amazing crooked grin that I have ever seen.

"Well I guess we should go then." Rose said after she got a look from Emmett.

So we all filed out of our room and down to get our cars. I thankfully found mine fairly quickly. I walked over and unlocked my baby, thankful that I couldn't see anything wrong with it. When I got in I noticed Edward standing outside of the car just looking at it.

I then rolled down the window and asked

"Are you getting in or just thinking about it 'cause I'm hungry too." I told him

"I guess I'm getting in then." He said and opened the door and got in.

"I was just admiring your car I really wish I was able to bring my Aston Marten Vanquish" He said.

"You have a Vanquish?" I asked shocked.

"Yes, but my mother made me leave it at home and they bought us all a Volvo to bring to school. They think that it is an appropriate car for us here." Edward said with disgust.

"Oh I don't know what I would do without this baby." I said

"Now where are we going?" I asked after admiring my car again.

"Um once you get to the exit of the parking lot make a right then I will tell you where to turn next." Edward said. Then that is the way that the car ride went he told me when to turn and then we settled into a comfy silence.

Once we got to the place we were going to eat I was a little skeptical. The place was a hole in the wall. But if they say it's good then who am I to judge. I didn't know this place very well. We found a booth big enough to fit us all and we sat down and I looked at the menu and they were all talking I guess they came here a lot.

"Bella we will order for you." Edward said to me with a wink.

"Uh okay I guess" I said then put the menu down.

"Yes, finally we have a girl that trusts us." Emmett said.

"Ha, I guess we will see" I told him.

"Em, remember it is always you that chases away the new girl." Jasper said with a smirk.

"Yeah remember last year I felt so bad for that poor girl that Rose and Ali roomed with." Edward said with my favorite grin. I already had a favorite grin man I am really starting to fall for him. Even if I did promise myself that I wouldn't date boys for a little while after Jake broke my heart.

"So Bella what brought you to our school?" Alice asked me. Then everyone's attention was on me.

"Well I was tired of all the rain in my home town, Forks, in Washington." I said.

"That's it rain, I was thinking horrible ex or at least something good like that." Emmett said. Then that was quickly followed by Rose hitting him on the back of his head.

"Hey I was just saying" He told her

"Well there is an ex but that…well he um… kind of cheated on me with my best friend." I stuttered.

"Bella I'm so sorry."Alice and Rose said together.

"Why are you two sorry, you didn't do it." I said to them.

"We just are, I mean, that's horrible." Alice said for them both I guess.

"Yeah well I'm over it and I have decided to have a fresh start. No horrible ex in a boring town where I never fit in because of all the money that my family has. It's like I'm a God around there or something I hate it." I told to them.

"Bella we know how you feel." Edward said to me.

"Really." I asked them.

"Yeah and by the way we are now neighbors because both of our families have just moved to Forks" Alice said.

"Huh your families are there too?"I asked confused and shocked at the same time

"Yep." Jasper said.

"That's good, I guess." I told them still somewhat confused.

"May I take your order?" A waitress asked when she approached our table.

"Hey Sarah, we'll just have our usual."Emmett told her.

"The usual." I asked them.

"Yeah you will just have to wait and see." Edward told me.

"Did you at least get me a coke?" I asked them.

"We all got the same thing." Emmett said.

"So yes you have your coke"

"Now tell us more about our home" Alice said.

"Oh well there isn't much there other than some small shops and the diner. My mom and dad said that they wanted me to grow up normally and they decided that moving to a small town is normal" I explained.

"Dad then started to run the business from Forks and when my mom's parents died we got all the estate. My mom and dad weren't very happy when I decided to come here but I think that they understand, they get that I want something different and they are willing and able to support that."

"Do you think that you will ever go back?" Jasper asked.

"Yeah of course, but I don't think it will be for a long time, that place has so many different memories both good and bad." I said.

"Okay, enough about me what about you guys?" I asked them.

"Well we are from Chicago and our families own a business together" Alice said. Then she was interrupted when the food came it was all cheese burgers with a side of fries of course.

"Then we were always like five peas in a pod." Rose said.

The rest of the meal was the couples talking and Edward and I silently eating. Once we finished I reminded them

"Can we go and unpack all of my stuff now please." I asked

"Sure, sure Bella" said Emmett. Then for that one minute I was overcome with fear and longing for Jake that was always his thing to say. It would annoy me which just made him say it all the more.

"Bella are you okay." Edward asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said with a little crack in my voice.

"Yeah so can we go?" I asked again.

They then paid and we left, Edward and me not talking as we got into my car.

"Bella what was that in there" Edward asked me.

"It was nothing" I said.

"That didn't look like nothing." Edward said with a raised eyebrow.

"Emmett reminded me of someone and many things just flashed through my mind that's all." I told him.

"Sure that's all." He said very sarcastically.

"Whatever." I said. Then I turned away from him waiting until we were back on campus.

Once we got there I went back up to my dorm and found Alice and Rose waiting.

"Bella can you do me a favor?" Alice asked me.

"Yeah whatever you want." I said.

"Don't do anything with Edward other than being friends." Alice said to me.

"Yeah sure." I said not really knowing if I could keep that promise or not.

"Why though?"I asked.

"Well, he has just gone through a horrible break up and well he hasn't been the same since. He has just been going from girl to girl. It's just not normal; we can't seem to snap him out of it." Alice told me.

"And we don't want you to be another one of those girls since he likes you." Rose said.

"Its fine I don't even really like him he just isn't what I need right now cause all I want is friends. I don't want a one night stand or a relationship I just want some friends that care about me. I hope that you guys will be those friends." I said to them. Then they both smiled at me and we all hugged. Then the boys all came in.

"Ooh group hug can we get in?" Emmett said jokingly.

"Ha ha very funny" Rose told to him.

"Alright let's get started." Alice said. Then we all started unpacking all of my stuff. Once we finished Alice stated that we had to go shopping because my wardrobe wasn't up to standards.

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